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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 62: Focus Session: Big Data in Aquisition in ARPES (joint session O/CPP)

Mittwoch, 18. März 2020, 10:30–13:15, REC C 213

Due to the advancement of both electron detectors and light sources, ARPES data is increasing in volume and complexity. This applies to ARPES performed at 3rd and 4th generation light sources as well as lab-based sources. We have reached a point where data handling, workflow management, visualization and analysis is a severe challenge and potentially become the bottleneck in our workflows rather than data acquisition itself. Currently there exist mainly isolated, i.e. lab- or facility-specific, solutions for data acquisition and file formats, metadata definitions, data-processing workflows, and analysis approaches. A community-wide ARPES (meta)data schema in the quest for reproducible, scalable and transparent data analysis is not yet established. This focus session aims to reveal the great potential for speeding up our progress by attacking certain challenges in joint efforts.

Organized by: Ralph Ernstorfer (FHI Berlin), Michael Hartelt and Martin Aeschlimann (TU Kaiserslautern)

10:30 O 62.1 Hauptvortrag: Towards FAIR experimental data — •Claudia Draxl
11:00 O 62.2 NXarpes, the Data File Standard for ARPES in NeXus — •Moritz Hoesch, Pavel Dudin, and Tobias Richter
11:15 O 62.3 Handling Big Multidimensional Experimental Data on Small Desktop Computers — •Michael Hartelt, Benjamin Frisch, Tobias Eul, Eva Prinz, Marten Wiehn, Benjamin Stadtmüller, and Martin Aeschlimann
11:30 O 62.4 Data Acquisition and Treatment on a Scientific and Industrial Level — •Stefan Böttcher, Christian Fleischer, and Thorsten Kampen
11:45 O 62.5 Challenges in data collection at a modern cw laser-driven spin-ARPES systemTristan Heider, Peter Baltzer, Claus M. Schneider, and •Lukasz Plucinski
12:00 O 62.6 Single event data processing for multidimensional photoemission spectroscopy — •Steinn Ymir Agustsson, Rui Patrick Xian, Yves Acremann, Maciej Dendzik, Kevin Bühlmann, Davide Curcio, Dmytro Kutnyakhov, Federico Pressacco, Michael Heber, Shuo Dong, Philip Hofmann, Martin Wolf, Wilfried Wurth, Jure Demsar, Laurenz Rettig, and Ralph Ernstorfer
12:15 O 62.7 Hauptvortrag: Reproducible data analysis with Snakemake — •Johannes Köster
12:45 O 62.8 Concept for Handling of Photoemission Data at European XFEL — •Markus Scholz, Dmytro Kutnyakhov, Michael Heber, Manuel Izquierdo, Hans Fangohr, Yves Acremann, Kai Rossnagel, Anders Madsen, and Serguei Molodtsov
13:00 O 62.9 Processing workflow for band structure reconstruction from multidimensional photoemission dataR. Patrick Xian, Vincent Stimper, Shuo Dong, Maciej Dendzik, Samuel Beulieu, Bernhard Schölkopf, Martin Wolf, Stefan Bauer, Laurenz Rettig, and •Ralph Ernstorfer
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