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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 12: Poster I

Dienstag, 24. März 2009, 14:30–16:30, P1A

14:30 DY 12.1 Influence of broken rotational symmetry on granular segregation in horizontally vibrated systems — •Axel Feltrup, Ingo Rehberg, and Christof Krülle
14:30 DY 12.2 Microstructure and Pattern Formation during Zone Melting of Colloidal Crystals — •Thomas Palberg, Enrique Vilanova Vidal, Nina Lorenz, Hans-Joachim Schöpe, and Hartmut Löwen
14:30 DY 12.3 Fluidization and segregation in a vertically vibrated quasi two-dimensional granulate — •Jonathan Kollmer, Christof A. Krülle, and Ingo Rehberg
14:30 DY 12.4 Two dimensional wet granular matter under shear — •Kai Huang, Martin Brinkmann, Jayati Sarkar, and Stephan Herminghaus
14:30 DY 12.5 Phase field modeling: The interaction of interfaces — •Robert Spatschek, Nan Wang, and Alain Karma
14:30 DY 12.6 Quantitative tests of local porosity theory for single phase flow in prous media — •Thomas Zauner, Jens Harting, Bibhu Biswal, and Rudolf Hilfer
14:30 DY 12.7 Study of Droplet-Coalescence for Miscible Liquids — •Stefan Menzel and Michael Bestehorn
14:30 DY 12.8 Dynamics of turbulent structures in a Rayleigh-Bénard-system — •Michael Peters and Michael Langner
14:30 DY 12.9 A D3Q19 lattice Boltzmann pore-list code with flow boundary conditions for permeability calculations — •Ariel Narváez, Martin Hecht, and Jens Harting
14:30 DY 12.10 Interaction of turbulent spots in pipe flow — •devranjan samanta, alberto delozar, and bjorn hof
14:30 DY 12.11 Invariants of the velocity gradient tensor in turbulent flows — •Anton Daitche, Michael Wilczek, and Rudolf Friedrich
14:30 DY 12.12 Hysteresis in twophase flow in porous media - a numerical experiment — •Florian Doster, Paul Zegeling, and Rudolf Hilfer
14:30 DY 12.13 New anemometers for atmospheric and laboratory turbulent flows — •Jaroslaw Puczylowsk, Hendrik Heißelmann, Michael Hölling, and Joachim Peinke
14:30 DY 12.14 Experimental and numerical studies of avalanche motion — •Christian Kröner, Birte Domnik, and Shiva P. Pudasaini
14:30 DY 12.15 Flight paths of vertically fluidized wet granulates — •Zeina Khan, Mario Scheel, Marco Di Michiel, Ralf Seemann, and Stephan Herminghaus
14:30 DY 12.16 Continuous and discontinuous jamming transitions — •Claus Heussinger and Jean-Louis Barrat
14:30 DY 12.17 Structure Factors of a Driven Granular Gas suffering Stokes’ Drag — •Andrea Fiege, Timo Aspelmeier, and Annette Zippelius
14:30 DY 12.18 Elasticity of wet fiber networks — •Ohle Claussen, Martin Brinkmann, and Stephan Herminghaus
14:30 DY 12.19 Pattern formation of granulates in a flat rotating container — •Frank Rietz and Ralf Stannarius
14:30 DY 12.20 The entropy of the Hard-Core Model mimiking disordered systems — •Andrea Winkler, Gerold Alsmeyer, and Andreas Heuer
14:30 DY 12.21 Pseudo-knots in helical structuresFernao Vistulo de Abreu, Ricardo Dias, and •Christian von Ferber
14:30 DY 12.22 Molecular dynamics simulation of Ostwald ripening — •Thomas Kraska
14:30 DY 12.23 Relaxation into stationary nonequilibrium — •Jakob Mehl, Valentin Blickle, and Clemens Bechinger
14:30 DY 12.24 Nonequilibrium phase transitions in finite arrays of globally coupled Stratonovich models: Strong coupling limitFabian Senf, •Philipp M. Altrock, and Ulrich Behn
