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CPP: Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 29: POSTER: Polymer physics

Dienstag, 8. März 2005, 16:30–18:30, Poster TU D

16:30 CPP 29.1 PEGylated Membranes - A SANS study on brushes and mushrooms — •Beate Klösgen, Kell Mortensen, and Lise Arleth
16:30 CPP 29.2 The Antibiotic Peptide KLA1 Induces Fluctuating Membrane Pores — •Dennis Kim, Margitta Dathe, Sergej Bezrukov, Thomas Hauss, Silvia Dante, and Beate Klösgen
16:30 CPP 29.3 Frequency dependence of mechanical properties of thin polymer films — •Michael Holzwarth, Andreas Kleiner, Martin Hinz, Alexander Gigler, Sabine Hild, and Othmar Marti
16:30 CPP 29.4 Mechanics of flat freestanding membranes — •Ingo Dönch, G. Bogdanovic, V. Bosio, M. Nolte, B. Schöler, A. Fery, and H. Möhwald
16:30 CPP 29.5 Strain induced compression of smectic layers in free-standing liquid crystal elastomer films — •Victor Aksenov, Jürgen Bläsing, Martin Rössle, Ralf Stannarius, and Rudolf Zentel
16:30 CPP 29.6 Mikromechanische und optische Untersuchungen an dünnen Schichten aus Seidenproteinen — •Uwe Spohn, Frauke Junghans, Stefan Schulze, Udo Conrad, Andreas Heilmann und Uwe Spohn
16:30 CPP 29.7 Internal Order in Polyelectrolyte Multilayers — •Manesh Gopinadhan, Jens-Uwe Günther, Heiko Ahrens, Roland Steitz, and Christiane A. Helm
16:30 CPP 29.8 The Internal Interface of a Homogeneous Compressed PEE-PEO Diblock-Copolymer Monolayer — •Alexander Wesemann, Heiko Ahrens, Roland Steitz, Stephan Förster, and Christiane A. Helm
16:30 CPP 29.9 Patterning in Azobenzene Polymer Films — •Knut Morawetz, Burkhars Stiller, Thomas Geue, Marina Saphiannikova, and Ullrich Pietsch
16:30 CPP 29.10 Investigation of Thermal Treated Surface Relief Gratings by Means of Atomic Force Microscopy and Diffraction Measurements — •Stefan Katholy, Knut Morawetz, Burkard Stiller, and Ullrich Pietsch
16:30 CPP 29.11 Structuring of polyelectrolytes in liquid nanofilms — •Dan Qu, Helmuth Möhwald, and Regine v. Klitzing
16:30 CPP 29.12 A Novel Method for Determining Thickness of Self-Assembled Monolayers — •Saju Pillai, Sabine Hild, and Othmar Marti
16:30 CPP 29.13 Formation of Large PEE-Domains in PEE212PEO112 Diblock Copolymer Monolayers: Shift of the PEO-Desorption Transition — •Alexander Wesemann, Heiko Ahrens, Stephan Förster und Christiane A. Helm
16:30 CPP 29.14 Heating of Elastomer Surfaces after Plasma Fluorination — •T. Meyer
16:30 CPP 29.15 Temperature and thickness regulated domain spacings in thin films of a cylinder forming diblock copolymer — •Larissa Tsarkova, Armin Knoll, Robert Magerle und Georg Krausch
16:30 CPP 29.16 Dielektrisch behinderte Entladungen - eine wirkungsvolle Methode zur Oberflächenmodifikation — •Ingrid Graz, Reinhard Schwödiauer, Siegfried Bauer, Hermann Gruber und Christoph Romanin
16:30 CPP 29.17 Simple, tunable nano- and micro-periodic surfaces in poly(dimethyl siloxane) — •Arnaud Chiche, Joao T. Cabral, and Christopher M. Stafford
16:30 CPP 29.18 Collective description of polymer blends in the presence of a surface — •Semjon Stepanow and Andrei Fedorenko
16:30 CPP 29.19 In-situ time-resolved grazing-incidence small-angle X-ray scattering: A tool to study reorientational processes in thin diblock copolymer films — •C.M. Papadakis, P. Busch, D.-M. Smilgies, D. Posselt, and M. Rauscher
16:30 CPP 29.20 Modification and imaging of surface charges on polymers using atomic force microscopy — •Andreas Kleiner, Sabine Hild, Othmar Marti, Armin Knoll, Bernd Gotsmann, Urs Dürig, and Johannes Windeln
16:30 CPP 29.21 SFM characterization of single polymer chains in controlled environments: effect of tip adhesion and chain swelling — •Wei Zhuang, Christof Ecker, Paolo Samorí, and Jürgen P. Rabe
