Dresden 2020 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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SOE: Fachverband Physik sozio-ökonomischer Systeme

SOE 6: Poster

Montag, 16. März 2020, 17:00–20:00, P2/4OG

17:00 SOE 6.1 Voter model with recurrent mobility calibrated to Swedish data — •Attila Szilva and Jérôme Michaud
17:00 SOE 6.2 Policy and Innovation Spreading on the Global City Network — •Niklas Kitzmann, Xuemei Bai, Steven Lade, Ricarda Winkelmann, and Jonathan Donges
17:00 SOE 6.3 Simplicity as Ultimate Sophistication? — •Stephen I. Ternyik
17:00 SOE 6.4 Numerical study of phase transition and replica symmetry of bipartite z-matching — •Till Kahlke, Martin Fränzle, and Alexander K. Hartmann
17:00 SOE 6.5 Coupling strategies in spreading of SIS dynamics — •Felix Köster and Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad
17:00 SOE 6.6 Demand responsive bimodal ride pooling systems: effects of network geometry — •Puneet Sharma, Stephan Herminghaus, and Knut Heidemann
17:00 SOE 6.7 Analysis and control of multilayer, multi-timescale power gridsLia Strenge, •Paul Schultz, Jörg Raisch, and Frank Hellmann
17:00 SOE 6.8 Demand Responsive Ride Pooling: Theory, Simulation, Experiment — •Felix Jung and Stephan Herminghaus
17:00 SOE 6.9 Evaluation of Demand Responsive Ride Pooling on Real Life Taxi Data — •Michael Sternbach, Felix Jung, Puneet Sharma, Stephan Herminghaus, and Knut Heidemann
17:00 SOE 6.10 Comparing spatial distributions of population and stores/facilities based on multifractal analysis — •Mariko Ito and Takaaki Ohnishi
17:00 SOE 6.11 Transition from Hierarchical to Distributed Verification Protocols: Consensus Formation in Transforming Network TopologiesKateryna Isirova, Oleksandr Potii, and •Jens Christian Claussen
17:00 SOE 6.12 A model of public opinion with time-dependent media bias, audience attention and social influence. — •Michael Schnabel and Daniel Diermeier
17:00 SOE 6.13 Masking Motifs in Networks of Coupled Oscillators — •Jonas Wassmer, Franz Kaiser, and Dirk Witthaut
17:00 SOE 6.14 Machine Learning Applications in Energy Research — •Omar El Sayed, Alexander Kies, and Horst Stoecker
17:00 SOE 6.15 Optimal transport flow networks with a linear congestion model — •Matthias Dahlmanns, Franz Kaiser, and Dirk Witthaut
17:00 SOE 6.16 Die Benutzung der Mathematischen Begriffstheorie von E. Wojschwillo für Analyse der Parteisystemen — •Alexey Iakovlev und Ekaterina Pchelko-Tolstova
17:00 SOE 6.17 African Swine Fever - potential topic of awareness in social movements — •Andrzej Jarynowski and Vitaly Belik
17:00 SOE 6.18 Impact of temporal correlations on high risk outbreaks — •Sina Sajjadi, Mohammad Reza Ejtehadi, and Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad
17:00 SOE 6.19 Exact solution of generalized cooperative susceptible-infected-removed (SIR) dynamics — •Fatemeh Zarei, Saman Moghimi-Araghi, and Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad
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