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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 43: Plasmonics and Nanooptics III: Periodic Structures and Theory

Dienstag, 17. März 2020, 10:30–13:45, WIL A317

10:30 O 43.1 Mie Theory in terms of Axion-Plasmonics — •Johannes Schultz, Axel Lubk, Flavio S. Nogueira, and Bernd Büchner
10:45 O 43.2 Broadband plasmonic spectroscopy of vectorial near-field coupling — •Martin Esmann, Simon F. Becker, Julia Witt, Jinxin Zhan, Abbas Chimeh, Anke Korte, Jinhui Zhong, Ralf Vogelgesang, Gunther Wittstock, and Christoph Lienau
11:00 O 43.3 Solution of electrodynamics on plasmonic nanohelices by boundary element method — •Daniel Nürenberg, Peer Fischer, and Helmut Zacharias
11:15 O 43.4 Perturbation theory as an efficient tool for modelling chiral and achiral plasmonic sensors — •Steffen Both, Harald Giessen, and Thomas Weiss
11:30 O 43.5 Generalized 1D description of light coupling to arbitrarily curved plasmonic wires — •Thorsten Feichtner, Katja Höflich, Jer-Shing Huang, and Bert Hecht
11:45 O 43.6 Polar semiconductor heterostructures as hyperbolic metamaterials — •Christopher J. Winta, Daniel C. Ratchford, Martin Wolf, Joshua D. Caldwell, and Alexander Paarmann
12:00 O 43.7 Optical Nano-Imaging of Electronic Shear ModesJun Yong Khoo, Po-Yao Chang, Inti Sodemann, and •Falko Pientka
12:15 O 43.8 Chiral Scatterometry on Chemically Synthesized Single Plasmonic Nanoparticles — •Julian Karst, Nam Heon Cho, Hyeohn Kim, Hye-Eun Lee, Ki Tae Nam, Harald Giessen, and Mario Hentschel
12:30 O 43.9 Reconfigurable high-quality surface phonon polariton resonatorsAndreas Heßler, •Konstantin G. Wirth, Yvonne Bente, Laric Bobzien, Joshua Caldwell, Matthias Wuttig, Dimitry N. Chigrin, and Thomas Taubner
12:45 O 43.10 Photonic wheels and magnetic field induced directional emission of excitons — •Lars Klompmaker, Felix Spitzer, Alexander N. Poddubny, Ilya A. Akimov, Leonid V. Litvin, Ralf Jede, Grzegorz Karczewski, Maciej Wiater, Tomasz Wojtowicz, Dmitri R. Yakovlev, and Manfred Bayer
13:00 O 43.11 Tuning the coupling of plasmonic structures with photonic crystals — •Rahim Benrali, Constance Schmidt, Teresa I. Madeira, and Dietrich R. T. Zahn
13:15 O 43.12 Influence of number of grooves on spectral shape of grating-coupled surface plasmon polaritons — •Sven Stephan, Christoph Bennenhei, Christoph Lienau, and Martin Silies
13:30 O 43.13 Laser-induced periodic surface structures formation on various materials — •Pavel N. Terekhin, Pascal D. Ndione, Sebastian T. Weber, and Baerbel Rethfeld
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