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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 29: Active Matter 5 (joint session DY/BP/CPP)

Freitag, 9. September 2022, 10:00–12:45, H18

10:00 BP 29.1 A quantitative scattering theory of active particles — •Thomas Ihle, Rüdiger Kürsten, and Benjamin Lindner
10:15 BP 29.2 Anomalous cooling and overcooling of active colloids — •Fabian Jan Schwarzendahl and Hartmut Löwen
10:30 BP 29.3 Active Ornstein-Uhlenbeck model for self-propelled particles with inertia — •Gia Huy Philipp Nguyen, René Wittmann, and Hartmut Löwen
10:45 BP 29.4 Hierarchical self-organization in communicating polar active matter — •Alexander Ziepke, Ivan Maryshev, Igor S. Aranson, and Erwin Frey
11:00 BP 29.5 Collective transport of microparticles by active cells — •Robert Großmann, Kevin Meißner, Fernando Peruani, and Carsten Beta
11:15 BP 29.6 Odd viscosity and active turbulence of hydrodynamic microrotors — •Joscha Mecke, Yongxiang Gao, Dirk G.A.L. Aarts, Alberto Medina, Gerhard Gompper, and Marisol Ripoll
  11:30 BP 29.7 The contribution has been withdrawn.
11:45 BP 29.8 Spontaneous trail formation in populations of communicating active walkersZahra Mokhtari, Robert I. A. Patterson, and •Felix Höfling
12:00 BP 29.9 Dynamics of microalgae in a porous environment — •Florian von Rüling, Liubov Bakhchova, Dmitry Puzyrev, Ulrike Steinmann, and Alexey Eremin
12:15 BP 29.10 Extending the active Phase Field Crystal model to describe motility-induced condensation and crystallization — •Max Philipp Holl and Uwe Thiele
12:30 BP 29.11 Engines driven by active fields — •Patrick Pietzonka and Michael E. Cates
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