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O: Oberflächenphysik

O 14: Postersitzung (Adsorption an Oberflächen, Epitaxie und Wachstum, Organische Dünnschichten, Oxide und Isolatoren, Phasenübergänge, Rastersondentechniken, Struktur und Dynamik reiner Oberflächen)

Montag, 8. März 2004, 18:00–21:00, Bereich C

18:00 O 14.1 Adsorption properties of Ru-dyes on TiO2 — •M. Dürr, A. Schmid, S. Rosselli, A. Yasuda, and G. Nelles
18:00 O 14.2 Non-dipolar contributions in XPS: X-ray standing wave experiments on ultrathin organic films — •A. Gerlach, S. Sellner, F. Schreiber, H. Dosch, I.A. Vartanyants, J. Zegenhagen, T. L. Lee, and B.C.C. Cowie
18:00 O 14.3 Quantum dynamics of the H2 interaction with metal surfaces — •Arezoo Dianat, Sung Sakong und Axel Groß
18:00 O 14.4 Far Infrared study of ultrathin metal films on MgO — •A. Priebe, G. Fahsold, M. Lust, O. Skibbe, and A. Pucci
18:00 O 14.5 Adsorption energies on bimetallic overlayer systems at the solid-vacuum and solid-liquid interface — •Ataollah Roudgar and Axel Groß
18:00 O 14.6 Physisorption systems with moderate lattice mismatch: The structure of CO2/KCl(100) — •Jochen Vogt, Milica Hadnadev, J.-Peter Toennies, Franziska Traeger, and Helmut Weiss
18:00 O 14.7 Manipulation of ultrafast surface processes by means of fs-pulse shaping — •Felix Steeb, Marlies Wessendorf, Jörg Lange, Alexander Mönnich, Michael Bauer, and Martin Aeschlimann
18:00 O 14.8 Growth and thermal stability of Ni adsorption layers on the (111) Mo crystal surface — •Cezary Tomas, Jan Kolaczkiewicz, and Herbert Pfnür
18:00 O 14.9 CO adsorption and desorption processes on Pt(355) investigated by in-situ high resolution XPS — •B. Tränkenschuh, T. Fuhrmann, C. Papp, J. F. Zhu, R. Denecke, and H.-P. Steinrück
18:00 O 14.10 Influence of Surface Roughness on the Wetting Behaviour of Liquid Helium on Alkali Metal Surfaces — •Martin Zech, Armin Fubel, Jürgen Klier, and Paul Leiderer
18:00 O 14.11 Adsorption and decompostion of prenal on Pt(111) — •Jan Haubrich, Alexander Krupski, Conrad Becker, and Klaus Wandelt
18:00 O 14.12 HR-XPS study of furan and pyrrole on Ni(111): reactions of unsaturated hetero ring systems — •C. Papp, R. Denecke, and H.-P. Steinrück
18:00 O 14.13 DFT study of Li adsorption on TiSe2 (0001) — •C. Ramírez, W. Schattke, and R. Adelung
18:00 O 14.14 Electronic and optical properties of Au(111) and C60 on Au(111) — •Elizabeta Ćavar, Marie-Christine Blüm, Marina Pivetta, François Patthey, and Wolf-Dieter Schneider
18:00 O 14.15 Adsorption and Dissociation of Methanol on Pd(111) — •A. Bayer, J. Pantförder, S. Pöllmann, D. Borgmann, R. Denecke, and H.-P. Steinrück
18:00 O 14.16 Excited potential energy surface from spin-restricted density-functional calculations: H/Al(111) — •Michael Lindenblatt and Eckhard Pehlke
18:00 O 14.17 STM-Untersuchungen von C64-Picoröhren auf Au(111) — •Belinda Baisch, Jens Walther, Rainer Herges und Olaf Magnussen
18:00 O 14.18 Step Decoration of Gold Single Crystal Electrode Surfaces with Pd — •Fernando Hernandez Ramirez and Michael Nielinger
18:00 O 14.19 Influence of adsorbed rare gas on the Au(111) surface state: combined UPS and STS studies — •T. Andreev, I. Barke, and H. Hövel
18:00 O 14.20 Diffusion pathways of hydrogen across Si(001) double-height steps — •M. Lawrenz, C. Schwalb, M. Dürr, and U. Höfer
18:00 O 14.21 Supramolecular solid-solid wetting: A locally guidable self-assembly of organic semiconductor molecules — •Frank Trixler, Thomas Markert, Ferdinand Jamitzky, Axel Gross, and Wolfgang M. Heckl
