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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 102: Heterogeneous Catalysis on Metals

Donnerstag, 19. März 2020, 10:30–13:30, TRE Phy

10:30 O 102.1 Hauptvortrag: Video STM of particle diffusion on crowded surfaces — •Joost Wintterlin
11:00 O 102.2 Diffusion of oxygen atoms on a highly CO-covered Ru(0001) surface — •Hannah Illner, Ann-Kathrin Henß, and Joost Wintterlin
11:15 O 102.3 Active site representation in first-principles microkinetic models: Data-enhanced computational screening for improved methanation catalysts — •Martin Deimel, Mie Andersen, and Karsten Reuter
11:30 O 102.4 Fluctuating nature of adsorbate layers on metal surfaces — •Sung Sakong and Axel Groß
11:45 O 102.5 Chemical bond formation showing a transition from physisorption to chemisorptionFerdinand Huber, •Julian Berwanger, Svitlana Polesya, Sergiy Mankovsky, Hubert Ebert, and Franz J. Giessibl
12:00 O 102.6 Combining Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence with Stagnation Point Flows for Small Single-Crystal Model Catalysts: CO Oxidation on a Pd(100)Jianfeng Zhou, •Sebastian Matera, Sebastian Pfaff, Sara Blomberg, Edvin Lundgren, and Johan Zetterberg
12:15 O 102.7 Ligand-Induced Heterogeneous Catalysis: Selective Hydrogenation of Acrolein on Ligand-Modified Pd(111) — •Carsten Schröder, Marvin C. Schmidt, and Swetlana Schauermann
12:30 O 102.8 Exploring electrochemical CO2 reduction towards C2+-products beyond copper — •Georg Kastlunger, Hendrik H. Heenen, and Karen Chan
12:45 O 102.9 Atomistic simulation of the surface reactions: O2, H2O and CO adsorption and dissociation on Zr- and B-terminated ZrB2(0001) surfaces — •Yanhui Zhang and Stefano Sanvito
13:00 O 102.10 Characterisation of Disordered Porous Solids: Perspectives from the Serially Connected Pore Model — •Henry R. N. B. Enninful, Richard Kohns, Dirk Enke, and Rustem Valiullin
13:15 O 102.11 Adsorption Geometry of 2-Iodotriphenylene on Ag(111) and Cu(111) — •Alexander Ihle, Sebastian Ahles, Tobias Schlöder, Doreen Mollenhauer, Hermann A. Wegner, Andre Schirmeisen, and Daniel Ebeling
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