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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 30: 2D Materials II: Electronic Structure, Excitations, etc. (joint session O/CPP/HL)

Montag, 16. März 2020, 15:00–18:15, WIL C107

15:00 CPP 30.1 Unfolding and analysis of a defect band structure using doped MoSe2 and MoS2 — •Stefan Rost, Christoph Friedrich, Irene Aguilera, Beata Kardynal, and Stefan Blügel
15:15 CPP 30.2 Geometry, electronic structure, and bonding of single-domain h-BN on Pt(110) — •Marco Thaler, Dominik Steiner, Alexander Menzel, Florian Mittendorfer, and Erminald Bertel
15:30 CPP 30.3 Photoinduced band renormalization in the nodal-line semimetal ZrSiSe — •Gianmarco Gatti, Alberto Crepaldi, Nicolas Tancogne-Dejean, Michele Puppin, Angel Rubio, Majed Chergui, and Marco Grioni
15:45 CPP 30.4 Micro-focus ARPES on a twisted graphene/hBN field-effect device — •Alfred Jones, Ryan Muzzio, Davide Curcio, Deepnarayan Biswas, Jill A. Miwa, Philip Hofmann, Simranjeet Singh, Chris Jozwiak, Eli Rotenberg, Aaron Bostwick, Roland J. Koch, Søren Ulstrup, and Jyoti Katoch
16:00 CPP 30.5 Final-State Effects in Photoemission from Black Phosphorus — •Charlotte E. Sanders, Irene Aguilera, Klara Volkaert, Deepnarayan Biswas, Marco Bianchi, and Philip Hofmann
16:15 CPP 30.6 Hauptvortrag: Atomic scale neural circuitry capable of self-adaptation — •Brian Kiraly
16:45 CPP 30.7 Diffusion of magnetic dopants in pristine and defected phosphorene — •Rohit Babar and Mukul Kabir
17:00 CPP 30.8 Ab-initio structural dynamics of laser-excited graphene — •Sergej Krylow, Felipe Valencia Hernandez, Bernd Bauerhenne, and Martin E. Garcia
17:15 CPP 30.9 Tailoring the opto-electronic response of graphene nanoflakes by size and shape optimization — •Raquel Esteban-Puyuelo, Rajat Sonkar, Bhalchandra Pujari, Oscar Grånäs, and Biplab Sanyal
17:30 CPP 30.10 Electronic and optical properties of two-dimensional magnets (CrI3) and their effects on adjacent material (WSe2/CrI3) — •Marie-Christin Heißenbüttel, Michael Rohlfing, and Peter Krüger
17:45 CPP 30.11 Engineering intrinsic π-magnetism in nanographenes — •Shantanu Mishra, Doreen Beyer, Kristjan Eimre, Shawulienu Kezilebieke, Reinhard Berger, Oliver Gröning, Peter Liljeroth, Carlo Pignedoli, Xinliang Feng, Pascal Ruffieux, and Roman Fasel
18:00 CPP 30.12 Theoretical study on the magnetic structure of few-layer TMPS3 — •Tae Yun Kim and Cheol-Hwan Park
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