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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 16: Poster IV

Dienstag, 17. März 2020, 14:00–16:00, P2/EG

Active Matter (BP 14.1 – BP 14.19)

14:00 BP 16.1 Nanobars as a tunable stirrer for cell-like systems — •Mithun Thampi, Pierre-Yves Gires, and Matthias Weiss
14:00 BP 16.2 Stability and noise of metachronal waves in cilia carpets — •Anton Solovev and Benjamin M. Friedrich
14:00 BP 16.3 Synchronization of flagella at finite Reynolds numbers in viscoelastic fluids — •Chaojie Mo and Dmitry Fedosov
14:00 BP 16.4 Dynamic force measurements on actively beating flagella by means of micropipette force sensorsThomas J. Böddeker, Stefan Karpitschka, Christian T. Kreis, Quentin Magdelaine, and •Oliver Bäumchen
14:00 BP 16.5 Magnetic swimmers in confined, porous environments — •Omar Muñoz, Mohammad Charsooghi, Agnese Codutti, Vitali Telezki, Damien Faivre, and Stefan Klumpp
14:00 BP 16.6 Absorption Induced Geometry Change in Porous Media — •Carl Becker and Karen Alim
14:00 BP 16.7 Gliding motility and self-organization of Chlamydomonas populations on surfaces — •Sebastian Till, Alexandros Fragkopoulos, and Oliver Bäumchen
14:00 BP 16.8 Chiral symmetry breaking in viscous environments — •Jonas Neipel, Stephan W. Grill, and Frank Jülicher
14:00 BP 16.9 Simulations of polymers in crowded environments — •Niklas Butkevich, Ali Malek, and Stefan Klumpp
14:00 BP 16.10 Turbulence in a suspension of active rods — •Osamah Sufyan, Josua Grawitter, and Holger Stark
14:00 BP 16.11 Can the Motility of Magnetotactic Bacteria be Measured by Means of Magnetization Curves?Sophia Nagelstrasser, Frank Mickoleit, Dirk Schüler, Ingo Rehberg, and •Reinhard Richter
14:00 BP 16.12 Quantifying the flexural rigidity of filamentous cyanobacteria — •Mixon Faluweki and Lucas Goehring
14:00 BP 16.13 Anisotropic exclusion effect between photocatalytic Ag/AgCl Janus particles and passive beads in a dense colloidal matrix — •Tao Huang, Xu Wang, Vyacheslav Misko, Franco Nori, Jürgen Fassbender, Denys Makarov, Gianaurelio Cuniberti, and Larysa Baraban
14:00 BP 16.14 Imaging protein-based artificial molecular motors — •Ivan Unksov, Pradheebha Surendiran, Chapin Korosec, Peter Jönsson, Roman Lyttleton, Damiano Verardo, Roberta Davies, Till Böcking, Nancy Forde, Paul Curmi, and Heiner Linke
14:00 BP 16.15 Emergent activity of motile phytoplankton in nutrient landscapes — •Francesco Danza and Anupam Sengupta
14:00 BP 16.16 Shape-shifting intelligent active swimmers — •Arkajyoti Ghoshal and Anupam Sengupta
14:00 BP 16.17 Reinforcement Learning with Artificial MicroswimmersFrank Cichos, Viktor Holubec, and •Ravi Pradip
14:00 BP 16.18 Environmental applications of high-motility visible light-driven Ag/AgCl Janus microswimmers — •xu wang, tao huang, larysa baraban, vyacheslav r misko, franco nori, gianaurelio cuniberti, jurgen fassbender, and denys makarov
14:00 BP 16.19 Self-assembly of magnetic cubic nanomotors — •Martin Kaiser, Sofia Kantorovich, Yeimy Martinez, and Annette Schmidt
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