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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 25: Poster Session II

Dienstag, 2. April 2019, 14:00–16:00, Poster B1

Topics: Complex Fluids and Colloids, Micelles and Vesicles (25.1-25.10); Composites and Functional Polymer Hybrids (25.11-25.18); Emerging Topics in Chemical and Polymer Physics, New Instruments and Methods (25.19-25.20); Hydrogels and Microgels (25.21-25.26); Modeling and Simulation of Soft Matter (25.27-25.35); Nanostructures, Nanostructuring and Nanosized Soft Matter (25.36-25.44); Responsive and Adaptive Systems (25.45-25.49); Wetting, Fluidics and Liquids at Interfaces and Surfaces (25.50-25.58).

14:00 CPP 25.1 Thermodiffusion of Binary Halobenzene-n-Alkane Mixtures — •Bastian Pur, Florian Schock, and Werner Köhler
14:00 CPP 25.2 Measurement of transport processes in multicomponent liquids by multi-color techniques — •Marcel Schraml, Pascal Möckel, Felix Sommer, and Werner Köhler
14:00 CPP 25.3 Camphor/Succinonitrile -- a model system for metal alloys subjectedto a temperature gradient — •Felix Sommer, Marcel Schraml, Bastian Pur, Werner Köhler, Gerhard Zimmermann, and Laszlo Sturz
14:00 CPP 25.4 The Soret effect in ternary mixtures of water + ethanol + triethylene glycol of equal mass fractions: ground and microgravity experiments — •Daniel Sommermann, Thomas Triller, Marcel Schraml, Felix Sommer, Werner Köhler, Estela Lapeira, and Mounir M. Bou-Ali
14:00 CPP 25.5 1D capillary collapse and the role of initial fluctuations in Brownian Dynamics and DDFT — •Anja Schreiber, Johannes Bleibel, and Martin Oettel
14:00 CPP 25.6 Role of pH in Micro-Swimming — •Nadir Möller and Thomas Palberg
14:00 CPP 25.7 Competing nucleation and fractionation in hard sphere crystals — •Nicole Schaertl, Jennifer Wenzl, Thomas Palberg, and Eckhard Bartsch
14:00 CPP 25.8 Dynamic susceptibility of a cluster interacting superparamagnetic particles in an oscillating magnetic field — •Vladimir Zverev and Alexandr Ambarov
14:00 CPP 25.9 Colloidal particle sizing using various techniques — •Kathrin Eitel and Hans-Joachim Schöpe
14:00 CPP 25.10 Pressure-induced phase transition in silica nanoparticle-polymer solutions — •Marc Moron, Julian Schulze, Julia Nase, Michael Paulus, and Metin Tolan
14:00 CPP 25.11 Polymers for lithium ion batteries - investigating composite electrodes — •Cristian Telescu, Simon J. Schaper, and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
14:00 CPP 25.12 Influencing the properties of fullerene-free bulk heterojunction blends for photovoltaic applications — •Amir Kotobi, Sebastian Grott, Claudia Ott, Tom Nilges, and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
14:00 CPP 25.13 Synthesis of Well-Controlled Titania Hollow Spheres — •Anna Lechner and Markus Retsch
14:00 CPP 25.14 Thermo-mechanical behavior of silver-filled thermoplastic polymers — •Amira Baccari and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
14:00 CPP 25.15 Polybutadiene in Alumina nanopores — •Lama Tannoury
14:00 CPP 25.16 Magnetic Nanoparticle / Polymer Brush Composites: The Effect of pH and Concentration on Particle Adsorption — •Philipp Ritzert, Dikran Boyaciyan, and Regine v Klitzing
14:00 CPP 25.17 Thermoelectric Characterization of Polymer Composite Thin Films — •Marie Siegert, Alexander Steeger, and Jens Pflaum