14:30 DY 12.25 Separation of variables in MD simulation: A criterion to estimate the quality of the approximation — •Adolfo Poma and Luigi Delle Site
14:30 DY 12.26 Size Distribution of Hanging Dew Droplets — •Tobias Lapp, Johannes Blaschke, Jürgen Vollmer, and Björn Hof
14:30 DY 12.27 Statistical mechanical description of polarizable liquid systems in electric field — •Semjon Stepanow and Thomas Thurn-Albrecht
14:30 DY 12.28 Shape Dependence of Free Energies — •Anatoly Danilevich, Thorsten Hiester, and Klaus Mecke
14:30 DY 12.29 Noise driven hysteresis — •Sven Schubert and Günter Radons
14:30 DY 12.30 Phase transition as a mechanism of fullerene formation — •Adilah Hussien, Alexander Yakubovich, Andrey Solov’yov, and Walter Greiner
14:30 DY 12.31 Thermodynamic effects of an endohedral atom on the phase transition of fullerenes — •Adilah Hussien, Andrey Lyalin, and Andrey Solov’yov
14:30 DY 12.32 Stochastic Resonance in a ring of bistable elements — •Johannes Werner and Hartmut Benner
14:30 DY 12.33 Computer simulations of 2D colloidal crystals: elastic constants and effects of periodic, external fields — •Kerstin Franzrahe and Peter Nielaba
14:30 DY 12.34 A Sinai-Billiard Model for Wet Granular Matter — •Franziska Glaßmeier, Jürgen Vollmer, and Martin Brinkmann
14:30 DY 12.35 Scaling in a One-Dimensional Model of Cyclic Interactions — •Anton Winkler, Tobias Reichenbach, and Erwin Frey
14:30 DY 12.36 Flow equation analysis of the strong interaction Hubbard model — •Alexander Hoffmann and Stefan Kehrein
14:30 DY 12.37 Preferential Trapping in State Space Dynamics — •Andreas Fischer, Karl Heinz Hoffmann, and Christian Schön
14:30 DY 12.38 Effect of disorder on equilibrium conformations of semiflexible polymers — •Sebastian Schöbl, Klaus Kroy, and Wolfhard Janke
14:30 DY 12.39 Transport on inhomogeneous filament networks — •Philip Greulich and Ludger Santen
14:30 DY 12.40 Analysing the reflectance spectra of human skin — •Lioudmila Belenkaia, Philippe-A. Bourdin, Vera Sterzik, Michael Bohnert, and Andreas W. Liehr
14:30 DY 12.41 Wave localization in complex networks with high clustering — •Lukas Jahnke, Jan W. Kantelhardt, Richard Berkovitz, and Shlomo Havlin
14:30 DY 12.42 Rule 150 cellular automata on 2D and Bethe lattices — •Jens Christian Claussen
14:30 DY 12.43 Monte Carlo generation of complex random graphs with given functional weights — •Hannes Nagel, Bartlomiej Waclaw, and Wolfhard Janke
14:30 DY 12.44 Evolution of Boolean networks with different selection criteria and different update rules — •Agnes Szejka and Barbara Drossel
14:30 DY 12.45 Anisotropy of the interface tensions of the three-dimensional Ising model — •Elmar Bittner, Andreas Nußbaumer, and Wolfhard Janke
14:30 DY 12.46 Plateau formation in the twist parameter of the bond alternating AF S=1/2 Heisenberg spin chain — •Rainer Bischof and Janke Wolfhard
14:30 DY 12.47 Bose condensation for attractive interaction? — •Michael Männel, Pavel Lipavský, Klaus Morawetz, and Michael Schreiber
14:30 DY 12.48 Efficient free-energy calculation based on a generalized work fluctuation theorem — •Aljoscha Maria Hahn and Holger Then
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