Dresden 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 64: Scanning Probe Techniques: Method development

Dienstag, 21. März 2017, 18:30–20:30, P2-OG3

18:30 O 64.1 A convenient method for large scale STM mapping of freestanding atomically thin membranes — •Bernd Uder and Uwe Hartmann
18:30 O 64.2 Electromechanical contact resonance in band excitation piezoresponse force microscopy — •Sebastian Badur, Thomas Göddenhenrich, and André Schirmeisen
18:30 O 64.3 A dilution refrigerator based UHV spin-polarized STM operating at 30 mK in a vector magnetic fieldHenning von Allwörden, Andreas Eich, Jan Hermenau, Andreas Sonntag, Jan Gerritsen, Daniel Wegner, and •Alexander Ako Khajetoorians
18:30 O 64.4 Scanning Tunneling Microscopy with a JFET-sensor — •Stephanie Hoepken, Sebastian Bauer, Hermann Nienhaus, Christian A. Bobisch, and Rolf Möller
18:30 O 64.5 Combined pump probe experiments with scanning tunneling microscopy — •Kira Kolpatzeck, Philip Kapitza, Ebru Ekici, Rolf Möller, and Christian A. Bobisch
18:30 O 64.6 Comparison of the signal-to-noise ratio of the first two flexural modes for qPlus AFM sensors — •Dominik Kirpal and Franz Gießibl
18:30 O 64.7 Fast and Reliable Pre-Approach for Scanning Probe Microscopes based on Tip-Sample CapacitanceMarc de Voogd, Matthijs van Spronsen, Floris Kalff, Ben Bryant, Oliver Ostojic, Arthur den Haan, Irene Groot, Tjerk Oosterkamp, Sander Otte, and •Marcel Rost
18:30 O 64.8 Tuning the functionality of a junction field effect transistor at cryogenic temperatures: new prospects and possible applications — •Meike Flebbe, Paul Graf, Christian A. Bobisch, Hermann Nienhaus, and Rolf Möller
18:30 O 64.9 Advances in scanning field-emission microscopy — •Danilo A. Zanin, Hugo Cabrera, Gabriele Bertolini, Lorenzo G. De Pietro, Alessandro Vindigni, Thomas Bähler, Oguzhan Gürlü, Mehmet Erbudak, Urs Ramsperger, and Danilo Pescia
18:30 O 64.10 Lateral manipulation of single iron-adatoms with CO terminated tips by combined STM/AFM — •Julian Berwanger, Ferdinand Huber, and Franz Josef Giessibl
18:30 O 64.11 Cantilever dynamics induced by light — •Sven Kraft, Heinrich Behle, Kai Wardelmann, Mohammedreza Bahrami, Dieter Schick, Semjon Köhnke, Boris Hage, Ingo Barke, and Sylvia Speller
18:30 O 64.12 A Scanning Tunneling Microscope with femtosecond optical near-field excitation — •Benjamin Schröder, Katharina Kaiser, Steffen Bornemann, Claus Ropers, and Martin Wenderoth
18:30 O 64.13 Low Vibration Laboratory with a Single-Stage Vibration Isolation for Microscopy ApplicationsBert Voigtländer, Peter Coenen, Vasily Cherepanov, •Peter Borgens, Thomas Duden, and F. Stefan Tautz
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