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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 120: Focus Session: Nonequilibrium Electron Transfer Across Interfaces in Real Time

Freitag, 20. März 2020, 10:30–13:00, TRE Ma

(Photo)electrocatalytic devices, 2D material heterostructures and much interesting biophysics all require transferring electrons across interfaces between condensed phases. Despite this motivation, and much effort, gaining experimental insight into *how* electrons move across such interfaces has proven extremely challenging. Part of the challenge lies in the difficulty of experimentally characterising molecular level structure at such buried interfaces. More profoundly, however, even if an appropriate experimental approach is available, characterisation of an interfacial system held at a, nonequilibrium, steady-state is not generally useful in providing mechanistic insight into electron transfer (one cannot distinguish the relationship of minority species). Overcoming this challenge requires perturbation/relaxation techniques: one creates a temporally short non-equilibrium condition in which electron transfer is initiated and characterises the interface as the system relaxes to steady-state conditions over timescales from femto to milliseconds. Within the last several years work along these lines has appeared in a variety of usually disconnected communities. This Focus Session aims to bring together electrochemists approaching electron transfer using all-electrical relaxation techniques, chemical physicists studying (photo)electrocatalysis by initiating electron transfer using femtosecond optical pulses and probing using photons or photoelectrons and solid state physicists conducting similar experiments investigating charge transfer in solid heterostructures.

Organizers: Andrea Eschenlohr, R. Kramer Campen, Uwe Bovensiepen, U. Duisburg-Essen

10:30 O 120.1 Hauptvortrag: Ultrafast charge transfer dynamics in 2D heterostructures — •Giulio Cerullo, Stefano Dal Conte, Zilong Wang, and Chiara Trovatello
11:00 O 120.2 Ultrafast charge transfer and vibronic coupling in donor/acceptor interfaces — •Matheus Jacobs, Jannis Krumland, Ana M. Valencia, and Caterina Cocchi
11:15 O 120.3 Hauptvortrag: Dynamic non-linear multi-frequency analysis: investigating the electron-transfer theory — •Fabio La Mantia
11:45 O 120.4 New spectroscopical tools for single-molecule junctions — •Albert Aragonès, Ismael Díez-Pérez, and Katrin Domke
12:00 O 120.5 Charge transfer and the hydrogen evolution reaction on Pt: bridging timescales from femto- to milliseconds by ultrafast electrochemical and optical measurements — •Gregor Zwaschka, Yujin Tong, Martin Wolf, and Kramer Campen
12:15 O 120.6 Real-time first-principles simulations of excitation dynamics in organic systems — •Jannis Krumland, Ana M. Valencia, Stefano Pittalis, Carlo A. Rozzi, and Caterina Cocchi
12:30 O 120.7 Hauptvortrag: Resolving Chemical Bond Dynamics at an Electrode Surface — •Tanja Cuk
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