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MM: Fachverband Metall- und Materialphysik

MM 15: Poster Session

Montag, 11. März 2013, 18:00–20:00, Poster E

18:00 MM 15.1 Precipitate Formation in Fe-Cu Systems investigated by Computer Simulations — •Johannes Zeman, Kai Kratzer, David Molnar, and Axel Arnold
18:00 MM 15.2 Grain boundary chemistry in nickel alloys applied in 700 C coal-power plant — •Miriam Magdalena Lange, Sergiy Borodin, Michael Spiegel, and Frank Uwe Renner
18:00 MM 15.3 Projection potentials and total energy convergence in the KKR method — •Rudolf Zeller
  18:00 MM 15.4 The contribution has been withdrawn.
18:00 MM 15.5 Cation -Anion interactions, Noncentrosymmetry vs Centrosymmetry : A first-principles study — •Abhishek Kumar Mishra, Kenneth V. Poeppelmeier, and Umesh V. Waghmare
18:00 MM 15.6 Investigation of thermal properties of Si1-xGex melts under microgravity conditionsBernd Damaschke, •Yuansu Luo, Suresh M. Chathoth, N.V. Abrosimov, M. Czupalla, and Korand Samwer
18:00 MM 15.7 Molecular Dynamic Simulation of atomic deposition between MnAs cluster — •Andreas Rühl and Christian Heiliger
18:00 MM 15.8 Ab initio calculation of phonon tunneling in Au/Vacuum/Au by atomistic Green's function formalism — •Saeideh Edalati Boostan, Michael Czerner, Michael Bachmann, and Christian Heiliger
18:00 MM 15.9 Mechanical analysis of amorphous solids with large amplitude oscillatory spectroscopy (LAOS) — •Stefanie Finkhäuser, Carsten Mahn, and Konrad Samwer
18:00 MM 15.10 Charge and Spin transport in Turbostratic Graphene and Graphene Nanoribbons — •Nils Richter, Sebastian Schweitzer, Ajit Kumar Patra, Yenny Hernandez, Jakoba Heidler, Xinliang Feng, Petr Ostrizek, and Mathias Kläui
18:00 MM 15.11 Stability Analysis of Intrinsic Colloidal Quasicrystals: A Recipe for Designing Quasicrystals — •Erdal Celal Oǧuz and Michael Schmiedeberg
18:00 MM 15.12 Symmetry and electronic structure study of a predicted carbon structure — •Torsten Weißbach, Silvia Bahmann, and Jens Kortus
18:00 MM 15.13 Characterization of Pulsed CNT Field Emitters for Medical Imaging — •Daniela Leberl, Bernhard Hensel, and Sandro Francesco Tedde
18:00 MM 15.14 Stacking faults in fcc Iron: The Influence of Magnetism — •Ivan Bleskov, Tilmann Hickel, and Jörg Neugebauer
18:00 MM 15.15 Investigation of the loading state dependent fracture behaviour of nanocrystalline PdAu — •Christian Braun and Rainer Birringer
18:00 MM 15.16 Shear compression specimens - a new approach to study the pressure and normal stress dependence of plasticity — •Christian Braun, Patrick Marx, and Rainer Birringer
18:00 MM 15.17 Relationship between enthalpy relaxation and shear modulus relaxation below and above the glass transition of metallic glasses — •Yuriy Mitrofanov, Andrey Makarov, Vitaly Khonik, Andrew Granato, Dave Joncich, and Svetlana Khonik
18:00 MM 15.18 Time dependent development of decorated grain boundaries of severely plastically deformed Al by liquid Ga — •mehrnoosh naderi, martin peterlechner, gerhard wilde, and sergiy divinskiy
18:00 MM 15.19 Rational Tuning and Thermodynamic Characterization of Lithium Silicides as Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries — •Thomas Gruber and Jens Kortus
18:00 MM 15.20 Understanding the protein-inorganic crystal interaction in bioinspired syntheses — •Annalena Wolff, Idir Yahiatene, Walid Hetaba, Nadine Mill, Marco Wissbrock, Stefan Loeffler, Katrin Eckstädt, Norbert Sewald, Peter Schattschneider, and Andreas Hütten
18:00 MM 15.21 Influence of the sputter parameters on surface segregation and silver ion release properties of reactively sputtered Ag/TiOx nanocomposites — •Jian Xiong, Vladimir Zaporojtchenko, Thomas Strunskus, Ulrich Schürmann, Lorenz Kienle, Frank Lehmann, and Franz Faupel
