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MA: Fachverband Magnetismus

MA 10: Poster I

Dienstag, 23. März 2010, 10:45–13:45, Poster A

10:45 MA 10.1 Theorectical study of the influence of Ni-bridge-Ni angles on magnetic anisotropy and exchange — •Claudia Loose and Jens Kortus
10:45 MA 10.2 Magnetic anisotropy of paramagnetic porphyrin molecules on non-magnetic surfaces: an angle-dependent XMCD investigation — •Matthias Bernien, Jorge Miguel, Wolfgang Kuch, Adrian D. Ward Cherrier, Carsten Tieg, Claudia Weis, Carolin Antoniak, Dietger Bovenschen, and Heiko Wende
10:45 MA 10.3 Electron spin dynamics in novel binuclear Mn molecular complexes — •Y. Krupskaya, R. Zaripov, E. Vavilova, A. Parameswaran, V. Miluykov, I. Bezkishko, D. Krivolapov, O. Kataeva, O. Sinyashin, E. Hey-Hawkins, V. Voronkova, K. Salikhov, R. Klingeler, V. Kataev, and B. Büchner
10:45 MA 10.4 Incoherent Slow Magnetisation Dynamics in the Giant Keplerat Molecule Fe30Mo72 — •T. Dellmann, H.-H. Klauss, J. Schnack, and B. Büchner
10:45 MA 10.5 High-field measurements of a spin-frustrated trinuclear copper (II) complex — •Wolfgang Kroener, Aksana Zharkouskaya, Eike T. Spielberg, Daniel Plaul, Klaus Gieb, Winfried Plass, and Paul Müller
10:45 MA 10.6 Reinvestigation of the electronic and magnetic structure of the ferric star — •Daniel Taubitz, Karsten Kuepper, Rolf Saalfrank, Andreas Scheurer, Stefan Sperner, Jürgen Schnack, and Manfred Neumann
10:45 MA 10.7 Accuracy of the DMRG method applied to the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg icosidodecahedron — •Jörg Ummethum and Jürgen Schnack
10:45 MA 10.8 DFT Studies Of A Magnetic Heptanuclear High-Spin Complex — •Stefan Leiding, Andrei Postnikov, Jürgen Schnack, and Dirk Andrae
10:45 MA 10.9 Magnetic coupling of Co porphyrin molecules to ferromagnetic substrates — •Felix Hermanns, Alexander Krüger, Matthias Bernien, Jorge Miguel, and Wofgang Kuch
10:45 MA 10.10 Stability of Mn6Cr single-molecule-magnets adsorbed on surfaces: The influence of X-ray exposure, layer thickness, choice of substrate and counterions — •Andreas Helmstedt, Aaron Gryzia, Sebastian Steppeler, Norbert Müller, Marc D. Sacher, Ulrich Heinzmann, Veronika Höke, Thorsten Glaser, Mikhail Fonin, and Ulrich Rüdiger
10:45 MA 10.11 Homogenous adsorption of Mn6Cr single-molecule-magnets on substrates — •Peter Koop, Aaron Gryzia, Andreas Helmstedt, Wiebke Hachmann, Armin Brechling, Marc Sacher, Ulrich Heinzmann, Veronika Höke, and Thorsten Glaser
10:45 MA 10.12 Single molecule magnets on surfaces: recent advances and future perspectivesSönke Voss, •Samuel Bouvron, Ulrich Rüdiger, Mikhail Fonin, Michael Burgert, and Ulrich Groth
10:45 MA 10.13 Properties of TiO2/Fe composites investigated by ab inito calculations — •Anna Grünebohm, Heike C. Herper, and Peter Entel
10:45 MA 10.14 Magnetism and ferroelectricity of Mn-doped BaTiO3 thin films — •Yao Shuai, Danilo Bürger, Shengqiang Zhou, Manfred Helm, and Heidemarie Schmidt
10:45 MA 10.15 Angle-dependent magnetotransport in Nickel thin films — •M. Althammer, M. Wagner, A. Brandlmaier, M. Weiler, S. Geprägs, R. Gross, and S.T.B. Goennenwein
