Regensburg 2010 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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DF: Fachverband Dielektrische Festkörper

DF 18: Glasses II (Joint Session of DY, DF, CPP)

Donnerstag, 25. März 2010, 09:45–12:30, H38

09:45 DF 18.1 Dynamics of soft spheres beyond the hard-sphere limit — •Michael Schmiedeberg and Andrea J. Liu
10:00 DF 18.2 Correlation between the Diffusion Dynamics and Vibrational Modes of a Model Glass Former — •Oliver Rubner and Andreas Heuer
10:15 DF 18.3 Assessing the predictive power of the Reverse Monte Carlo Method for amorphous systems — •Christian Robert Müller, Michael Schuch, and Philipp Maass
10:30 DF 18.4 Dielectric noise pattern of the Debye- and α-process in a monohydroxy alcohol — •Tobias Gamp, Andreas Reiser, and Christian Enss
10:45 DF 18.5 Glass transition in high dimensions — •Bernhard Schmid and Rolf Schilling
11:00 DF 18.6 Brownian dynamics simulation of extensional shear flow in dense colloidal hard-sphere systems — •Olaf Herbst and Thomas Voigtmann
11:15 DF 18.7 The influence of the method of glass preparation and ambient conditions on diffusion of alkaline-earth ions in mixed cation glasses — •Michael Grofmeier and Hartmut Bracht
11:30 DF 18.8 Crystallization and structural investigation of Eu-doped fluorozirconate-based glass ceramics. — •Christian Paßlick, Bernd Ahrens, Bastian Henke, Jacqueline A. Johnson, and Stefan Schweizer
11:45 DF 18.9 Time-resolved optical spectroscopy on Er-doped fluorozirconate-based glasses for efficient up-conversion — •Ulrich Skrzypczak, Manuela Miclea, Jacqueline A. Johnson, and Stefan Schweizer
12:00 DF 18.10 Spectral down-conversion in Sm-doped borate glasses for photovoltaic applications — •Marcel Dyrba, Paul-Tiberiu Miclea, and Stefan Schweizer
12:15 DF 18.11 Raman spectroscopy on barium halide nanoparticles in fluorozirconate-based glasses — •Charlotte Pfau, Paul-Tiberiu Miclea, and Stefan Schweizer
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