Münster 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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Mi, 09:15 PV V Plenarvortrag: Heavy Quarks: From Hadron to Particle Physics — •Thomas Mannel
Mo, 17:45 HK 8.4 Improving Hough transform algorithm for the track reconstruction of a Time Projection Chamber — •Amir Noori Shirazi and Ivor Fleck
Fr, 14:30 HK 62.3 Characterization of Ceramic GEM for The International Large Detector — •Serhat Atay, Ulrich Wertenbach, and Ivor Fleck
Do, 10:15 ST 6.3 Detection of Cherenkov Photons from Compton-Scattered Electrons for Medical ApplicationsHedia Bäcker, •Reimund Bayerlein, Ivor Fleck, Waleed Khalid, Albert Walenta, and Ulrich Werthenbach
Mo, 17:30 T 15.4 Photon/Hadron-Unterscheidung in Hybrid-Ereignissen des Pierre-Auger-Observatoriums mit Hilfe der Observable S4Marcus Niechciol, Markus Risse und •Philip Ruehl
Mo, 17:15 T 19.3 Precision calculation of BXc τ ν and the R(D(*)) puzzle — •Farnoush Shahriaran, Thomas Mannel, and Aleksey V. Rusov
Mo, 17:45 T 19.5 Exclusive B(s) → π (K) ℓ+ decays at large recoil and CKM matrix elementsAlexander Khodjamirian and •Aleksey Rusov
Mo, 18:00 T 19.6 QCD Factorization for B→ππℓν Decays at Large Dipion Masses — •Philipp Böer, Danny van Dyk, and Thorsten Feldmann
Mo, 18:15 T 19.7 CP violation in non-leptonic three-body B decaysKeri Vos, •Rebecca Klein, Javier Virto, and Thomas Mannel
Mo, 18:45 T 19.9 Rare radiative D-decays in QCD factorizationThorsten Feldmann, •Bastian Müller, and Dirk Seidel
Mo, 17:45 T 20.5 Lepton-flavour violation in a Pati-Salam model with gauged flavour symmetryThorsten Feldmann, Christoph Luhn, and •Paul Moch
Di, 11:00 T 36.1 Gruppenbericht: Das Pierre-Auger-Observatorium: Status, aktuelle Ergebnisse und Perspektiven — •Marcus Niechciol für die Pierre Auger Kollaboration
Di, 12:30 T 37.7 A test of the existence of primary protons in cosmic rays — •Philipp Heimann, Kevin Lopata, Markus Risse, and Alexey Yushkov for the Pierre Auger collaboration
Di, 11:30 T 40.3 NLO QCD Predictions for off-shell tt and ttH Production and Decay at a Linear Collider — •Christian Weiss, Bijan Chokoufé, Jürgen Reuter, Jonas Lindert, Stefano Pozzorini, and Wolfgang Kilian
Di, 12:00 T 40.5 Calibration of the top quark mass for Monte Carlo event generators — •Bahman Dehnadi, Andre H. Hoang, Vicent Mateu, Moritz Preisser, and Iain W. Stewart
Di, 14:54 T 48.3 Eingeladener Vortrag: Top-Antitop Pair Production Near Threshold in Electron-Positron Annihilation — •Jan Piclum
Mi, 16:45 T 74.1 New Physics in multi-Higgs boson final statesWolfgang Kilian, Sichun Sun, Qi-Shu Yan, Xiaoran Zhao, and •Zhijie Zhao
Mi, 18:45 T 84.9 Faster process integration and event generation with WHIZARD — •Wolfgang Kilian, Thorsten Ohl, Jürgen Reuter, and Simon Braß
Do, 18:45 T 101.9 Estimation of the "hadron-fake" background for t t γ production in pp collision with the ATLAS experiment — •Sara Ghasemi, Ivor Fleck, and Yichen Li
Do, 18:50 T 109.9 Einfluss von Lorentz-Verletzung im Photon-Sektor auf ausgedehnte LuftschauerFrans R. Klinkhamer, •Marcus Niechciol und Markus Risse

20 Ergebnisse auf 1 Seite

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