Regensburg 2010 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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DF: Fachverband Dielektrische Festkörper

So, 16:00–18:15 H4 DF 1: Functional (oxide) single crystals and epitaxial films - from growth to function
Mo, 11:00–13:00 H11 DF 2: Optical and nonlinear optical properties, photonic I
Mo, 15:00–17:30 Poster D1 DF 3: Poster I: Nano- and microstructured dielectrics, surfaces and interfaces, dielectric composites
Mo, 10:15–12:45 H3 DF 4: Multiferroics I (Joint Session of MA, DF, KR, DS)
Mo, 14:00–17:45 H3 DF 5: Multiferroics II (Joint Session of MA, DF, KR, DS)
Di, 10:00–13:10 H11 DF 6: Focus Session: High-k and high mobility materials for CMOS
Di, 14:00–16:00 H11 DF 7: Dielectric and ferroelectric thin films
Di, 14:00–16:00 H9 DF 8: Electrical and mechanical properties
Mi, 10:00–13:00 H11 DF 9: Focus Session: Structural dynamics in photoexcited molecules
Mi, 14:00–17:30 H11 DF 10: Dielectric surfaces and interfaces
Mi, 09:30–11:00 H8 DF 11: High-k and Low-k Dielectrics I (Joint Session DS/DF)
Mi, 11:15–12:45 H8 DF 12: High-k and Low-k Dielectrics II (Joint Session DS/DF)
Mi, 15:00–17:30 Poster A DF 13: Poster II: Electrical, mechanical and optical properties, nonlinear dielectrics
Mi, 14:00–17:30 H48 DF 14: Glasses I (Joint Session of DY, DF, CPP)
Do, 10:00–12:50 H11 DF 15: Optical and nonlinear optical properties, photonics II
Do, 14:00–15:25 H11 DF 16: Phase Transitions
Do, 15:30–17:30 H11 DF 17: Nano- and microstructured dielectrics
Do, 09:45–12:30 H38 DF 18: Glasses II (Joint Session of DY, DF, CPP)
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