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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 34: Focus Session: Nanomechanical Systems for Classical and Quantum Sensing II (joint session HL/DY/TT/QI)

Mittwoch, 20. März 2024, 15:00–17:45, EW 202

Nanomechanical and cavity-optomechanical systems have been recently established as a controllable and configurable platform that can be engineered to tackle outstanding sensing challenges both in the classical and in the quantum regime. With this focus session, experts from different but synergetically overlapping fields of nanomechanical sensing pursuing classical, non-linear and quantum approaches are brought together. The session shall provide an overview over the recent exciting developments of the techniques explored in micro- and nanomechanical systems and sensing concepts exploring quantum measurement schemes.

Organized by Eva Weig, Hubert Krenner, and Hans Hübl.

15:00 HL 34.1 Quantum backaction evasion in cavity magnomechanics — •Victor Augusto Sant Anna V Bittencourt, Clinton A. Potts, John P. Davis, and Anja Metelmann
15:15 HL 34.2 Optical detection of guided GHz acoustic phonons in a semiconductor hybrid microcavity — •Mingyun Yuan, Antonio Crespo-Poveda, Alexander S. Kuznetsov, Klaus Biermann, Alexander Poshakinskiy, and Paulo V. Santos
15:30 HL 34.3 Topological phononic waveguides with ultralow loss — •Ilia Chernobrovkin, Xiang Xi, Jan Kosâta, Oded Zilberberg, Anders Sørensen, and Albert Schliesser
15:45 HL 34.4 Dry processing of high Q 3C-silicon carbide nanostring resonators — •Felix David, Philipp Bredol, and Eva Weig
16:00 HL 34.5 Spatial Mode Mapping of 2D Mechanical Resonators — •Lukas Schleicher, Leonard Geilen, Alexander Holleitner, and Eva Weig
  16:15 15 min. break
16:30 HL 34.6 Electrochemical etching strategy for shaping monolithic 3D structures from 4H SiC wafers — •André Hochreiter, Fabian Groß, Morris Niklas Möller, Michael Krieger, and Heiko Weber
16:45 HL 34.7 Probing the Mechanical Loss of Individual Surfaces of a Nanomechanical String Resonator — •Philipp Bredol, Felix David, and Eva Weig
17:00 HL 34.8 Parametric normal mode splitting for coupling strength estimation — •Ahmed A. Barakat, Avishek Chowdhury, Anh Tuan Le, and Eva M. Weig
17:15 HL 34.9 Tunable near-infrared exciton-polariton optomechanical GHz rulers of light — •Alexander Kuznetsov, Klaus Biermann, and Paulo V. Santos
17:30 HL 34.10 Imaging acoustic fields on metasurfaces — •Alessandro Pitanti, Mingyun Yuan, Simone Zanotto, and Paulo Ventura Santos
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