18:00 O 14.22 Self-assembly on Surfaces: Supramolecular [60]Fullerene/Porphyrin Assemblies on Metals — •Hannes Spillmann, Andreas Kiebele, H.-J. Güntherodt, Thomas Jung, Davide Bonifazi, and Francois Diederich
18:00 O 14.23 Tunnelling voltage dependent submolecular contrast and degenerate LUMO of Naphthalocynines (Nc) on natural graphite — •T. G. Gopakumar, M. Lackinger, F. Müller, and M. Hietschold
18:00 O 14.24 Aufbau von supramolekularen Ensembles an fest/flüssig Grenzflächen — •Caroline Safarowsky, Alexander Rang, Christoph Schalley, Klaus Wandelt und Peter Broekmann
18:00 O 14.25 Investigation of perylene derivatives with STM — •Markus Wahl, Meike Stöhr, Michael De Wild, Hans-Joachim Güntherodt, Christian Galka, Lutz Gade, and Thomas Andreas Jung
18:00 O 14.26 One- and two-dimensional chiral assemblies of lander molecules — •Jens Kuntze, Xin Ge, and Richard Berndt
18:00 O 14.27 STM, ATR-IRAS und elektrochemische Untersuchungen von NbSe2 und TaS2-Elektroden in hexylaminhaltigen Elektrolytlösungen — •Ulrich Jung, Sujit Dora, Martha Poissot, Wolfgang Bensch und Olaf Magnussen
18:00 O 14.28 Rate equation approach to stacking-fault nucleation in epitaxial growth — •Celia Polop, Carsten Busse, Andreas Gödecke, and Thomas Michely
18:00 O 14.29 Eine Rastertunnelmikroskop-Anlage zum Studium des Wachstums Mn-dotierter III-V-Halbleiter — •Felix Marczinowski, Jacques Dumont, Jens Wiebe, Markus Morgenstern und Roland Wiesendanger
18:00 O 14.30 Rastertunnelspektroskopie an ultra-dünnen Co-Filmen auf W(110) — •Marco Pratzer und Hans-Joachim Elmers
18:00 O 14.31 Simulation of self-assembled nanostructure formation during heteroepitaxy of immiscible metals — •T. Volkmann, F. Much, M. Biehl, and M. Kotrla
18:00 O 14.32 Electrochemical synthesis of CdS-Films on Cu(111) — •S. Hümann, A. Spänig, P. Broekmann, and K. Wandelt
18:00 O 14.33 Growth and morphology of titanium dioxide on a Re(10-10) surface — •Dirk Rosenthal and Klaus Christmann
18:00 O 14.34 SPA-LEED- und Leitfähigkeitsuntersuchungen an dünnen epitaktischen Silberfilmen auf Silizium — •Alexandra Goehlich und Michael Horn-von Hoegen
18:00 O 14.35 Epitaxial Ag-films grown on silicon-on-insulator substrates — •Marcin Czubanowski, Christoph Tegenkamp, and Herbert Pfnür
18:00 O 14.36 Influence of selenium and steps on the Si(111)-(1 × 1):GaSe van der Waals — •Bengt Jaeckel, Rainer Fritsche, Andreas Klein, and Wolfram Jaegermann
18:00 O 14.37 Experimental and ab initio studies of ultrathin Ag films on V(100) — •Marko Kralj, Predrag Lazic, Jörg Schneider, Axel Rosenhahn, Petar Pervan, Milorad Milun, Zeljko Crljen, Radovan Brako, and Klaus Wandelt
18:00 O 14.38 Spot Profile Analysis-LEED and AFM Investigations of Ge/CaF2/Si(111) Multilayers — •Eddy Patrick Rugeramigabo, Carsten Deiter, and Joachim Wollschläger
18:00 O 14.39 Wachstumsstufen auf CaF2 (111) — •Michael Schick, Heinz Dabringhaus und Klaus Wandelt
18:00 O 14.40 Au/Si(111): Local ordering of the (5×2) reconstruction — •C. Seifert, F.-J. Meyer-zu Heringdorf, and M. Horn-von Hoegen
18:00 O 14.41 GIXRD-measurements and -simulation of CaF2 on Si(111) — •Andreas Gerdes, Carsten Deiter, Eddy Patrick Rugeramigabo, and Joachim Wollschläger
18:00 O 14.42 GIXRD and AFM Investigations of CaF2/Si Multilayers — •Carsten Deiter, Andreas Gerdes, Eddy Patrick Rugeramigabo, Joachim Wollschläger, Cunrang Wang, Bernd Müller, and Karl Hofmann
18:00 O 14.43 Growth and morphology of Co films on Pd(111) — •M. Przybylski, M. Wasniowska, W. Wulfhekel, and J. Kirschner
