Regensburg 2022 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

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Mittwoch, 7. September 2022, 18:00–20:00, P2

Valley dynamics in WSe2 monolayers and MoSe2-WSe2 heterobilayers — •Philipp Parzefall, Matthias Brem, and Christian Schüller — Institut für Experimentelle und Angewandte Physik, Universität Regensburg, Deutschland

We have performed an in depth study of the valley coherence and polarization in hBN-encapsulated WSe2 monolayers, which shall be extended to WSe2-MoSe2 heterostructures.

Therefore, we investigate first the excitonic properties and possible exciton-phonon coupling in hBN-encapsulated WSe2 monolayers via micro-photoluminescence and resonant Raman spectroscopy measurements with excitation energies close to the A-exciton’s fine-structure. Hereby, the valley polarization and -coherence are of special interest as possible resonant phonon excitation influences the valley dynamics behavior tremendously.

Afterwards, the resulting understanding is used to investigate interlayer excitons and trions on MoSe2-WSe2 heterobilayers with 0 or 60 relative twist between the layers, similarly, with an excitation energy close to the resonances of the WSe2’s A-exciton.

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