Regensburg 2010 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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MA: Fachverband Magnetismus

MA 9: Magnetic Particles, Clusters

Montag, 22. März 2010, 15:15–19:30, H23

15:15 MA 9.1 Magnetic properties of NiO nanoparticles investigated by SQUID and magnetic Raman scattering — •Farrakh Shahzad, Peter Knoll, Karl Ettinger, Kashif Nadeem, Heinz Krenn, Gabor Kozma, Akos Kukovecz, Zoltan Konya, Ilse Letofsky-papst, Karin Pressl, and Petra Granitzer
15:30 MA 9.2 Alloying of Co nanoparticles on differently oriented films and its influence on magnetic properties — •Luyang Han, Ulf Wiedwald, Johannes Biskupek, Ute Kaiser, and Paul Ziemann
15:45 MA 9.3 Spin and orbital moments of small size-selected FePt clusters — •Torben Beeck, Ivan Baev, Kai Chen, Steffen Fiedler, Michael Martins, and Wilfried Wurth
16:00 MA 9.4 Cross-over between spin-glass freezing and blocking in NiFe2O4 nanoparticles — •Kashif Nadeem and Heinz Krenn
16:15 MA 9.5 Structural and Magnetic Deconvolution of FePt/FeOx-Nanoparticles using X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism — •Daniela Nolle, Eberhard Goering, Giesela Schütz, Albert Figuerola, and Liberato Manna
16:30 MA 9.6 Templated self-assembly of Iron oxide nanoparticles in lithographically prepatterned tracks — •Oleg Petracic, Maria Jose Benitez, Durga Mishra, Philipp Szary, Frank Brüssing, Giovanni Badini Confalonieri, Matthias Feyen, Anhui Lu, Leonardo Agudo, Günther Eggeler, and Hartmut Zabel
16:45 MA 9.7 NdFeB nanoparticles prepared by wet-milling — •Juliane Thielsch, Julia Lyubina, Thomas Woodcock, Ludwig Schultz, and Oliver Gutfleisch
17:00 MA 9.8 Magnetic nanoparticle arrays in 2-D and 3-D investigated with specular and diffuse X-ray scattering — •Durga Mishra, Maria Jose Benitez, Oleg Petracic, Frank Brüssing, Philipp Szary, Giovanni Badini Confalonieri, Matthias Feyen, Anhui Lu, Leonardo Agudo, Günther Eggeler, and Hartmut Zabel
17:15 MA 9.9 Manipulation of the magnetic properties of Co nanoparticles by Pt or Pd capping — •Astrid Ebbing, Oleg Petracic, Olav Hellwig, Leonardo Agudo, Gunther Eggeler, and Hartmut Zabel
  17:30 15 min. break
17:45 MA 9.10 Magnetic Properties of Fe and Co Clusters on Aluminum Oxide on Ni3Al(111) — •Andreas Buchsbaum, Pardeep Kumar Thakur, Alexei Preobrajenski, Edvin Lundgren, Michael Schmid, and Peter Varga
18:00 MA 9.11 Magnetism of small Cr clusters: Structure, magnetic order and electron correlation effects — •Pedro Ruiz Díaz, Jose Luis Ricardo Chávez, Jesús Dorantes Dávila, and Gustavo Pastor
18:15 MA 9.12 Magnetism, structure and chemical order in small FeRh clusters — •Junais Mokkath and Gustavo Pastor
18:30 MA 9.13 Magnetic properties and anisotropy energies of deposited transition metal clusters on Pt(001) and Pt(111) surfaces — •Sanjubala Sahoo, Markus E. Gruner, Alfred Hucht, and Peter Entel
18:45 MA 9.14 Synthesis and magnetic properties of carbon-coated FeRu, CoRu, and NiRu nanoalloys — •A.A. El-Gendy, V.O. Khavrus, S. Hampel, A. Leonhardt, R. Klingeler, and B. Büchner
19:00 MA 9.15 Magnetic and structural properties of TiO2 - FeCo nanocomposite — •Amit Kulkarni, Vladimir Zaporojtchenko, Thomas Stunkus, Franz Faupel, Eckhard Quandt, Venkata sai kiran Chakravadhanula, and Lorenz Kienle
19:15 MA 9.16 The role of the tip material for switching fields measured by spin polarized STM — •yasmine nahas, safia ouazi, marco corbetta, fabio donati, hirofumi oka, sebastian wedekind, guillemin rodary, dirk sander, and jürgen kirschner
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