18:00 MM 15.22 Influence of transition-metal alloying on the electro-chemical properties of (Li)FePO4 as cathode material for Li-ion batteries — •Hamid Reza Hajiyani, Thomas Hammerschmidt, and Ralf Drautz
18:00 MM 15.23 Cluster expansion study of Ni–Pt alloys — •Martin Leitner, David Reith, and Raimund Podloucky
18:00 MM 15.24 DFT studies of the lattice thermal conductivity of thermoelectric materials — •René Moser, Mingxing Chen, and Raimund Podloucky
18:00 MM 15.25 Matrix-induced in situ growth of plasmonic Au nanoparticles for biological sensor devices — •Philipp Naujok, Christian Katzer, Peter Michalowski, Frank Schmidl, Markus Westerhausen, Gabriele Schmidl, Robert Mueller, Jan Dellith, Christa Schmidt, Jacqueline Jatschka, and Wolfgang Fritzsche
18:00 MM 15.26 Coulomb drag in monolayer graphene — •Jonathan Lux
18:00 MM 15.27 Stacking fault energy of a binary FexMn1−x mixed crystal calculated by combing cluster expansion and DFT — •Sebastian Schwalbe, Torsten Weißbach, and Jens Kortus
18:00 MM 15.28 Investigation of possible solid state reaction in the Fe-Al-O system based on density functional theory. — •Lilit Amirkhanyan, Torsten Weissbach, and Jens Kortus
18:00 MM 15.29 High Throughput Preparation and Scanning of a Complex Perovskite Oxide Library for Light-driven Electrocatalysis — •Helge Stein, Andreas Blumenstein, Julius Scholz, Jörg Hoffmann, and Christian Jooss
18:00 MM 15.30 Grain boundary free energies from the reweighted path ensemble — •Jutta Rogal and Ralf Drautz
18:00 MM 15.31 High-Performance LFP Thin Film Electrodes — •Frank Berkemeier, Mathias Köhler, Lea Lüken, and Guido Schmitz
18:00 MM 15.32 V2O5 thin films for Li-ion battery applications — •Tobias Gallasch, Frank Berkemeier, and Guido Schmitz
18:00 MM 15.33 Percolated Pd thin films for hydrogen sensors — •Magnus Hamm, Stefan Wagner, and Astrid Pundt
18:00 MM 15.34 Electrochemical Hydrogenography of Palladium, Magnesium and Titanium — •Jara Kürschner and Astrid Pundt
18:00 MM 15.35 Influence of hydrogen on Ta(110) surfaces — •Sebastian Schleicher, Sara Wanjelik, and Mathias Getzlaff
18:00 MM 15.36 Second-Harmonic Generation in Silver Nanorod Arrays — •Fabian Patrovsky, Vera Hoffmann, Philipp Reichenbach, Andreas Hille, René Kullock, and Lukas M. Eng
18:00 MM 15.37 Electric field gradient at the A site in selected MAX phase solid solutions studied with perturbed γ-γ angular correlation — •Christoph Brüsewitz, Daniel Jürgens, Ulrich Vetter, Hans Hofsäss, and Michel W. Barsoum
18:00 MM 15.38 Electrochemical lithiation/delithiation analysis of silicon as anode material for lithium-ion batteries — •Gibaek Lee, Stefan L. Schweizer, and Ralf B. Wehrspohn
18:00 MM 15.39 Phase-field crystal approach to model interfaces and crystal nucleation in binary alloys — •Muhammad Ajmal Choudhary, Julia Kundin, Martin Oettel, and Heike Emmerich
18:00 MM 15.40 DFT calculation of cleavage energies and γ-surfaces in Mo2BC hard coatings — •Tobias Klöffel, Sandra Korte, and Bernd Meyer
18:00 MM 15.41 First-principles calculations and kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of screw dislocation motion in dilute W alloys — •Leili Gharaee, Alexander Stukowski, Jaime Marian, and Paul Erhart
18:00 MM 15.42 Highly ordered metal nanowire arrays as active substrate of SERS — •Yong-Tae Kim, Stefan L. Schweizer, and Ralf. B. Wehrspohn
18:00 MM 15.43 Auf Pt/peOTiO2/Ti basierender H2-Generator — •Ömer Cakabay, Mhamed El Achhab und Klaus Schierbaum
18:00 MM 15.44 Influence of defects on hydride formation in thin metal films — •Marc Waninger, Sönke Schmidt, and Astrid Pundt
