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Q: Fachverband Quantenoptik und Photonik

Q 32: Poster: Quantum gases, ultracold atoms and molecules

Q 32.68: Poster

Mittwoch, 19. März 2014, 16:30–18:30, Spree-Palais

Interaction of non-transversal light with nanofiber-trapped atoms — •Bernhard Albrecht, Christoph Clausen, Rudolf Mitsch, Daniel Reitz, Clement Sayrin, Philipp Schneeweiss, and Arno Rauschenbeutel — VCQ, TU Wien, Atominstitut, Stadionallee 2, A-1020 Wien, Austria

We recently demonstrated a nanofiber-based experimental platform for trapping and optically interfacing laser-cooled cesium atoms [1]. The scheme used allows us to confine the atoms in two diametric 1D arrays of traps located close to the nanofiber surface. The millisecond-long atomic ground state coherence times [2] and the good coupling of the trapped atoms to fiber-guided fields make this system a promising candidate as a future building block in a quantum optical network. Here, we experimentally investigate the opportunities for the manipulation of the trapped atoms when exploiting the non-transversal character of nanofiber-guided fields. We employ this effect to generate optically induced fictitious magnetic fields which render the two diametric arrays of trapped atoms energetically distinct, allowing us to selectively address the atoms on one side of the fiber. Moreover, using resonant fiber-guided fields, atoms can be optically pumped to opposite Zeeman states on the two sides of the fiber, creating two classes of atoms which are equally well coupled to a common optical mode. Combining these techniques opens the route towards atom-mediated directional channeling of light into the optical nanofiber.

[1] E. Vetsch et al., Phys. Rev. Lett 104, 203603 (2010).

[3] D. Reitz et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 243603 (2013).

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