Regensburg 2010 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 5: Posters: Biopolymers and Biomaterials

Montag, 22. März 2010, 17:15–20:00, Poster B1

17:15 BP 5.1 Interactions between proteins and thermoresponsive microgels — •Nicole Welsch and Matthias Ballauff
17:15 BP 5.2 Probing the components of nacre by contact angle measurements — •Malte Launspach, Fabian Heinemann, and Monika Fritz
17:15 BP 5.3 Phase behaviour and structure of enzyme containing skin friendly microemulsions for decontamination — •Ralf Stehle, Christoph Schulreich, Stefan Wellert, Christina Diederich, Andre Richardt, Marc-Michael Blum, and Thomas Hellweg
17:15 BP 5.4 Deep UV Raman spectroscopy on sensory rhodopsin — •Andreas Bröermann, Nils Priesnitz, Bernd Walkenfort, Johann Klare, Heinz-Jürgen Steinhoff, and Sebastian Schlücker
17:15 BP 5.5 Optical properties of light-harvesting systems determined by molecular dynamics simulations — •Carsten Olbrich, Jörg Liebers, Michael Schreiber, and Ulrich Kleinekathöfer
17:15 BP 5.6 Coarse Grained Simulations of a Small Peptide: Effects of Finite Damping and Hydrodynamic Interactions — •Tihamer Geyer
17:15 BP 5.7 Microhydration of two polyalanine-based peptides — •Sucismita Chutia, Mariana Rossi, Volker Blum, and Matthias Scheffler
17:15 BP 5.8 Comparison of nanomechanical properties of in vivo and in vitro keratin networks — •Anke Leitner, Tobias Paust, Harald Herrmann, Michael Beil, and Othmar Marti
17:15 BP 5.9 Force-generation by growing microtubules — •Björn Zelinski and Jan Kierfeld
17:15 BP 5.10 Optical tweezers to investigate receptor/ligand interactions on a single contact level — •Carolin Wagner, David Singer, Mathias Salomo, Ralf Hoffmann, and Friedrich Kremer
17:15 BP 5.11 The Nanostructure of the Tracheid Wood Cell Wall — •Malte Ogurreck, Pekka Saranpää, Manfred Burghammer, Sebastian Schoeder, Christina Krywka, and Martin Müller
17:15 BP 5.12 Entropy assists cell's contraction — •Carsten Schuldt and Josef Käs
17:15 BP 5.13 Feeling for Cells with Light: Illuminating the Role of Biomechanics for Tumor ProgessionAnatol Fritsch, Franziska Wetzel, David Nnetu, Tobias Kiessling, Mareike Zink, and •Josef A. Käs
17:15 BP 5.14 Volume imaging of collagen fibrils within cortical bone — •Stephanie Röper, Nadine Drechsel, Anke Bernstein, and Robert Magerle
17:15 BP 5.15 Dynamical stretching response of a biopolymer held by an optical trap — •Sebastian Sturm and Klaus Kroy
17:15 BP 5.16 Elasticity of Fiber Networks as Function of Crosslink Density — •Susan Sporer, Mahyar Madadi, Christoph Arns, Klaus Mecke, and Gerd E. Schröder-Turk
17:15 BP 5.17 Elastic and Morphological Properties of Porous Biomaterials — •Sebastian Kapfer, Susan Sporer, Klaus Mecke, and Gerd E. Schröder-Turk
17:15 BP 5.18 Cartilage Proteoglycan Aggrecan Self-Adhesion at the Single Molecule Level — •Alexander Harder, Thomas Dierks, Xavier Fernandez-Busquets, and Dario Anselmetti
17:15 BP 5.19 PEG-Pillars as Force-Sensor-Arrays — •Sabri Rahmouni, Aaron Lindner, Tamas Haraszti, and Joachim Spatz
17:15 BP 5.20 Active growth of actin filaments can lead to a non-exponential length distribution — •Christoph Erlenkämper and Karsten Kruse
17:15 BP 5.21 Microrheology: On the comparison of the pancreatic carcinoma cytoskeleton and the in vitro assembled keratin network — •Tobias Paust, Anke Leitner, Ulla Nolte, Michael Beil, and Othmar Marti
17:15 BP 5.22 Single molecule force measurements of single-stranded RNA-molecules with optical tweezers — •Tanja Plötz, Fabian Eber, Anna Müller, Christina Wege, Andy Sischka, and Dario Anselmetti
