Dresden 2020 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 57: Poster: Statistical Physics; Critical Phenomena; Stochastic Thermodynamics; Extreme Events; Data Analytics

Donnerstag, 19. März 2020, 15:00–18:00, P1C

15:00 DY 57.1 Collecting and Analysing Formulas for Non-Linear Response — •Tristan Holsten and Matthias Krüger
15:00 DY 57.2 Haldane Insulator in the 1D Nearest-Neighbor Extended Bose-Hubbard Model with a Cavity-Mediated Long-Range Interaction — •Johannes Sicks and Heiko Rieger
15:00 DY 57.3 Large deviations of far-from-equilibrium RNA hairpin work processes — •Peter Werner and Alexander K. Hartmann
15:00 DY 57.4 Many-body Invariants for One-Dimensional Gapped Fermions with Anti-Unitary Symmetry — •Lorenz Mayer and Martin R. Zirnbauer
15:00 DY 57.5 Segregation Phenomena of driven Model Colloids in two-dimensional confined Geometries — •Marc Isele, Kay Hofmann, Tobias Vater, Ullrich Siems, and Peter Nielaba
15:00 DY 57.6 Capturing large fluctuations in the dynamics of biochemical reaction networks — •Maximilian Kurjahn, Ander Movilla, and Peter Sollich
15:00 DY 57.7 Machine Learning the Anderson TransitionDjénabou Bayo, •Andreas Honecker, and Rudolf Römer
15:00 DY 57.8 Subharmonic oscillations in stochastic systems under periodic driving — •Lukas Oberreiter, Andre Cardoso Barato, and Udo Seifert
15:00 DY 57.9 Long-range correlated bonds for the two-dimensional Ising spin glass: is there an ordered phase? — •Lambert Muenster, Christoph Norrenbrock, and Alexander K. Hartmann
15:00 DY 57.10 Theoretical study the heat rectification via a superconducting artificial atom — •Meng Xu, Juergen Stockburger, and Joachim Ankerhold
15:00 DY 57.11 Escape from Metastable States Driven by Asymmetric Non-Gaussian Noise — •Daniel Pflüger, Adrian Baule, and Peter Sollich
15:00 DY 57.12 Clarifying the Case of Zero - Temperature Coarsening — •Denis Gessert, Henrik Christiansen, and Wolfhard Janke
15:00 DY 57.13 Impurity-induced Wavefunction Scarring on curved surfaces — •Michael Kraus, Dominik Schulz, and Jamal Berakdar
15:00 DY 57.14 CFD simulation of the wind field over a terrain with sand fences: Critical spacing for the wind shear velocityIzael Araújo Lima, •Eric Josef Ribeiro Parteli, Yaping Shao, José Soares Andrade Jr., Hans Jürgen Herrmann, and Ascânio Dias Araújo
15:00 DY 57.15 Graph properties of metabolic networks reveals optimization for self-preservation — •Máté Józsa and Zsolt Iosif Lázár
15:00 DY 57.16 Immune Repertoire Dynamics across the Human Lifespan — •Mario Udo Gaimann, Jonathan Desponds, and Andreas Mayer
15:00 DY 57.17 Feedback in optical microcavity arrays — •Rebecca Cizek, Jakob Kreismann, and Martina Hentschel
15:00 DY 57.18 Ray-wave correspondence in graphene billiards with sources — •Jule Katharina Schrepfer, Ming-Hao Liu, Klaus Richter, and Martina Hentschel
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