10:45 MA 10.16 Investigation of strain effects in epitaxial CaMnO3 films by nonlinear optics — •Tim Günter, Satadeep Bhattacharjee, Philippe Ghosez, Adrian David, Wilfrid Prellier, and Manfred Fiebig
10:45 MA 10.17 First-principles study of ferroelectric domain walls in multiferroic bismuth ferriteAxel Lubk, •Sibylle Gemming, and Nicola Spaldin
10:45 MA 10.18 Separation and magnetic-field dependence of contributions to the magnetically induced net polarization in multiferroic TbMn2O5 — •Naëmi Leo, Thomas Lottermoser, Dennis Meier, Roman V. Pisarev, and Manfred Fiebig
10:45 MA 10.19 Influence of doping on the lattice dynamics: Comparison of stoichiometric and mixed orthorhombic rare earth manganites RMnO3 (R = Gd, Tb, Eu:Y) — •S. Issing, F. Fuchs, C. Ziereis, E. Batke, A. Pimenov, Y. Vu. Ivanov, A. A. Mukhin, and J. Geurts
10:45 MA 10.20 Spin-phonon coupling in multiferroic stoichiometric and mixed RMnO3 compounds (R=Gd, Tb, Eu:Y) studied by Raman spectroscopy — •S. Issing, A. Pimenov, Y. Vu. Ivanov, A. A. Mukhin, and J. Geurts
10:45 MA 10.21 Magnetic Structure of Multiferroic DyMnO3 studied by Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering — •Enrico Schierle, Victor Soltwisch, Detlef Schmitz, Ralf Feyerherm, Andrey Maljuk, Fabiano Yokaichiya, Dimitri Argyriou, and Eugen Weschke
10:45 MA 10.22 Investigation of the triangular multiferroic order in CuCrO2 by second harmonic generation — •Vera Carolus, Kenta Kimura, Tsuyoshi Kimura, and Manfred Fiebig
10:45 MA 10.23 Magnetic structure in multiferroic pyroxenes: (Na, Li)FeSi2O6 — •Max Baum, Alexander Komarek, Navid Qureshi, Petra Becker, Ladislav Bohatý, Martin Meven, Astrid Schneidewind, Peter Link, Maria Fernandez-Diaz, Paul Steffens, and Markus Braden
10:45 MA 10.24 Response of antiferromagnetic and ferrotoroidic domains in LiCoPO4 to magnetic and electric fields — •Anne S. Zimmemann, Bas B. Van Aken, Jean-Pierre Rivera, Hans Schmid, and Manfred Fiebig
10:45 MA 10.25 Magneto-optical investigation of strain induced magnetization switching in ferromagnetic/ferroelectric hybrid structures — •Matthias Brasse, Andreas Brandlmaier, Matthias Opel, Georg Woltersdorf, Rudolf Gross, and Sebastian T. B. Goennenwein
10:45 MA 10.26 Giant magnetic anisotropy changes in Sr2CrReO6 thin films on BaTiO3 — •Franz D. Czeschka, Stephan Geprägs, Matthias Opel, Sebastian T.B. Goennenwein, and Rudolf Gross
10:45 MA 10.27 Dynamics of driven multiferroic heterostructures — •Alexander Sukhov, Chenglong Jia, Paul Horley, and Jamal Berakdar
10:45 MA 10.28 Thermomechanical properties of mullite up to 1673 K: single crystal vs. ceramics — •Thomas Friedrich Krenzel, Jürgen Schreuer, and Hartmut Schneider
10:45 MA 10.29 Exchange Bias and Training Effect in Ni/FexMn1−x/Ni Trilayers — •Paul Stoll, Miriam Stampe, and Wolfgang Kuch
10:45 MA 10.30 Relative orientation of the magnetic moments in the Fe/MnPd exchange bias system — •S. Brück, S. Macke, X. Ji, Q. Zhan, K. M. Krishnan, and E. Goering
10:45 MA 10.31 Investigation of exchange bias field of NiMn pinned Co nanoparticles — •Balati Kuerbanjiang, Benjamin Riedmüller, and Ulrich Herr
10:45 MA 10.32 Long and short term changes of the exchange bias field in MnIr/CoFe bilayers after ion bombardment with 10keV He ions — •Christoph Schmidt, Jörn Burbank, Niklas Stein, Tanja Weis, Dieter Engel, and Arno Ehresmann