17:15 BP 5.23 Analysis of multivalent effects using pyridine coordination compounds in single molecule force spectroscopy (SMFS) — •Manuel Gensler, Christian Eidamshaus, Hans-Ulrich Reißig, and Jürgen P. Rabe
17:15 BP 5.24 The conformations of a stiff polymer in random media — •Marcel Hennes and Klaus Kroy
17:15 BP 5.25 Microrheology: A system for the comparison of pancreatic carcinoma cells in an optical tweezers device and an electron microscope — •Tobias Paust, Anke Leitner, Ulla Nolte, Michael Beil, Paul Walther, and Othmar Marti
17:15 BP 5.26 Non-Gaussian tube width distributions in entangled solutions of filamentous actin — •Inka Lauter, Masashi Degawa, Norbert Kirchgeßner, Bernd Hoffmann, Rudolf Merkel, Margret Giesen, Jens Glaser, Dipanjan Chakraborty, and Klaus Kroy
17:15 BP 5.27 Transport of a semiflexible filament in a network — •Teresa Bauer, Felix Höfling, Erwin Frey, and Thomas Franosch
17:15 BP 5.28 Selecting structure prediction candidates using sequence-derived structure profiles — •Katrin Wolff, Michele Vendruscolo, and Markus Porto
17:15 BP 5.29 Interaction of Boron-Clusters with liposomes : Influence on the Zeta-potential — •Aleksandre Japaridze, Mathias Winterhalter, and Detlef Gabel
17:15 BP 5.30 Dynamic measurement of the persistence length of intermediate filaments — •Bernd Nöding, Susanne Bauch, and Sarah Köster
17:15 BP 5.31 Microfluidic Drops as Tuneable Bio-Environments — •Christian Dammann, Bernd Nöding, Susanne Bauch, and Sarah Köster
17:15 BP 5.32 Biomimetic Modelling of Cellular Morphogenesis — •Björn Stuhrmann, Feng-Ching Tsai, and Gijsje Koenderink
17:15 BP 5.33 A strong structural instability in the microtubule lattice revealed by imaging and molecularly reconstructing the inside of flattened microtubules — •Jan Kleeblatt, Florian Hagene, Iwan A.T. Schaap, and Christoph F. Schmidt
17:15 BP 5.34 Self-assembled 3-dimensional DNA structures investigated with fluorescence microscopy — •Alexander Benkstein, Zhao Wang, Christoph Erben, Iwan A. T. Schaap, Andrew J. Turberfield, and Christoph F. Schmidt
17:15 BP 5.35 Multivariate analysis for surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) probe multiplexing and imaging in biological matrices — •Andrea Matschulat, Daniela Drescher, and Janina Kneipp
17:15 BP 5.36 In situ actin bundling and network formation using microfluidicsSiddharth Deshpande, Dagmar Steinhauser, and •Thomas Pfohl
17:15 BP 5.37 Testing the elastic anisotropy of microtubules by leveraged bending experiments — •Fabian Stiewe and Christoph F. Schmidt
17:15 BP 5.38 Structural organization and mineral distribution in load-bearing exoskeleton parts of the edible crab Cancer pagurusKatja Huemer, Simone Karsten, Keerthika Balasundaram, Dierk Raabe, •Sabine Hild, and Helge-Otto Fabritius
17:15 BP 5.39 Flax or Nettle? Using X-ray Microdiffraction to Identify Ancient Textile Fibres — •Stjepan Hrkac, Bridget Murphy, Martin Mueller, Margarita Gleba, Ulla Mannering, Marie-Louise Nosch, Gianangelo Bracco, Manfred Burghammer, Hans Georg Gebel, Bodil Holst, and Christian Bergfjord
17:15 BP 5.40 Network properties of an aggregate of perylene bisimide based molecules — •Carlo Di Giambattista, Anke Leitner, Masoud Amirkhani, Anne-Marie Saier, Suhrit Ghosh, Frank Würthner, Michael Beil, and Othmar Marti
17:15 BP 5.41 Investigation of the nanomechanical properties of the cytoskeleton protein Keratin 8/18: Force microscopy measurements and simulations — •Andreas Häußler, Tobias Paust, Anke Leitner, Michael Beil, Harald Herrmann, and Othmar Marti
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