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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 74: Poster IIIA

Donnerstag, 19. März 2020, 15:00–17:30, P2/2OG

This poster session includes contributions from the following topic:

- 2D semiconductors and van der Waals heterostructures

Please put up your poster at the beginning of the session and remove the poster immediately after the session. The person peresenting the poster should attend it for at least half of the session duration and indicate the time when to find him/her at the poster.

15:00 HL 74.1 Radiation-modulation of mono-layer MoSe2 nano emitters by LSPs — •Yuhao Zhang and Stefan Linden
15:00 HL 74.2 Theory of near-field optics in transition metal dichalcogenides — •Robert Salzwedel, Andreas Knorr, and Malte Selig
15:00 HL 74.3 Direct Measurement of the Radiative Pattern of Exciton Complexes in a Tungsten Diselenide Monolayer — •Lorenz Maximilian Schneider, Shanece S. Esdaille, Daniel A. Rhodes, Katayun Barmak, James C. Hone, and Arash Rahimi-Iman
15:00 HL 74.4 Microwave Studies of Graphene/hBN Heterostructures — •Vincent Strenzke, Udai Singh, Marta Prada, Lars Tiemann, and Robert Blick
15:00 HL 74.5 Magnetic resonance studies of spin defects in a Van der Waals crystal — •Matthias Diez, Andreas Gottscholl, Christian Kasper, Victor Soltamov, Andreas Sperlich, and Vladimir Dyakonov
15:00 HL 74.6 Probing spin-valley polarization dynamics in MoSe2/WSe2 heterostructures — •Michael Kempf, Florian Raab, Markus Schwemmer, Andreas Hanninger, Philipp Nagler, Christian Schüller, and Tobias Korn
15:00 HL 74.7 Diffusion of dark excitons in monolayer WSe2 at cryogenic temperatures — •Koloman Wagner, Jonas Zipfel, Jonas D. Ziegler, Edith Wietek, Barbara Meisinger, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, and Alexey Chernikov
15:00 HL 74.8 Time-resolved Faraday Rotation on single-layer MoSe2 — •Simon Raiber, Gabriela Hirschinger, Matthias Dietl, Tobias Korn, and Christian Schüller
15:00 HL 74.9 Photoluminescence monitoring during laser-thinning of transition metal dichalcogenides — •Christian Tessarek, Oleg Gridenco, Kathrin Sebald, Stephan Figge, Jürgen Gutowski, and Martin Eickhoff
15:00 HL 74.10 Looking for interlayer excitons in hybrid WSe2/MoS2 heterostructures — •Rico Schwartz, Alina Christine Schubert, Antony George, Andrey Turchanin, and Tobias Korn
15:00 HL 74.11 Control of proximity-induced spin-orbit coupling in graphene/TMDC heterostructures — •Tobias Rockinger, Tobias Völkl, Dieter Weiss, and Jonathan Eroms
15:00 HL 74.12 Dry-transfer process of graphene / hBN heterostructures — •Khairi Fahad Elyas, Asem Ben Kalefa, Lina Bockhorn, Gunnar Schneider, Christopher Belke, and Rolf J. Haug
15:00 HL 74.13 Benchmarking calculated excited state properties of 2D materials on substrates and in van de Waals heterostructures against experiments — •Anders Christian Riis-Jensen and Kristian Sommer Thygesen
15:00 HL 74.14 Manipulating transition-metal dichalcogenide monolayers with proximity effects — •Lanqing Zhou, Sven Borghardt, Detlev Grützmacher, and Beata Kardynal
15:00 HL 74.15 Computational Design of Quantum Defects in Low-Dimensional Semiconductors — •Fabian Bertoldo and Kristian Thygesen
15:00 HL 74.16 Manufacturing and magnetotransport properties of weakly coupled double trilayer graphene — •Xiao Xiao, Sung Ju Hong, Christopher Belke, and Rolf Haug
15:00 HL 74.17 STM-induced excitonic luminescence of a 2D semiconductorDelphine Pommier, •Rémi Bretel, Luis Parra López, Florentin Fabre, Andrew Mayne, Elizabeth Boer-Duchemin, Gérald Dujardin, Guillaume Schull, Stéphane Berciaud, and Eric Le Moal
15:00 HL 74.18 Phase transition measurements of atomically thin 1T-TaS2 probed with ultrafast electron diffraction — •Mashood Tariq Mir, Arne Ungeheuer, Ahmed Hassanien, Arne Senftleben, and Thomas Baumert
15:00 HL 74.19 Effect of ion irradiation on electrical and optical properties of molybdenum disulfide — •Zahra Fekri, Phanish Chava, Tommaso Venanzi, Gregor Hlawacek, Antony George, Andrey Turchanin, and Artur Erbe
15:00 HL 74.20 Optical characterization of ion implanted monolayer molybdenum dichalcogenides — •Minh Bui, Stefan Rost, Manuel Auge, Jhih-Sian Tu, Sven Borghardt, Hans Hofsäss, and Beata Kardynał
15:00 HL 74.21 2D van der Waals heterostructures for electronic devices — •Phanish Chava, Vivek Koladi, Himani Arora, Kenji Wanatnabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Manfred Helm, and Artur Erbe
15:00 HL 74.22 Optical phonon mediated valley depolarization in monolayer WSe2 — •Robin Bernhardt, Julian Wagner, Jingyi Zhu, and Paul van Loosdrecht
15:00 HL 74.23 Optical characterization of MoTe2-based monolayer-monolayer heterostructures — •Mohammed Adel Aly, Shachi Machchhar, Manan Shah, Lorenz Maximilian Schneider, Saeideh Edalati Boostan, Claudia Draxl, Wolfram Heimbrodt, and Arash Rahimi-Iman
15:00 HL 74.24 Small angle twisted bilayer grapheneSimon Wagner, Tobias Rockinger, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Dieter Weiss, and •Jonathan Eroms
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