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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 17: Poster V

Dienstag, 17. März 2020, 14:00–16:00, P2/1OG

Biomaterials and Biopolymers (BP 15.1 – BP 15.10); Focus: Biological Cells in Microfluidics (BP 15.11 – BP 15.31)

14:00 BP 17.1 Surface Analysis of (Bioactive) Glasses and pH-dependent Protein Adsorption observed by X-ray Reflectometry — •Annemarie Prihoda, Michail Goldes, and Tobias Unruh
14:00 BP 17.2 Tailoring Network Structure of Collagen Type 1 by High-Energy Electron Irradiation — •Catharina Krömmelbein, Stefanie Riedel, Tom Kunschmann, and Stefan Mayr
14:00 BP 17.3 Observing polymer conformations at the 2D theta point — •Julian M. Philipp, Joachim O. Rädler, and Eugene P. Petrov
14:00 BP 17.4 Interaction of Neuronal Cells with Electrode Materials — •Alice Abend, Chelsie Steele, and Mareike Zink
14:00 BP 17.5 The Inhomogeneous Chain Ensemble Model for Semiflexible Polymer Networks — •Constantin Huster and Klaus Kroy
14:00 BP 17.6 Analysis of protein secondary structure in silkworm and spider silk fibroins using Raman spectroscopy — •Emilia Pozarowska, Tomasz Runka, and Jan Ingo Flege
14:00 BP 17.7 Mechanoradicals in tensed tendon collagen as a new source of oxidative stress — •Christopher Zapp, Agnieszka Obarska-Kosinska, Reinhard Kappl, and Frauke Gräter
  14:00 BP 17.8 The contribution has been withdrawn.
14:00 BP 17.9 Structural Dynamics Correlation of Peptides derived from Nucleoporins: Time-resolved X-ray Scattering and Computational Modelling — •Naireeta Biswas and Simone Techert
14:00 BP 17.10 First passage method to thermal fragmentation of amyloid fibrils — •Mohammadhosein Razbin, Panayotis Benetatos, and Ali Akbar Moosavi-Movahedi
14:00 BP 17.11 X-ray measurements of bovine red blood cells in continuous flow — •Jan-Philipp Burchert, Gerrit Brehm, Rita Graceffa, Manfred Burghammer, and Sarah Köster
14:00 BP 17.12 Deformability-based cell sorting by a microfluidic ratchet effect — •Sebastian W. Krauss, Pierre-Yves Gires, Winfried Schmidt, Walter Zimmermann, and Matthias Weiss
  14:00 BP 17.13 The contribution has been withdrawn.
14:00 BP 17.14 Flow-accelerated platelet biogenesis is due to an elasto-hydrodynamic instability — •Christian Bächer, Markus Bender, and Stephan Gekle
14:00 BP 17.15 Dynamics of light-sensing microbial populations in microfluidic model habitats — •Sebastian Raum, Alexandros Fragkopoulos, and Oliver Bäumchen
14:00 BP 17.16 Label-free, High Throughput, Optical Characterization and Sorting of Particles and Cells in Microfluidic Channels — •Daniel Geiger, Tobias Neckernuss, Jonas Pfeil, Lisa Kwapich, Patricia Schwilling, and Othmar Marti
14:00 BP 17.17 Mechanical phenotyping beyond geometrical constraints using virtual channels — •Muzaffar H. Panhwar, Venkata A.S. Dabbirru, Yesaswini Komaragiri, Ricardo H. Pires, and Oliver Otto
14:00 BP 17.18 The effect of oxygen deprivation on mechanical properties of HEK293 cells — •Giulio Bianchi, Doreen Biedenweg, Ricardo H. Pires, and Oliver Otto
14:00 BP 17.19 The role of substrate contacts in 2D and 3D microenvironments for cell mechanical properties — •Venkata Dabbiru, Emmanual Manu, Huy Tung Dau, Nora Bödecker, Doreen Biedenweg, Ricardo Pires, and Oliver Otto
14:00 BP 17.20 Physical properties of cells required for efficient microcirculation — •Martin Krater, Stefanie Tietze, Angela Jacobi, Anna Taubenberger, Martin Bornhauser, and Jochen Guck
14:00 BP 17.21 High-throughput characterization of the time-dependent mechanical properties of hydrogel beads, liquid droplets and biological cells — •Felix Reichel, Lucas Wittwer, Marta Urbanska, Shada Abuhattum, Sebastian Aland, and Jochen Guck
14:00 BP 17.22 Mechanical dissociation of tissue for real-time deformability cytometry — •Markéta Kubánková, Despina Soteriou, Oana-Maria Thoma, Andrea-Hermina Györfi, Alexandru-Emil Matei, Stefan Scheuermann, Felix Dirla, Maximilian Waldner, Jörg Distler, Jens Langejürgen, and Jochen Guck
14:00 BP 17.23 Droplet-Based Multiplexed Screening of Single NK Cells’ Interferon-γ Release and Cytotoxicity — •Tobias Abele, Silvia Antona, Kevin Jahnke, Yannik Dreher, Ilia Platzman, and Joachim P. Spatz
14:00 BP 17.24 MPI-based multi-GPU extension of the Lattice Boltzmann Method — •Fabian Häusl, Moritz Lehmann, and Stephan Gekle
14:00 BP 17.25 Analysis of red blood cells behaviour in a microfluidic device — •Amirreza Gholivand, Knut Dahlhoff, Timo Dickscheid, and Minne Paul Lettinga
14:00 BP 17.26 Rectification of Bacterial Diffusion in Microfluidic Labyrinths — •Ariane Weber, Marco Bahrs, Zahra Alirezaeizanjani, Xingyu Zhang, Carsten Beta, and Vasily Zaburdaev
14:00 BP 17.27 Better, faster, stronger: a new era of measuring cell mechanics and why we should care about strain rates — •Marta Urbanska, Hector E. Muñoz, Josephine Shaw Bagnall, Oliver Otto, Scott R. Manalis, Dino Di Carlo, and Jochen Guck
14:00 BP 17.28 Dynamic RT-DC: red blood cell viscoelasticity as a label-free biomarker — •Bob Fregin, Fabian Czerwinski, Konstanze Aurich, Doreen Biedenweg, Stefan Groß, Gerlad Kerth, and Oliver Otto
14:00 BP 17.29 Stimulation Dynamics of Circular Dorsal Ruffles in Fibroblast Cells — •Malte Ohmstede and Hans-Günther Döbereiner
14:00 BP 17.30 Impact of cell culture age and structural modifications on the mechanical properties of hiPSCs derived cardiomyocytes. — •Emmanuel Manu, Nithya Shree, Ricardo Pires, Stefan Gross, and Oliver Otto
14:00 BP 17.31 Impact of cell culture age and structural modifications on the mechanical properties of hiPSCs derived cardiomyocytes — •Emmanuel Manu, Nithya Shree, Ricardo Pires, Stefan Gross, and Oliver Otto
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