10:45 MA 10.33 Remote control of superparamagnetic nanobeads on magnetically patterned thin films — •Daniel Lengemann, Tanja Weis, Alla Albrecht, Jannick Langfahl-Klabes, Dieter Engel, and Arno Ehresmann
10:45 MA 10.34 Coercivity mechanism in hard magnetic SmCo5/PrCo5 bilayers — •Felix Fleischhauer, Volker Neu, and Ludwig Schultz
10:45 MA 10.35 Single or multichannel Kondo effect in graphene — •Zhen-Gang Zhu, Kai-He Ding, and Jamal Berakdar
10:45 MA 10.36 Magnetotransport measurements on Heusler compounds — •A. Krupp, F.D. Czeschka, M. Althammer, S.T.B. Goennenwein, R. Gross, I.-M. Imort, G. Reiss, and A. Thomas
10:45 MA 10.37 Anomalous Hall Effect in Heusler Compounds — •I.-M. Imort, G. Reiss, A. Thomas, A. Krupp, F.D. Czeschka, M. Althammer, R. Gross, and S.T.B. Goennenwein
10:45 MA 10.38 Annealing time and temperature dependence of structural, magnetic and transport properties of Co2MnSi-based MTJs — •Hendrik Wulfmeier, Markus Meinert, Daniel Ebke, Jan Schmalhorst, and Günter Reiss
10:45 MA 10.39 Magnetic transport measurements of epitaxial SmCo5 in pulsed magnetic fields — •Evelyn Stilp, Alexander Kauffmann, Marietta Seifert, Jens Freudenberger, Volker Neu, Nadejda Kozlova, and Ludwig Schultz
10:45 MA 10.40 Epitaxial NdCo5/SmCo5 bilayers — •Marietta Seifert, Ludwig Schultz, and Volker Neu
10:45 MA 10.41 Remanence enhancement and energy density in epitaxial exchange-coupled SmCo5/Fe-Multilayers — •Simon Sawatzki, Felix Fleischhauer, Marietta Seifert, Ludwig Schultz, and Volker Neu
10:45 MA 10.42 Epitaxial NbFe2 thin films prepared by PLD — •Andreas Reisner, Silvia Haindl, Bernhard Holzapfel, and Ludwig Schultz
10:45 MA 10.43 In-Situ STM, LEED and MOKE Measurements of Ultrathin Epitaxially Flat Grown Fe Films on the GaAs(110) Surface — •Tim Iffländer, Martin Wenderoth, Thomas Druga, and Rainer G. Ulbrich
10:45 MA 10.44 Magnetic and structural investigations of iron based nanostructures and thin CrSb layers on GaAs(110) — •Carsten Godde, Sani Noor, Atena Rastgoo Lahrood, Gregor Nowak, Hartmut Zabel, and Ulrich Köhler
10:45 MA 10.45 Structural and magnetic investigations of Fe and Fe3Si as CEO-grown spin aligning layers on spin LEDs — •Sani Noor, Carsten Godde, Hasmik Harutyunyan, Arne Ludwig, Mingyuan Li, Gregor Nowak, Dirk Reuter, Martin Hofmann, Hartmut Zabel, Andreas Wieck, and Ulrich Köhler
10:45 MA 10.46 Threshold photoemission magnetic circular dichroism at the spin reorientation transition of ultrathin epitaxial Pt/Co/Pt(111)/W(110) films — •Kerstin Hild, Jakob Emmel, Gerd Schönhense, and Hans-Joachim Elmers
10:45 MA 10.47 Magnetization reversal and reorientation in DyCo5 systems — •Radu Abrudan, Ilie Radu, Detlef Schmitz, Hartmut Zabel, and Florin Radu
10:45 MA 10.48 Transition from shape anisotropy to magnetocrystalline anisotropy in ultrathin FePt films — •Karin Leistner, Juliane Wunderwald, Sebastian Fähler, and Ludwig Schultz
10:45 MA 10.49 Design and preparation of substrates with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy for molecular magnets — •Jonathan Fetting, Jan-Philipp Grote, Michael Stocker, Michael Enzelsberger, Veronika Höke, Carl-Georg Frhr. v. Richthofen, Paul Müller, Thorsten Glaser, and Günter Reiss