16:30 CPP 29.22 16k by 16k imaging to study the long range morphology of thin polymer films — •Alexander Schmatulla and Othmar Marti
16:30 CPP 29.23 Polymer adhesion at surfaces — •Alexander Schmatulla, Igor Potemkin, Alexei Khokhlov, and Othmar Marti
16:30 CPP 29.24 Cavity growth in soft adhesives — •Arnaud Chiche, Josef Dollhofer, and Costantino Creton
16:30 CPP 29.25 Influencing factors on the adhesion of elastomeres — •Martin Kitsche, Wolfram Hild, Norbert Kendziorra, Gert Heinrich, and Juergen A. Schaefer
16:30 CPP 29.26 High Sensitive AC-calorimeter for Nanometer Sized Samples — •Heiko Huth, Alexander Minakov, and Christoph Schick
16:30 CPP 29.27 Photoelectron spectroscopy and microscopy on magnetic nano particles embedded into block copolymers — •O. Seifarth, Y. Burkov, D. Schmeißer, A. Sydorenko, R. Kremek, and M. Stamm
16:30 CPP 29.28 Conductivity and Gassorption Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Polycarbonate Nanocomposites — •Andreas Schoenhals, Martin Boehning, Ning Hao, and Harald Goering
16:30 CPP 29.29 An Analytical Derivation of the Polarisation P(t) in Organic Molecular Aggregates — •Annetraud Scheuing and Peter Reineker
16:30 CPP 29.30 Unexpected mechanical properties in reactiv polymer nanocomposites as seen by Brillouin spectroscopy — •R. Bactavatchalou, C. Gilow, J. Baller, R. Sanctuary, D. Rouxel, W. Possart , and J.K. Krüger
16:30 CPP 29.31 The interaction between single colloids with and without grafted DNA as measured by optical tweezers — •Kati Kegler, Christof Gutsche, Mathias Salomo, and Friedrich Kremer
16:30 CPP 29.32 The interaction between single colloids with and without grafted DNA as measured by optical tweezers — •Christof Gutsche, Kati Kegler, Mathias Salomo, and Friedrich Kremer
16:30 CPP 29.33 Swelling and Plasticization in Glassy Polymer/Gas-Systems - Combined Examination of Experimental and Modelling Results — •Ole Hoelck, Martin Boehning, Martin Siegert, and Matthias Heuchel
16:30 CPP 29.34 Upgrade of the BW4 beamline at HASYLAB/DESY — •Stephan V. Roth, Ralph Döhrmann, Martin Dommach, and Rainer Gehrke
16:30 CPP 29.35 Energy Dispersive Small Angle X-Ray Scattering — •Tushar Sant, Wolfram Leitenberger, Tobias Panzner, and Ullrich Pietsch
16:30 CPP 29.36 Folding Channels in Coarse-Grained Heteropolymer Models — •Stefan Schnabel, Michael Bachmann, and Wolfhard Janke
16:30 CPP 29.37 Evidence of pre-crystalline order in super-cooled polymer melts revealed from dielectric spectroscopy — •Andreas Wurm, Ragab Soliman, and Christoph Schick
16:30 CPP 29.38 Melting and reorganization of poly(ethylene terephthalate) on fast heating (1000 K/s) — •Christoph Schick, Alexander Minakov, and Dmitry Mordvintsev
16:30 CPP 29.39 Crystallization of Two-Dimensional Off-Lattice Lennard-Jones Polymers — •Anna Kallias, Michael Bachmann, and Wolfhard Janke
16:30 CPP 29.40 High precision light attenuation measurementsas a tool for studying the initial stagesof polymer crystallization — •Jens Fritsch, Werner Stille, and Gerd Strobl
16:30 CPP 29.41 Temperature dependent mechanical properties of polyelectrolyte shells — •Renate Müller, Nils Elsner, and Andreas Fery
16:30 CPP 29.42 Konzentrationsinhomogenitäten in aus homogener binärer Polymerschmelze gewachsenen Sphärolithen — •Bernd-J. Jungnickel und Jieping Liu
16:30 CPP 29.43 Influence of Angular Potentials on the Crystallization of Model Polymer Chains — •Hendrik Meyer, Thomas Vettorel, and Jörg Baschnagel
16:30 CPP 29.44 Physical Aging in Complex Systems — •Trichy R. Gopalakrishnan, Adnan Javed, and Mario Beiner
16:30 CPP 29.45 Side Chain Crystallization in Microphase-Separated Poly(styrene-octadecylmethacrylate) Copolymers — •E. Hempel, H. Budde, S. Höring, and M. Beiner
16:30 CPP 29.46 Dynamic Structure Factor of Constrained Polymer Chains — •Strauch Michael and Straube Ekkehard
