Dresden 2014 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 62: Posters: Surface Reactions and Dynamics, Nanostructures

Mittwoch, 2. April 2014, 17:30–21:00, P1

17:30 O 62.1 Formation of superhydrogenated PAHs through interaction with atomic hydrogen and hydrogenated carbonaceous grains — •John Thrower, Emil Friis, Anders Skov, Bjarke Jørgensen, Louis Nilsson, Saoud Baouche, Richard Balog, and Liv Hornekaer
17:30 O 62.2 Thermal desorption spectroscopy of astrophysically relevant molecules on olivine and single crystal forsterite — •Tushar Suhasaria, Nadine Heming, Robert Frigge, Björn Siemer, and Helmut Zacharias
17:30 O 62.3 Carbon Dioxide Adsorption in Charged and Uncharged Carbon Nanotube Arrays — •Mahshid Rahimi, Jayant K. Singh, and Florian Müller-Plathe
17:30 O 62.4 Near ambient pressure XPS investigation of the oxidation and the CO oxidation on Pt(111) — •Mathias Grabau, Sandra Krick Calderón, László Óvári, Hans-Peter Steinrück, and Christian Papp
17:30 O 62.5 Microcalorimetric study of the hydrogen-to-water oxidation on solid-state Pt/TiO2/Ti emf cells — •Ömer Cakabay, Mhamed El Achhab, and Klaus Schierbaum
17:30 O 62.6 CO oxidation at nanoporous gold: TPD, XPS, and DFT studySarah Röhe, Lyudmila Moskaleva, Andreas Schaefer, Arne Wittstock, •Volkmar Zielasek, and Marcus Bäumer
17:30 O 62.7 Electron dynamics of the topological insulator Sb2Te2S — •Sophia Ketterl, Thomas Kunze, Thorsten U. Kampen, Evgeny Chulkov, and Martin Weinelt
17:30 O 62.8 Laser-triggered miniaturized electron gun for ultrafast low-energy electron diffraction — •Gero Storeck, Simon Schweda, Max Gulde, Sascha Schäfer, and Claus Ropers
17:30 O 62.9 Electronic surface structure of Au/Ge(001) and comparison with the pure Ge(001) substrate studied by 2PPEKristof Zielke, •Kamil Bobowski, Cornelius Gahl, and Martin Weinelt
17:30 O 62.10 Exploring hot electron dynamics in the layered semiconductor 2H-MoS2 by time- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy — •Petra Hein, Kerstin Hanff, Gerald Rohde, Ankatrin Stange, Michael Bauer, Lutz Kipp, and Kai Rossnagel
17:30 O 62.11 Attosecond time resolved photoemission on solid surfaces — •Sergej Neb, Fabian Merschjohann, Peter Bartz, Matthias Hensen, Christian Strüber, Norbert Müller, Walter Pfeiffer, and Ulrich Heinzmann
17:30 O 62.12 Time- and angle-resolved XUV ARPES at sub-15 fs temporal resolution — •Gerald Rohde, Arne Hendel, Lexian Yang, Ankatrin Stange, Kerstin Hanff, Christian Sohrt, Lutz Kipp, Kai Rossnagel, and Michael Bauer
17:30 O 62.13 Investigating Very Low Energy Electron Transmission through Thin Metallic Films — •Daniel Panzer and Gerd Schönhense
17:30 O 62.14 Dynamical Study of Electron Transfer in Alkanethiolate Self-Assembled Monolayers Adsorbed at the Au(111) Surface — •Veronika Prucker, Pedro B. Coto, Óscar Rubio-Pons, Michel Bockstedte, Haobin Wang, and Michael Thoss
17:30 O 62.15 Femtosecond time-resolved two-photon photoemission spectroscopy of C6H5F/Cu(111) — •Ishita Agarwal, Isabella Avigo, Manuel Ligges, Ping Zhou, and Uwe Bovensiepen
17:30 O 62.16 Spin Effects in Ultrafast Charge Transfer Measurements on Ar/Co Interfaces using a TOF-Mott-Polarimeter — •Tobias Sundermann, Norbert Müller, Ulrich Heinzmann, Johannes Bauer, Runyuan Han, Peter Feulner, and Wilfried Wurth
17:30 O 62.17 Circular dichroism of the unoccupied topological surface state of SnSb2Te4 — •Sebastian Otto and Thomas Fauster
17:30 O 62.18 Structured hetero-material nanorod arrays — •Eric Jehnes, Vera Hoffmann, Fabian Patrovsky, Matthias Böhm, and Lukas M. Eng
17:30 O 62.19 Tunable Silicon Nanowire Arrays Based on A New Method to Transfer Large Area of Ultra-Thin Alumina Membranes — •Ahmed Al-Haddad, Ranjith Vellacheri, Samar Tarish, Yan Zheng, Liaoyong Wen, Yang Xu, and Yong Lei
17:30 O 62.20 Structuring of nanorods for sensing applications — •Rico Eißmann, Andreas Hille, and Lukas M. Eng
17:30 O 62.21 C60 fullerenes on noble gas layers (Ar/Xe): Photoelectron spectroscopy with ultraviolet light — •Dominik Wolter, Christoph Schröder, Natalie Miroslawski, and Heinz Hövel
17:30 O 62.22 Simulations with FEFF of XANES spectra on Ag clusters deposited in PDMS and silica aerogel — •Stefanie Roese, David Engemann, and Heinz Hövel
17:30 O 62.23 Optical measurements and simulations for cluster plasmons in various environments — •David Odenthal, David Engemann, and Heinz Hövel
17:30 O 62.24 Two-photon photoemission spectroscopy: The effect of cluster superlattices on the electronic structure of Ir(111)/graphene — •Kira Jochmann, Florian Knall, and Thorsten M. Bernhardt
17:30 O 62.25 Initial growth of heteromolecular layers studied by LEEM — •Caroline Henneke, Daniel Schwarz, Jonas van Bebber, and Christian Kumpf
17:30 O 62.26 Simulation of angle-resolved photoemission cross-sections for organic/metal interfaces — •Dario Knebl, Daniel Lüftner, Bernd Kollmann, and Peter Puschnig
17:30 O 62.27 STM investigations of functional platform adlayers on Au(111) surfaces — •Andreas Bloedorn, Sonja Kuhn, Frauke Claußen, Ulrich Jung, Sandra Ulrich, Rainer Herges, and Olaf Magnussen
17:30 O 62.28 Self-assembled molecular triangles with a central pillar unit pointing towards the third dimension — •Stefan-Sven Jester, Anna Jochemich, Eva Sigmund, and Sigurd Höger
17:30 O 62.29 IV-Analysis of organic adsorbates investigated by MCP-LEED — •Ina Krieger, Oliver Bauer, Georg Held, and Moritz Sokolowski
17:30 O 62.30 First Steps Towards Anchoring Large Functional Organic Molecules on MgO(100) — •Quratulain Tariq, Michael Röckert, Matthias Franke, Hans-Peter Steinrück, and Ole Lytken
17:30 O 62.31 Highly strained bicyclophanes on HOPGGabi Ohlendorf, Christian W. Mahler, •Stefan-S. Jester, Gregor Schnakenburg, Stefan Grimme, and Sigurd Höger
17:30 O 62.32 Adsorption Dynamics of Tetrahydrofuran on Si(001) — •Marcus Lipponer, Michael Dürr, and Ulrich Höfer
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