18:00 O 14.44 X-ray study of the surface dynamics at the charge density wave transition in NbSe2 — •Bridget Murphy, Jochim Stettner, Martin Müller, Ingo Grotkopp, Peter Boesecke, Till H. Metzger, Michael Krisch, Herwig Requardt, and Werner Press
18:00 O 14.45 Die Allotropie von Antimon und die Ostwaldsche Stufenregel — •B. Stegemann, T. M. Bernhardt, B. Kaiser und K. Rademann
18:00 O 14.46 Orientational and positional phase transitions in geometric confined systems of alkanes - a numerical study — •Frank Oliver Pfeiffer und Heiko Rieger
18:00 O 14.47 Desorption of Atoms from Optically Excited Alkali Halides — •M. Rohlfing, N.-P. Wang, P. Krüger, and J. Pollmann
18:00 O 14.48 Surface dynamics of water-glycerol mixtures investigated by XPCS — •Michael Sprung, Simone Streit, Christian Gutt, Anders Madsen, Tilo Seydel, and Metin Tolan
18:00 O 14.49 Scanning Probe Microscopy of Antimony Single Crystals: Periodic and Non-periodic Features of the (0001) Cleavage Surface — •B. Stegemann, C. Ritter, B. Kaiser, and K. Rademann
18:00 O 14.50 Surface dynamics of gold clusters on thin polymer films investigated by XPCS — •Virginie Chamard, Markus Krämer, Christian Gutt, Anders Madsen, and Metin Tolan
18:00 O 14.51 Kinetische Prozesse an Oberflächen in metallischen Gläsern unter Einfluß von Teilchendeposition — •Sebastian Vauth und Stefan G. Mayr
18:00 O 14.52 Ultrafast dynamics of the Si(001) surface after electronic excitation — •Jan van Heys and Eckhard Pehlke
18:00 O 14.53 Chiral adenine rows on Cu(110) – a theoretical contribution — •Martin Preuß, Wolf G. Schmidt, and Friedhelm Bechstedt
18:00 O 14.54 A prove of the spreader-bar approach: Fabrication and characterization of heterogeneous monomolecular films — •Andrey Shaporenko, Thomas Hirsch, Vladimir Mirsky, and Michael Zharnikov
18:00 O 14.55 UV-photoinduced modification and surface anisotropy of polyimide studied by X-ray absorption spectroscopy and spectromicroscopy — •Michael Zharnikov, Yukio Ouchi, Masaki Hasegawa, and Andreas Scholl
18:00 O 14.56 The Interaction of Benzene Derivatives with Amorphous Solid Water — •O. Höfft, A. Borodin, U. Kahnert, M. O. Abou-Helal, S. Krischok, and V. Kempter
18:00 O 14.57 Electron Dynamics in Alkanethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers on Ultraflat Gold Films — •S. Dantscher, C. Kennerknecht, S. Schramm, D. Wolpert, and W. Pfeiffer
18:00 O 14.58 Normal Incidence X-ray Standing Waves (NIXSW) study of PTCDA on Ag(111) — •A. Hauschild, M. Sokolowski, and F. S. Tautz
18:00 O 14.59 Reflexions-Anisotropie-Spektroskopie zur Untersuchung von adsorbatmodifizierten vizinalen Si(001) Oberflächen — •R. Passmann, M. Wahl, M. Gensch, K. Hinrichs, W. Richter und N. Esser
18:00 O 14.60 Intermolecular Interactions in Thin Films of SubphthalocyaninatoChloroBoron (SubPc) and its Fluorinated Derivative (F12SubPc) — •Christine Mattheus, Dieter Wöhrle, William Durfee, and Derck Schlettwein
18:00 O 14.61 Surface photovoltage of thin organic layers on single-crystal metal and semiconductor surfaces — •Sebastian Teich, Stefan Grafström, Christian Loppacher, Ulrich Zerweck, and Lukas Eng
18:00 O 14.62 Deposition of ordered TiOPc thin films by Supersonic Molecular Beam Epitaxy (SuMBE) — •Karsten Walzer, Tullio Toccoli, Alessia Pallaoro, Roberto Verucchi, Salvatore Iannotta, Torsten Fritz, and Karl Leo
18:00 O 14.63 Inital growth of PTCDA on Cu(100) investigated by STM — •Thorsten Wagner, Christian Bobisch, Amin Bannani, Hatice Karacuban und Rolf Möller
