Regensburg 2022 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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KFM: Fachverband Kristalline Festkörper und deren Mikrostruktur

KFM 21: Functional semiconductors for renewable energy solutions (joint session HL/KFM)

Mittwoch, 7. September 2022, 15:00–18:30, H36

15:00 KFM 21.1 A facile freeze-thaw ultrasonic assisted circulation method of graphite flakes prepared by anode graphite from spent lithium-ion batteries — •Yu Qiao, Zhonghao Rao, Huaping Zhao, and Yong Lei
15:15 KFM 21.2 How could the heating process reduce the crystal damage of semiconductors? — •Khalid Lahmidi, Jale Schneider, Andreas Brand, Sebastian Roder, and Andreas Bett
15:30 KFM 21.3 Energy landscape of the Boron and Indium single-atom defects in Silicon calculated by DFT — •Aaron Flötotto, Wichard Beenken, and Erich Runge
15:45 KFM 21.4 Effects of Defects on the Optoelectronic Properties of Ta3N5 Thin FilmsLukas M. Wolz, •Gabriel Grötzner, Laura I. Wagner, Ian D. Sharp, and Johanna Eichhorn
16:00 KFM 21.5 Investigation of various quenching materials on the P-line — •Dominik Bratek, Katharina Peh, Kevin Lauer, Aaron Flötotto, Dirk Schulze, and Stefan Krischok
16:15 KFM 21.6 Simulation of the reaction kinetics of the ASi-Sii-defect — •Kevin Lauer, Katharina Peh, Wichard Beenken, Erich Runge, and Stefan Krischok
  16:30 30 min. break
17:00 KFM 21.7 Exploring Zirconium-doped Tantalum Nitride as a Photoanode for Solar Energy Conversion — •Oliver Brune, Laura I. Wagner, Verena Streibel, and Ian D. Sharp
17:15 KFM 21.8 Defect-Engineered Atomic Layer Deposited TaOx Protection Layers for Photoelectrochemistry — •Tim Rieth, Clara Scherm, and Ian Sharp
17:30 KFM 21.9 Tuning the electrochemical properties of multifunctional CoOx catalyst layers by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition — •Matthias Kuhl, Gabriel Grötzner, Laura Wagner, Alex Henning, Ian Sharp, and Johanna Eichhorn
17:45 KFM 21.10 Electrical transport across catalyst/defect-engineered titania corrosion protection layer interfaces for light-driven CO2 reduction — •Julius Kühne, Oliver Bienek, Tim Rieth, and Ian D. Sharp
18:00 KFM 21.11 Finite supercell charge correction for electronic transitions in defects including electronic and ionic screening — •Christoph Freysoldt, Baoying Dou, Stefano Falletta, and Jörg Neugebauer
18:15 KFM 21.12 Influence of Sr concentration on atomic, magnetic, and electronic structure of Ruddlesden-Popper oxide La2−xSrxCo1−yFeyO4 — •Dina I. Mazitova, Debalaya Sarker, and Sergey V. Levchenko
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