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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 43: Poster: Quantum Dynamics and Many-Body Systems

Donnerstag, 30. März 2023, 13:00–16:00, P1

13:00 DY 43.1 applications of generalized coherent states in bosonic systems — •yulong qiao, Frank Grossman, and Joonsuk Huh
13:00 DY 43.2 Coupling in Optical Microcavity-Arrays — •Tom Rodemund and Martina Hentschel
13:00 DY 43.3 From Dual Unitarity to Generic Quantum Operator Spreading — •Michael A. Rampp, Roderich Moessner, and Pieter W. Claeys
13:00 DY 43.4 Transmission of a single electron through a Berry ring — •Kenmoe Maseim Bassis
13:00 DY 43.5 Optimal route to quantum chaos in the Bose-Hubbard modelLukas Pausch, Edoardo Carnio, Andreas Buchleitner, and •Alberto Rodríguez
13:00 DY 43.6 Chaotic resonance modes in optical microcavities — •Florian Lorenz and Roland Ketzmerick
13:00 DY 43.7 Classical and quantum escape dynamics in the vicinity of hyperbolic fixed points — •Alexander Hempel, Jonas Stöber, and Arnd Bäcker
13:00 DY 43.8 Many-body localization in disordered Heisenberg-type spin chain models — •Yilun Gao and Rudolf A. Römer
13:00 DY 43.9 Nonlinear magnetoelectric effects in class AIII 3D topological insulators — •Nithin Thomas, Jan Wilhlem, and Ferdinand Evers
13:00 DY 43.10 Flat band physics for dispersive bands — •Jie Liu, Carlo Danieli, and Rudolf A. Römer
13:00 DY 43.11 Electron cavity optics in bilayer graphene billiards — •Lukas Seemann, Angelika Knothe, Klaus Richter, and Martina Hentschel
13:00 DY 43.12 Quantum many-body dynamics in two dimensions using tree tensor networks — •Wladislaw Krinitsin, Niklas Tausendpfund, Matteo Rizzi, and Markus Schmitt
13:00 DY 43.13 Numeric investigation of the Kibble-Zurek mechanism in 2D — •Seyedeh Parya Katoorani, Ralf Schützhold, Naser Ahmadiniaz, Gernot Schaller, and Friedemann Queißer
13:00 DY 43.14 Explicit expressions for stationary states of the Lindblad equation for a finite state space — •Bernd Michael Fernengel
13:00 DY 43.15 Generic partial barriers to chaotic transport in 4D symplectic maps — •Benjamin Hertzsch, Arnd Bäcker, and Roland Ketzmerick
13:00 DY 43.16 Stability analysis of a periodically driven ultra-cold Bose gas — •Larissa Schwarz, Simon B. Jäger, Dimo Claude, Imke Schneider, and Sebastian Eggert
  13:00 DY 43.17 The contribution has been withdrawn.
13:00 DY 43.18 Classification of noisy spectra using machine learningAritra Mishra and •Alexander Eisfeld
13:00 DY 43.19 Exact time local equations of quantum dissipation with minimal state space — •Meng Xu, Vasilii Vadimov, Malte Krug, Jürgen T. Stockburger, and Joachim Ankerhold
13:00 DY 43.20 Training Restricted Boltzmann Machines for General Spin Quantum Magnets — •Abhiroop Lahiri and Michele Casula
13:00 DY 43.21 Enhancement and suppression of charge transport in organic semiconductors under strong light-matter coupling — •Sebastian Stumper and Junichi Okamoto
13:00 DY 43.22 Investigation of two-dimensional quantum billiards with mixed dynamics in microwave resonators — •Lennart Anderson and Andreas Wieck
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