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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 84: Poster Session - Solid-Liquid Interfaces: Reactions and Electrochemisty

Mittwoch, 18. März 2020, 18:15–20:00, P2/EG

18:15 O 84.1 Water-Based Electrolytes and Porous Tungsten Oxide in Electrochromic Cells — •Florian Eberheim, Thi Hai Quyen Nguyen, and Derck Schlettwein
18:15 O 84.2 Ab-initio studies of surface interactions on chevrel and spinel phases — •Katharina Helmbrecht
18:15 O 84.3 Exploiting TEMPOL as redox mediator in water-based DSSCs — •Roberto Fantin, Andreas Ringleb, Raffael Ruess, Daniel Holzhacker, and Derck Schlettwein
18:15 O 84.4 Assembly and Characterization of Aqueous Dye-sensitized Solar Cells with Organic Nitroxides as Redox-mediators — •Daniel Holzhacker, Raffael Ruess, and Derck Schlettwein
18:15 O 84.5 Characterization of Microelectrodes for Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy — •Leon Rosenbecker, Raffael Ruess, and Derck Schlettwein
18:15 O 84.6 Effects of H2O on CO2 Electroreduction Reactions at Platinum/Imidazolium Based Ionic Liquid Interfaces — •Björn Ratschmeier, Andre Kemna, and Björn Braunschweig
18:15 O 84.7 Sum-Frequency Generation Spectroscopy of Water at [EMIM][BF4]/Platinum Electrolyte/Electrode interfaces — •Andre Kemna and Björn Braunschweig
18:15 O 84.8 Analysis of the electrochemical properties of Li(Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3)O2−δ (NCM) thin film model cathodes — •Julius K. Dinter, Hendrik Hemmelmann, and Matthias T. Elm
18:15 O 84.9 Characterization of the surface properties of coated and uncoated Ni-rich NCM cathodes by conductive atomic force microscopy — •Miguel Wiche, Rajendra S. Negi, and Matthias T. Elm
18:15 O 84.10 Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy for surface reactions in aggressive organic solvents — •Adrian Joe Urban, Daniel Nürenberg, Deb Kumar Bhowmick, and Helmut Zacharias
18:15 O 84.11 In situ X-ray studies of electrodeposition at electrolyte-liquid metal interface — •Andrea Sartori, Olaf Magnussen, and Bridget Murphy
18:15 O 84.12 Magnesium intercalation in layered MoS2 - Fast kinetics by Mg2+ complexation with DME ligands and MoS2 phase transition upon intercalationZhenyou Li, Xiaoke Mu, Zhirong Zhao-Karger, •Thomas Diemant, R. Jürgen Behm, Christian Kübel, and Max Fichtner
18:15 O 84.13 DFT study of the effect of Br co-adsorbates on the adsorption energy and diffusion energy barrier of S ad-atoms on Ag(100) — •Sönke Buttenschön and Eckhard Pehlke
18:15 O 84.14 Au (111)-water interface under external electric fields: An ab initio molecular dynamics study — •Azade YazdanYar, Yuki Nagat, and Katrin Domke
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