18:00 MM 15.45 Large Scale Atomistic Simulations on Nanostructure Evolution — •Jeffrey Kelling and Karl-Heinz Heinig
18:00 MM 15.46 Simulation of the elastic properties of nanomechanical resonators — •Kristian Scholz, Daniel Mutter, Markus Ring, Ralf Schmid, Martin Vögele, and Peter Nielaba
18:00 MM 15.47 Advanced electronic structure calculations of transparent conducting oxide materialsHemant Dixit, Rolando Saniz, Dirk Lamoen, and •Bart Partoens
18:00 MM 15.48 Atom Probe Tomography of Polyelectrolytes and Metall Compounds — •Martin Lütkemeyer
18:00 MM 15.49 Origin of the p-type and n-type conductivity in novel spinel transparent conducting oxides ZnX2O4Mozhgan Amini, Hemant Dixit, Rolando Saniz, Dirk Lamoen, and •Bart Partoens
18:00 MM 15.50 Large-area structuring of nanorod arrays by laser interference lithography — •Eric Jehnes, Vera Hoffmann, René Kullock, Gunther Scheunert, and Lukas M. Eng
18:00 MM 15.51 Molecular Dynamics Simulations on the Coherency of Cu Nano Precipitates in BCC Fe — •David Molnar, Fabian Maier, Peter Binkele, and Siegfried Schmauder
18:00 MM 15.52 Full-Scale Modeling of APT Measurement Data — •Christian Oberdorfer, Sebastian Manuel Eich, and Guido Schmitz
18:00 MM 15.53 Atomistic simulation of a severe plastic deformation-induced "high-energy" state of grain boundaries — •Lisa Neier, Sergiy Divinski, Anantha Padmanabhan, Martin Peterlechner, and Gerhard Wilde
18:00 MM 15.54 Precipitate redissolution in Al-Cu-Li- alloy AA 2195 — •Judith Leese, Kathrin Kolotzek, Melanie Markgraf, and Ferdinand Haider
18:00 MM 15.55 Ultra thin LiPON layers as an electrolyte for solid-state thin film batteries — •Susann Nowak, Frank Berkemeier, and Guido Schmitz
18:00 MM 15.56 Ion diffusion in lithium titanate thin films — •Fabian Wunde, Frank Berkemeier, and Guido Schmitz
18:00 MM 15.57 Resonant Photoemission at the O1s threshold to characterize In2O3 single crystals — •Jörg Haeberle, Matthias Richter, Dieter Schmeißer, Zbigniew Galazka, and Christoph Janowitz
18:00 MM 15.58 Characterisation of residual stress in steel components with non-destructive evaluation methods — •Sascha Raatz, Farid Hendry, Angga Ginandjar, Michael Kaack, Peter Staron, Michael Hofmann, and Katharina Theis-Bröhl
18:00 MM 15.59 Elastic-to-plastic transition: waiting time analysis of long term creep measurementsJon-Olaf Krisponeit, Karina E. Avila, •Sebastian Pitikaris, Stefan Küchemann, Antje Krüger, and Konrad Samwer
18:00 MM 15.60 Phase field modeling of interdiffusion microstructures in Ni-base superalloys — •Leslie Mushongera, Micheal Fleck, and Heike Emmerich
18:00 MM 15.61 KKRnano: Improvements in efficiency and order-N scaling for use on massively parallel computers — •Elias Rabel, Rudolf Zeller, and Stefan Blügel
18:00 MM 15.62 Investigation of ionic surfactants capability in dispersion of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in an aqueous solution — •Maryam Khazaee, Anindya Majumder, Larysa Baraban, Joerg Opitz, and Gianaurelio Cuniberti
18:00 MM 15.63 Crystal growth and characterization of Ba8Ni3.5Ge42.10.4 — •Stephan Pohl, Céline Grimm-Allio, Carola Dietrich, Klaus-Dieter Luther, Franz Ritter, Wolf Assmus, and Cornelius Krellner
18:00 MM 15.64 Optimization of Fe/MgO/Fe Interfaces by Atom Probe Tomography — •Rabab Bahabry, Torben Boll, Ryota Gemma, and Talaat Al-Kassab
18:00 MM 15.65 Ab-initio prediction of the critical thickness of a coherent precipitateSankari Sampath, •Rebecca Janisch, and Alexander Hartmaier
18:00 MM 15.66 Influence of Quenching & Partitioning on the Volume Fraction of Austenite Phase in Steel using X-ray Diffraction — •Karin Rüster, Andre Steffen, Michael Paulus, Christian Sternemann, Metin Tolan, Niko Große-Heilmann, Christian Kronholz, and Andreas Peters