16:30 CPP 29.47 Hydrodynamic effects: polymers modelled by small world networks — •Mircea Galiceanu and Alexander Blumen
16:30 CPP 29.48 Confinement, Fluctuations, and the Order-Disorder Transition in Diblock Copolymer Melts — •Alfredo Alexander-Katz and Glenn H. Fredrickson
16:30 CPP 29.49 Determination of Pyroelectric Coefficient in Polyethylene Terephthalate — •Francisco Camacho González, Axel Mellinger, and Reimund Gerhard-Multhaupt
16:30 CPP 29.50 Adaptive Coarse-Graining Molecular Dynamics Scheme — •Matej Praprotnik, Luigi Delle Site, and Kurt Kremer
16:30 CPP 29.51 Polymer Crystallization studied on the Nanometer Scale in 3D — •Nicolaus Rehse, Sabine Marr, Sabine Scherdel und Robert Magerle
16:30 CPP 29.52 Using NMR in studies of the kinetics of polymer crystallisation — •Christopher Hertlein, Kay Saalwächter, and Gert Strobl
16:30 CPP 29.53 Molecular Mobility in Polycarbonate / Silsesquioxane based Nanocomposites. — •Ning Hao, Martin Boehning, and Andreas Schoenhals
16:30 CPP 29.54 Exciton dynamics in molecular rings — •PETER REINEKER, CHRISTOPH WARNS, and IVAN BARVIK
16:30 CPP 29.55 Dynamic Theory of Vibronic Spectra of Charge Transfer Excitons — •Ivan J. Lalov, Christoph Supritz, and Peter Reineker
16:30 CPP 29.56 Energy transfer and trapping in light harvesting polymers — •antonio volta, alexander blumen, aurel jurjiu, and thorsten koslowski
16:30 CPP 29.57 A program package for the development of reactive bond-order potentials — •Paul Erhart and Karsten Albe
16:30 CPP 29.58 Optical Absorption in Dendrimers — •Christoph Supritz, Andreas Engelmann, and Peter Reineker
16:30 CPP 29.59 Globular Structures of Helix-Coil Copolymers: A SCFT Treatment — •Christian Nowak, Vakhtang Rostiashvili, and Thomas Vilgis
16:30 CPP 29.60 Merging of diffusion and relaxation times in concentrated polystyrene/toluene solutions near the glass transition — •Philipp Schleiffer, Jürgen Rauch, and Werner Köhler
16:30 CPP 29.61 Reorientation of the Microdomains in Concentrated Block Copolymer Solutions using AC/DC Electric Fields — •Kristin Schmidt, Heiko Zettl, Frank Schubert, Helmut Hänsel, Franz Fischer, Thomas M. Weiss, Alexander Böker, and Georg Krausch
16:30 CPP 29.62 Counterion-Condensation Transition at Charged Polymers — •Ali Naji and Roland R. Netz
16:30 CPP 29.63 Linear-dendritic amphiphilic block copolymers in solution and in Langmuir-Blodgett films — •Sofiya Raleva, Bernd Stühn, Ahmed Sayeed, Holger Kautz, and Holger Frey
16:30 CPP 29.64 Phase transitions of a single homopolymer chain from Monte Carlo simulations — •Federica Rampf, Wolfgang Paul, and Kurt Binder
16:30 CPP 29.65 Effect of spatial confinement on polyelectrolyte conformation — •Daniel H. Rapoport, Dan F. Anghel, Helmuth Möhwald, and Regine v. Klitzing
16:30 CPP 29.66 Determination of the Overlap Concentration of Polymers in a Good Solvent using Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) — •Ute Lippert, Heiko Zettl, Alexander Böker, Holger Schmalz, Axel H. E. Müller, and Georg Krausch
16:30 CPP 29.67 The influence of constraint release on the reptation process: NSE study and comparison to simulation — •M. Zamponi, A. Wischnewski, M. Monkenbusch, L. Willner, D. Richter, A. Likhtman, B. Farago, and G. Kali
16:30 CPP 29.68 Chain Ordering and Diffusion in Polymer Networks: New Insights by Low-Field Proton NMR and FCS — •Kay Saalwächter, Felix Kleinschmidt, and Giorgio Modesti
16:30 CPP 29.69 Order Phenomena in s-PP Crystallization? — •Andreas Maus and Kay Saalwächter
16:30 CPP 29.70 Diffusion in Networks Studied by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy — •Giorgio Modesti, Boris Zimmermann, Michael Boersch, and Kay Saalwächter
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