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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 67: Poster: Oxide, Insulator and Semiconductor Surfaces

O 67.3: Poster

Mittwoch, 20. März 2024, 18:00–20:00, Poster C

Enhanced Infrared Reflectance-Absorbance Spectroscopy on Magnetite Surfaces via Platinum Nanoparticle EncapsulationEric Sauter1, •Lachlan Caulfield1, Christof Wöll1, Johanna Reich2, Sebastian Kaiser2, and Barbara A.J. Lechner21Karlsruhe Institute for Technology — 2Technical University Munich

This study delves into the surface science of magnetite (Fe3O4) using ultra-high vacuum (UHV) techniques, concentrating on platinum nanoparticles' (Pt NPs) encapsulation and its impact on Infrared Reflectance-Absorbance Spectroscopy (IRRAS) bands. Magnetite, widely explored for diverse applications, possesses unique surface properties that can be tailored for enhanced functionality. Pt NPs, known for catalytic prowess, were precisely deposited on the magnetite surface in UHV conditions, ensuring a uniform distribution. Advanced surface science techniques characterized resulting morphology and composition. Surface ligand infrared spectroscopy (SLIR) revealed significant enhancements in CO-specific infrared bands' intensity after Pt NP encapsulation, signifying a notable influence. The study elucidates mechanisms driving this enhancement, emphasizing Pt NPs' role in influencing vibrational modes on the magnetite surface. This research advances understanding of magnetite surface modification and systematically explores enhancement effects on infrared bands from Pt NP encapsulation. Implications extend to designing and optimizing catalytic and sensing applications, where surface reactivity and spectroscopic sensitivity are critical.

Keywords: Infrared spectroscopy; Metal oxides; Platinum Nanoparticles; Encapsulation; Infrared enhancement

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