18:00 O 14.64 STM investigations of very large macrocycles adsorbed on surfaces — •Iordan Kossev and Moritz Sokolowski
18:00 O 14.65 Untersuchung von Punkt- und Liniendefekten auf der NiO(001)-Spaltfläche mittels Rasterkraftmikroskopie — •Nico Plock, U. Kaiser, A. Schwarz und R. Wiesendanger
18:00 O 14.66 First-principles study of Cu interacting with polar ZnO surfaces — •Bernd Meyer and Dominik Marx
18:00 O 14.67 Valence Band Spectroscopy on CoO Surfaces: A Comparison of MIES and UPS(HeI) Results — •F. Schweiger, S. Rudenkiy, M. Frerichs, W. Maus-Friedrichs, and V. Kempter
18:00 O 14.68 Elektronen-Energieverlust-Spektroskopie am Schichtsystem Fe/NiO — •V. Bocatius, B. Fromme und E. Kisker
18:00 O 14.69 Modellversuch zum Design eines non contact lateral force cantilevers — •Tobias Kunstmann, Lukas Spickermann, Andreas Schlarb und Rolf Möller
18:00 O 14.70 Hochauflösende Rasterkapazitätsspektroskopie an Halbleitermikrostrukturen — •Martin von Sprekelsen, Volker Hagen, Theophilos Maltezopoulos und Roland Wiesendanger
18:00 O 14.71 Aufbau eines Tieftemperatur-Hochmagnetfeld-Rastertunnelmikroskops mit X-Y-Verschiebetisch und Spitzenwechsel — •Torge Mashoff, Daniel Haude, Markus Morgenstern und Roland Wiesendanger
18:00 O 14.72 Design of a scanning tunneling microscope for variable temperatures in an ultra-high-vacuum environment — •Stefan Kuck, Germar Hoffmann, and Roland Wiesendanger
18:00 O 14.73 Temperature dependence of atomic friction on graphite — •Lars Jansen, Andre Schirmeisen, Hendrik Hölscher, and Harald Fuchs
18:00 O 14.74 Chemical Reactivity Properties of Thiol Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au(111) observed by STM/ AFM — •Till Hagedorn, Andre Schirmeisen, Lifeng Chi, and Harald Fuchs
18:00 O 14.75 Nanoscale Conductivity Spectroscopy on Solid Electrolytes using an Atomic Force Microscope — •Ahmet Taskiran, Andre Schirmeisen, Harald Fuchs, Frank Natrup, and Harmut Bracht
18:00 O 14.76 Optical phase effects and resonance shift in scattering-type near-field infrared microscopy — •Thomas Taubner, Fritz Keilmann, and Rainer Hillenbrand
18:00 O 14.77 Investigations on nanocrystals in silicondioxide by atomic force microscopy — •E. Beyreuther, R. Beyer, K. Walzer, S. Behrendt, V. Beyer, J. von Borany, J. Weber, and L. Eng
18:00 O 14.78 Detection of dopant profiles in silicon by scanning capacitance microscopy and related techniques: the role of the passivation layer — •Reinhard Beyer, Elke Beyreuther, Bernd Schmidt, Stefan Polzin, and Jörg Weber
18:00 O 14.79 Study of particle-substrate interaction by nanomanipulation experiments with dynamic scanning force microscopy — •Claudia Ritter, Markus Heyde, and Klaus Rademann
18:00 O 14.80 In-situ SPM usage at MOVPE-conditions — •Markus Breusing, Bert Rähmer, Raimund Kremzow, and Wolfgang Richter
18:00 O 14.81 Reduktion der Oberflächenrauhigkeit isolierender und metallischer Schichten mittels niederenergetischem Plasmastrahl — •D. Hoffmann, P.A. Beck, S.O. Demokritov und B. Hillebrands
18:00 O 14.82 Micromechanical properties of Tobacco Mosaic Virus studied by AFM — •Nicola Maghelli, Schmatulla Alexander, and Othmar Marti
18:00 O 14.83 Cantilever characterization by noise measurements in an Atomic Force Microscope — •T.D. Long, F. Müller, A.-D. Müller, and M. Hietschold
18:00 O 14.84 Digital Pulsed Force Mode and Dynamical Friction Measurements — •Alexander Gigler, Peter Spizig, Stefan Walheim, Othmar Marti, and Thomas Schimmel
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