Regensburg 2007 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 11: INTERNAL SYMPOSIUM Scattering Experiments II

Dienstag, 27. März 2007, 14:00–18:15, H37

14:00 CPP 11.1 Hauptvortrag: Surface sensitive neutron scattering — •R. Steitz
14:30 CPP 11.2 X-ray reflectivity study of the adsorption of azacrown ethers and palmitic acid at the hexane-water interface — •Gutberlet Thomas, Wojciechowski Kamil, Tikhonov Alexey, Schlossman Mark, and Buffle Jacques
14:45 CPP 11.3 Annexin binding to solid supported membranes: a neutron and synchrotron scattering studyKirstin Seidel, Joachim Rädler, and •Bert Nickel
15:00 CPP 11.4 Influence of spacer length and density on the vertical structures of supported membranes studied by neutron reflectivity — •Peter Seitz, Oliver Purrucker, Anton Förtig, Raimund Gleixner, Giovanna Fragneto, Rainer Jordan, and Motomu Tanaka
15:15 CPP 11.5 Nanotemplate fabrication and macroscopic alignment of nanoscale domains using self-organized diblock copolymers — •Denis Korolkov, Peter Busch, Emmanuel Kentzinger, Lutz Willner, and Thomas Brueckel
  15:30 15 min. break
15:45 CPP 11.6 Hauptvortrag: Coherent x-ray studies of polymer membrane fluctuations and colloidal dynamics near the glass transitions — •Simon Mochrie
16:15 CPP 11.7 Speckle echo-technique for diffusing-wave spectroscopy of soft solids — •Pavel Zakharov and Frank Scheffold
16:30 CPP 11.8 Bending elasticity of DPPC vesicles with changing cholesterol contentLaura Rodriguez-Arriaga, Guillermo Orts-Gil, •Thomas Hellweg, Bela Farago, Carlos Menduina, and Francisco Monroy
16:45 CPP 11.9 Micellar hydrogels of poly(2-oxazoline) copolymers containing fluorophilic, hydrophilic and lipophilic blocks — •Ruzha Ivanova, Tune Bonné, Kell Mortensen, Philipp Pranzas, Thomas Komenda, Karin Lüdtke, Rainer Jordan, and Christine Papadakis
  17:00 15 min. break
17:15 CPP 11.10 Hauptvortrag: Microbeam Synchrotron Radiation Scattering Experiments in Soft Condensed Matter — •Christian Riekel
17:45 CPP 11.11 Micro-focus GISAXS Investigations of Microcantlever Sensors — •Jochen S. Gutmann, Yajun Cheng, Mine Memesa, Sebastian Nett, and Rüdiger Berger
18:00 CPP 11.12 Polymer-based nanocomposites investigated with microGISAXS — •S.V. Roth, A. Veligzhanin, H. Walter, R. Domnick, O. Leupold, R. Gehrke, and P. Müller-Buschbaum
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