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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 32: Poster Session - Organic Molecules on Inorganic Substrates: Adsorption and Growth

Montag, 16. März 2020, 18:15–20:00, P1C

18:15 O 32.1 STM Investigations of Insulating Xenon Interfaces on Silver Surfaces as Low Interaction substrates for Advanced Carbene Studies — •Inga Langguth, Marvin Quack, Iris Trosien, Wolfram Sander, and Karina Morgenstern
18:15 O 32.2 Comparison of Donor-Acceptor Coupling Strength with Chemisorption on Different Metal Substrates — •Qi Wang, Antoni Franco-Cañellas, Alexander Gerlach, and Frank Schreiber
18:15 O 32.3 The adsorption structure of acetophenone on Si(100) — •Paula L. Lalaguna, Paul T. P. Ryan, Procopi C. Constantinou, Matthias Muntwiler, Holly Hedgeland, Steven R. Schofield, and David A. Duncan
18:15 O 32.4 Structure of tetracene films on hydrogen-passivated Si(111) and amorphous Si — •Hazem Aldahhak, Jens Niederhausen, Rowan W. MacQueen, Wolf Gero Schmidt, Klaus Lips, and Uwe Gerstmann
18:15 O 32.5 Adsorption of miRNA molecules on metal surfaces studied by STM — •Miriam Meyer, Christophe Nacci, Grant J. Simpson, Oliver Werzer, Andreas Zimmer, and Leonhard Grill
18:15 O 32.6 Investigation of the formation of densely packed caffeine monolayers on Au(111)Malte G.H. Schulte, Andreas Jeindl, •Julian A. Hochhaus, Ismail Baltaci, Marie Schmitz, Ulf Berges, Oliver T. Hofmann, and Carsten Westphal
18:15 O 32.7 Atomistic Modeling of the Synthesis of New Carbon Structures by Surface-Assisted Cyclodehydrogenation — •Florian Wullschläger, Robert Maidl, Sebastian Gsänger, and Bernd Meyer
18:15 O 32.8 STM study of CuPC molecules codeposited with C60 on a Au(110) surface — •Hüseyin Azazoglu, Philip Kapitza, and Rolf Möller
18:15 O 32.9 A highly ordered commensurate structure of merocyanine tetramers on Ag(100): STM- and SPA-LEED-investigations — •Anna J. Kny, Niklas Humberg, Dirk Hertel, Klaus Meerholz, and Moritz Sokolowski
18:15 O 32.10 On-surface synthesis of BN-doped carbon nanostructures — •Tobias Weiss, Aleksandr Baklanov, Knud Seufert, Johannes Küchle, Marc Gonzalez Cuxart, Francesco Allegretti, Jacopo Dosso, Davide Bonifazi, Nicolas Bachellier, Matthias Muntwiler, and Willi Auwärter
18:15 O 32.11 Influence of polarity on adsorption and growth of conjugated organic molecules on inorganic substrates — •Mila Miletic, Karol Palczynski, and Joachim Dzubiella
18:15 O 32.12 Explaining surface polymorphism of acenequinones on Ag(111) with SAMPLE — •Andreas Jeindl, Lukas Hörmann, Jari Domke, Alexander T. Egger, Falko Sojka, and Oliver T. Hofmann
18:15 O 32.13 The Effect of Plasma Treatment of Gold Electrodes on the Molecular Orientation of CuPc films — •Felix Widdascheck, Michael Kothe, Alrun A. Hauke, and Gregor Witte
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