Dresden 2020 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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MA: Fachverband Magnetismus

MA 17: Skyrmions (jointly with MA, O) (joint session TT/MA)

Montag, 16. März 2020, 16:15–18:15, HSZ 304

16:15 MA 17.1 Quantum skyrmions in a triangular frustrated ferromagnet — •Vivek Lohani, Ciarán Hickey, Jan Masell, and Achim Rosch
16:30 MA 17.2 Quantum skyrmion state — •Evgeny A. Stepanov, Mikhail I. Katsnelson, and Vladimir V. Mazurenko
16:45 MA 17.3 Vortex-Phase in Non-Centrosymetric Antiferromagnets — •Benjamin Wolba, Sebastian Mühlbauer, and Markus Garst
17:00 MA 17.4 Weak Crystallization of Fluctuating Skyrmion Textures in MnSiJonas Kindervater, Ioannis Stasinopoulos, Andreas Bauer, •Franz Xaver Haslbeck, Felix Rucker, Alfonso Chacon, Sebastian Mühlbauer, Christian Franz, Markus Garst, Dirk Grundler, and Christian Pfleiderer
17:15 MA 17.5 Tuning of the critical temperature of a superconducting thin film in proximity of a chiral magnet — •Julius Grefe, Marvin Sach, Bastian Rubrecht, Jannis Willwater, Stefan Süllow, and Dirk Menzel
17:30 MA 17.6 Distribution of energy barriers associated with magnetic skyrmion decay in Fe0.5Co0.5Si — •Alfonso Chacon, Marco Halder, Jonas Kindervater, Andreas Bauer, Sebastian Mühlbauer, Achim Rosch, and Christian Pfleiderer
17:45 MA 17.7 Helix reorientation at the transition between helical and conical phases of the chiral magnet Cu2OSeO3 — •Laura Köhler, Peter Milde, Erik Neuber, Philipp Ritzinger, Andreas Bauer, Christian Pfleiderer, Helmuth Berger, and Markus Garst
18:00 MA 17.8 Skyrmion Lattice Magnet Gd2PdSi3 Studied by High-Resolution Dilatometry — •Sven Spachmann, Matthias Frontzek, Chongde Cao, Wolfgang Löser, and Rüdiger Klingeler
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