10:45 MA 10.50 Imaging of magnetic coupling in trilayerd microstructures — •Julia Kurde, Jorge Miguel, Daniela Bayer, Jaime Sánchez-Barriga, Logane Tati Bismaths, Martin Aeschlimann, Hermann A. Dürr, and Wolfgang Kuch
10:45 MA 10.51 Magnetostrictive Strain Sensors Based on FeGa Thin Films — •Ahmed Fazir Thajudin, Dirk Meyners, and Eckhard Quandt
10:45 MA 10.52 Influence of strain on magnetic and electrical properties of La0.82Sr0.18CoO3 films — •Orkidia Bilani-Zeneli, Diana Rata, Andreas Herklotz, Ludwig Schultz, and Kathrin Dörr
10:45 MA 10.53 Specular and off-specular scattering of neutrons from Si-Fe multilayers — •Anke Teichert, Thomas Krist, Jan E. Hoffmann, Amitesh Paul, and Roland Steitz
10:45 MA 10.54 Soft x-ray magnetic dichroism of undoped, hole-doped and electron-doped LaCoO3: Anisotropies and valence-dependent magnetism — •Michael Merz, Christian Pinta, Andrei Samartsev, Markus Wissinger, Hilbert von Löhneysen, Andrea Assmann, Stephan Uebe, Dirk Fuchs, Peter Nagel, and Stefan Schuppler
10:45 MA 10.55 Soft x-ray magnetic dichroism of (Ca,Sr)RuO3: Evidence for strain-dependent magnetism — •Andrea Assmann, Stephan Uebe, Michael Merz, Markus Wissinger, Hilbert von Löhneysen, Dirk Fuchs, Peter Nagel, and Stefan Schuppler
10:45 MA 10.56 Vector MOKE analysis on ultrathin ferromagnetic films — •Timo Kuschel, Hauke Bardenhagen, Robin Schubert, Henrik Wilkens, Daniel Bruns, Martin Suendorf, Bernd Zimmermann, Florian Bertram, and Joachim Wollschläger
10:45 MA 10.57 Quadrupol-Magnetometer für breitbandige Magneto-Optische-Kerr-Spektroskopie — •Marc Tesch, Markus Gilbert, Hans-Christoph Mertins, Roman Adam, Herbert Feilbach und Claus Michael Schneider
10:45 MA 10.58 Magnetically Induced Optical Nonlinearity in the Centrosymmetric Ferromagnetic Semiconductor EuO — •Masakazu Matsubara, Andreas Schmehl, Jochen Mannhart, Darrell Schlom, and Manfred Fiebig
10:45 MA 10.59 Interaction of surface acoustic waves with magnetization dynamics — •Rupert Huber, Mathias Weiler, Sebastian T.B. Goennenwein, Sebastian Neusser, and Dirk Grundler
10:45 MA 10.60 Phenomenology of the magnetic shape memory effect in modulated and non-modulated Ni-Mn-Ga and FePd alloys — •Aristide T. Onisan and Ulrich K. Rößler
10:45 MA 10.61 Surface structure and electronic properties of epitaxial off-stoichiometric Ni-Mn-Ga films — •Aleksej Laptev, Philipp Leicht, Mikhail Fonin, Yuansu Luo, Konrad Samwer, Yuriy Dedkov, and Martin Weser
10:45 MA 10.62 In vitro study of iron-palladium ferromagnetic shape-memory alloy in simulated body fluid (SBF) — •Yanhong Ma, Florian Szillat, and Stefan G. Mayr
10:45 MA 10.63 Origin of the tetragonal distortion in Fe-Pd shape memory alloys — •Ingo Opahle, Klaus Koepernik, Ulrike Nitzsche, and Manuel Richter
10:45 MA 10.64 Herstellung und magnetische Charakterisierung von Co-Nanopartikel auf ionenstrahlerodierten Siliziumsubstraten — •Matthias Buhl, Michael Körner, Monika Fritzsche, Ullrich Wiesenhütter, Oskar Liedke und Jürgen Faßbender
10:45 MA 10.65 Characterization of bioinspired synthesized magnetic nanoparticles — •Annalena Wolff, Katrin Eckstädt, Dieter Akemeier, Inga Ennen, Irina Dück, Katrin Wollschläger, Norbert Sewald, and Andreas Hütten