18:00 MM 15.67 An apparatus for the synthesis of cluster-based materials — •Arne Fischer, Herbert Gleiter, and Horst Hahn
18:00 MM 15.68 In detail 3D Atom Probe investigation of Tantalum capped CoFeB layers — •Patrick Stender, Houari Bouchikhaoui, and Guido Schmitz
18:00 MM 15.69 A molecular dynamics study of crack/void interaction in α-Iron — •Tianxiang Liu, Sebastien Groh, and Abdolhamid Attaran
18:00 MM 15.70 SrRuO3/Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO3 epitaxial multilayers: A HAADF-STEM, EDX and image simulation study — •Eckhard Pippel, Reinald Hillebrand, Ionela Vrejoiu, and Dietrich Hesse
18:00 MM 15.71 Mechanical influences on lithium ion battery electrodes — •Tobias Kitzler, Jürgen Markmann, and Jörg Weißmüller
18:00 MM 15.72 Transmission electron microscopy study of defects in BiFeO3 thin films — •Hakan Deniz, Akash Bhatnagar, Eckhard Pippel, Marin Alexe, and Dietrich Hesse
18:00 MM 15.73 In situ transmission electron microscopy study of the crystallization of bits in Ag4In3Sb67Te26 — •Manuel Bornhöfft, Andreas Kaldenbach, Matthias Wuttig, and Joachim Mayer
18:00 MM 15.74 TEM study of annealed γ-Al2O3-coatings for cutting tools and of γ-Al2O3-coated cutting tools after the use in cutting tests — •Merlin G.J. Müller, Joachim Mayer, Susanne E. Cordes, Kirsten Bobzin, Nazlim Bagcivan, Mara Ewering, and Ricardo H. Brugnara
18:00 MM 15.75 Ultrathin TEM lamellae for low voltage Cs-corrected STEM — •Andriy Lotnyk, David Poppitz, Ulrich Roß, Jürgen W. Gerlach, Eric Thelander, and Bernd Rauschenbach
18:00 MM 15.76 Study of Solid Solution Strengthening of Nickel by transition metal solutes using Diffusion couples and Nanoindentation — •Hamad ur Rehman, Mathias Göken, and Karsten Durst
18:00 MM 15.77 Characterizing the origin of the collapse of the channeling circle in aberration-corrected HRTEM — •Alexander Surrey, Darius Pohl, Ludwig Schultz, and Bernd Rellinghaus
18:00 MM 15.78 Investigation of metal droplets on dilute Bi-containing III-V semiconductors — •Eduard Sterzer, Nikolai Knaub, Peter Ludewig, Wolfgang Stolz, and Kerstin Volz
18:00 MM 15.79 TEM dark-field characterization of anti phase domain boundaries in GaAs on Ge — •Lukas Nattermann, Tatjana Wegele, and Kerstin Volz
18:00 MM 15.80 Quantitative study of electron-radiation damage by in situ EFTEM investigations of the phase transformation from CaCO3 to CaO at 80 kV, 40 kV and 20 kV — •Werner Schweigert, Ute Golla-Schindler, Gerd Benner, and Ute Kaiser
18:00 MM 15.81 Electron irradiation effects on QDs in TEM and SEM — •Thomas Kister, Ute Golla-Schindler, and Ute Kaiser
18:00 MM 15.82 Reduction of Radiation Damage in Ultrathin MoS2 — •Mona Sedighi, Simon Kurasch, Gerardo Algara-Siller, and Ute Kaiser
18:00 MM 15.83 Voltage contrast in SEM for revealing charge transport through metallic nanowire transparent electrodes — •Stefanie Spallek, Johannes Krantz, Peter Kubis, Johannes Holzmair, Silke Christiansen, Christoph J. Brabec, Benjamin Butz, and Erdmann Spiecker
18:00 MM 15.84 Freely suspended membranes from epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide — •Christian Dolle, Benjamin Butz, Daniel Waldmann, Heiko Weber, and Erdmann Spiecker
18:00 MM 15.85 Structural Analysis of Nickel Doped Cobalt Ferrite Nano Particles Prepared by Coprecipitation MethodMahbube Houshyar, •Ali Alidoust, Zohre Askari, Zahra Jafari, and Fateme Zebhi
18:00 MM 15.86 In-situ and ex-situ ACOM-STEM analysis of the direction dependent deformation behavior of nanotwinned copper — •Aaron Kobler, M. Funk, C. Eberl, A. Hodge, Horst Hahn, and Christian Kübel
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