Freiburg 2024 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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SYAS: Awards Symposium

SYAS 1: Award Symposium

SYAS 1.1: Preisträgervortrag

Dienstag, 12. März 2024, 15:00–15:30, Paulussaal

Quantum Simulations with Atoms, Molecules and Photons — •Immanuel Bloch — Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität — Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik — Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology — Laureate of the Stern-Gerlach-Medal 2024

40 years ago, Richard Feynman outlined his vision of a quantum simulator for carrying out complex calculations of physical problems. Today, his dream has become a reality and a highly active field of research across different platforms ranging from ultracold atoms and ions, to superconducting qubits and photons. In my talk, I will outline how ultracold atoms in optical lattices started this vibrant and interdisciplinary research field 20 years ago and now allow probing quantum phases in- and out-of-equilibrium with fundamentally new tools and single particle resolution. Novel (hidden) order parameters, entanglement properties, full counting statistics or topological features can now be measured routinely and provide deep new insight into the world of correlated quantum matter. I will introduce the measurement and control techniques in these systems and delineate recent applications regarding quantum simulations of strongly correlated electronic systems, experiments on new dynamical phases of matter, novel quantum optical light matter interfaces and progress towards the realization of ultracold quantum matter of polar molecules.

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