10:45 MA 10.66 MOKE investigation of ferromagnetic nanoparticles deposited on a W(110) surface — •Christian Kleinhans, Wolfgang Rosellen, Volker Hückelkamp, Furkan Bulut, Joachim Bansmann, Armin Kleibert, and Mathias Getzlaff
10:45 MA 10.67 Temperaturabhängige Magnetrelaxometrie an magnetischen Nanopartikeln aus Magnetit im Temperaturbereich von 4,2 K bis 320 K — •Markus Schiffler, Markus Büttner, Peter Weber, Paul Seidel, Claus Lang, Dirk Schüler und Michael Röder
10:45 MA 10.68 Oxidation of multilayers of ligand stabilized magnetic cobalt nanoparticles — •Britta Vogel, Axel Dreyer, Nadine Mill, Katrin Eckstädt, Annalena Wolff, Dieter Akemeier, Alexander Weddemann, Alexander Auge, Simone Herth, and Andreas Hütten
10:45 MA 10.69 Interplay between magnetism, structure and chemical order in small CoPt clusters: Ab initio and model calculations — •Lucila Juárez-Reyes, Jesus Dorantes-Dávila, and Gustavo Pastor
10:45 MA 10.70 First principles study of segregation and interface effects in magnetic CoRh nanoparticles — •Luis Enrique Diaz Sanchez, Jesus Dorantes Davila, and Gustavo Pastor
10:45 MA 10.71 Magnetic properties of CoRh core shell nanoparticles — •Björn Münzing, Kai Fauth, Nabil Atamena, Diana Ciuculescu, and Catherine Amiens
10:45 MA 10.72 Resistive switching in nanocolumnar manganite thin films structured with e-beam lithography — •Christin Kalkert, Markus Eßeling, Jon-Olaf Krisponeit, Vasily Moshnyaga, Bernd Damaschke, and Konrad Samwer
10:45 MA 10.73 Magnetoresistrance of thin film microstructures of the Heusler compounds Cu2MnAl and Co2MnSi — •Mohamed Obaida, Denise Erb, Kurt Westerholt, and Hartmut Zabel
10:45 MA 10.74 Large photoconductivity of La0.7Ca0.3MnO3−δ/SrTiO3 heterostructures — •Elke Beyreuther, Andreas Thiessen, Stefan Grafström, Kathrin Dörr, and Lukas M. Eng
10:45 MA 10.75 X-Ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) study of magnetite (Fe3O4) thin films on semiconducting substrates — •Dominik Kufer, Markus Paul, Andreas Müller, Christian Praetorius, Annemarie Köhl, Kai Fauth, Michael Sing, and Ralph Claessen
10:45 MA 10.76 Magnetic anisotropy of Zn-substituted magnetite studied by ferromagnetic resonance — •Themistoklis Sidiropoulos, Deepak Venkateshvaran, Andreas Brandlmaier, Matthias Althammer, Matthias Opel, Rudolf Gross, and Sebastian T.B. Goennenwein
10:45 MA 10.77 Field and temperature dependence of spin and heat transport in dimerized spin 1/2 chains. — •Stephan Langer, Fabian Heidrich-Meisner, Rachid Darradi, and Wolfram Brenig
10:45 MA 10.78 Magnetic and Structural Properties of La1−xThxCrO3 and LaCr1−yTiyO3 — •P. Reuvekamp, R. K. Kremer, and F. S. Razavi
10:45 MA 10.79 Magneto-Optic Measurements of Magnetic Multilayers in Extreme Ultraviolet Range — •Roman Adam, Patrik Grychtol, Stefan Cramm, and Claus Schneider
10:45 MA 10.80 Investigation of depletion state of high temperature protective coatings — •Iulian Teliban, Claas Thede, Steffen Chemnitz, Christoph Bechtold, Thomas Hüttel, Krasimir Aleksandrov, Willem Quadakkers, Michael Schütze, and Eckhard Quandt
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