14:00 CPP 25.18 Characterization of interfaces in coextruded polypropylene-based multilayer structures via confocal Raman spectroscopy — •Claudia Leimhofer, Sabine Hild, and Elias Mayrhofer
14:00 CPP 25.19 Protein dynamics of a thermophile photosystem — •Dominik Schwaiger, Maksym Golub, Ina Seuffert, Athina Zouni, Wiebke Lohstroh, Peter Müller-Buschbaum, and Jörg Pieper
14:00 CPP 25.20 NMR investigations of microfluidics using stripline geometry — •Raoul Nitzsche, Benjamin Kresse, Alexei F. Privalov, and Michael Vogel
14:00 CPP 25.21 Mussel-inspired hydrogels with adhesive potential and mechanical robustness — •Sandra Forg and Regine von Klitzing
14:00 CPP 25.22 Investigation of Non-Equilibrium Actuation Dynamics of Microgel Disks — •Niklas O. Junker, Jonas Staudenmeir, Marcel van Dongen, Sebastian Meyer, Dmitry N. Chigrin, Ahmed Mourran, Martin Möller, and Gero von Plessen
14:00 CPP 25.23 Co-nonsolvency induced self-organization of thermo-responsive block copolymers in thin films — •Christina Geiger, Cristiane Henschel, André Laschewsky, Christine M. Papadakis, and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
14:00 CPP 25.24 Metallo-polymers and -gels based on photosensitive ruthenium(II) complexes and polyethylene glycol — •Leonhard Buchriegler, Sabrina Theis, Ian Teasdale, Sabine Hild, and Uwe Monkowius
14:00 CPP 25.25 Microgel of different topologies: computational study of their properties — •Elena Minina, Pedro Sanchez, Christos Likos, and Sofia Kantorovich
14:00 CPP 25.26 Suspensions of magnetic microgels — •Ivan Novikau, Elena Minina, and Sofia Kantorovich
14:00 CPP 25.27 Computational study of multi-step catalysis in fibrous membranes — •Gabriel Sitaru and Stephan Gekle
14:00 CPP 25.28 Prediction of polymeric nano-structures via machine learning — •Lucia Wesenberg and Ludwig Schneider
14:00 CPP 25.29 Machine learning to predict three-body contributions in coarse-graining — •René Scheid, Christoph Scherer, Denis Andrienko, and Tristan Bereau
  14:00 CPP 25.30 The contribution has been withdrawn.
14:00 CPP 25.31 Phase Stability Simulation of Copper Chalkogenide Nanoparticles From First Principles — •Alkit Beqiraj, Ahed Abbousie, Andreas Taubert, and Thomnas Körzdörfer
14:00 CPP 25.32 DFT calculations of K-edge X-ray adsorption spectra for organic molecules — •Rolf Würdemann, Julia Melke, Anna Fischer, and Michael Walter
14:00 CPP 25.33 Clarifying the role of 3-body correlations for determining optimal coarse-grained pair potentials — •Svenja Woerner, Kurt Kremer, Tristan Bereau, and Joseph F. Rudzinski
14:00 CPP 25.34 Quantifying the reduction of chemical compound space due to coarse-graining — •Kiran Kanekal, Kurt Kremer, and Tristan Bereau
14:00 CPP 25.35 Hoobas: A python-based flexible molecular builder — •Martin Girard, Annaliese Ehlen, Anisha Shakya, Tristan Bereau, and Monica Olvera de la Cruz
14:00 CPP 25.36 Boehmite Microcrystal Growth and its Interaction with Polymers at the Interface. — •Mateusz Dudziak, Dorothee Silbernagl, and Heinz Sturm
14:00 CPP 25.37 A different kind of True Random Number Generator - Stoachastic Assembly of Ag/Au Single Particle Lines — •Daniel Schletz, Martin Mayer, Anja Maria Steiner, and Andreas Fery
14:00 CPP 25.38 Synthesis of protein-coated gold nanoparticles and investigations on their uptake by diatoms — •Marisa Hoffmann, Nathalie Pytlik, Roland P. M. Höller, Christian Kuttner, Andreas Fery, and Eike Brunner
14:00 CPP 25.39 Dynamic Fluorescence Properties of Graphene Quantum Dots — •Christian Wimmenauer, Ralf Künemuth, Stefan Fasbender, Claus A M Seidel, and Thomas Heinzel
14:00 CPP 25.40 Energy Spectra of Triangular Multilayer Graphene Quantum Dots — •Julienne Scheller, Christian Wimmenauer, and Thomas Heinzel
14:00 CPP 25.41 Momentum Space Calculations of Nano Scaled Semiconductor Materials — •Marcel Dohrmann, Christian Strelow, and Alf Mews
14:00 CPP 25.42 A Combined SAXS-SANS instrument at ILL — •Ezzeldin Metwalli, Klaus Götz, Christian Bär, and Tobias Unruh
14:00 CPP 25.43 Self-assembly in magnetic filament systems: impact of internal factorsElena Pyanzina, Tatyana Belyaeva, Marina Kashpurova, and •Ekaterina Novak
14:00 CPP 25.44 Equilibrium behavior of surface-grafted supracolloidal ferromagnetic filaments — •Pedro A. Sánchez, Joan J. Cerdà, Tomás Sintes, and Sofia S. Kantorovich
14:00 CPP 25.45 Light-induced deformation of azo-polymer droplets - challenges in modelling the influence of light — •Markus Koch, Marina Saphiannikova, Svetlana Santer, and Olga Guskova
14:00 CPP 25.46 Structure and Switching of Azobenzene Layers Physisorbed on Mica and Glass — •Amrita Pal, Olga Guskova, Alexey Kopyshev, and Svetlana Santer
14:00 CPP 25.47 Water dynamics in a concentrated poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) solution at high pressure — •Bart-Jan Niebuur, Wiebke Lohstroh, Marie-Sousai Appavou, Alfons Schulte, and Christine M. Papadakis
14:00 CPP 25.48 Mesoglobules in PNIPAM solutions: Influence of pressureBart-Jan Niebuur, •Geethu P. Meledam, Vitaliy Pipich, Marie-Sousai Appavou, Alfons Schulte, and Christine M. Papadakis
14:00 CPP 25.49 Preferential binding of salts to pNiPAM and its monomer — •Jakub Polák, Adam Kovalčík, Pavel Vrbka, Daniel Ondo, Vladimír Palivec, and Jan Heyda
14:00 CPP 25.50 Simulating the hydrodynamics of droplets on photo-switchable substrates — •Josua Grawitter and Holger Stark
14:00 CPP 25.51 Stable 2D conductive and transparent metal/metal(hydr)oxide multilayers prepared by manipulated wetting — •Sebastian Runde, Heiko Ahrens, Harm Wulff, and Christiane A. Helm
14:00 CPP 25.52 Buckling patterns and their elastic response on the surface of polyelectrolyte multilayer films with short PSS chains — •Amir Azinfar, Sven Neuber, Jiří Vaněček, Marie Vancová, Jan Sterba, Vítězslav Straňák, and Christiane A. Helm
  14:00 CPP 25.53 The contribution has been withdrawn.
14:00 CPP 25.54 Hard sphere electrolyte solution at charged wall — •Maximilian Mußotter, Markus Bier, and S. Dietrich
14:00 CPP 25.55 Microscopic investigation of polymer flow in porous media — •Pegah Shakeri, Michael Jung, Martin Brinkmann, Stephan Herminghaus, and Ralf Seemann
14:00 CPP 25.56 Monitoring Pressure Fluctuations in Artificial Porous Media. — •Michael Jung, Martin Brinkmann, Stephan Herminghaus, and Ralf Seemann
14:00 CPP 25.57 A fast quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) with millisecond time resolution operating on multiple overtones at the same time — •Arne Langhoff, Frederick Meyer, Astrid Peschel, Judith Petri, and Diethelm Johannsmann
14:00 CPP 25.58 Water freezing and frosting on lubricant impregnated surfaces — •Lukas Hauer and William Wong
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