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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 56: 2D Materials III: Growth, Structure and Substrate Interaction II (joint session O/CPP)

Mittwoch, 29. März 2023, 15:00–17:30, GER 37

15:00 O 56.1 Te on Pt(111): Structure and Growth of Surface Tellurides and PtxTey FilmsTilman Kißlinger, Alexandra Schewski, Andreas Raabgrund, Hannah Loh, Lutz Hammer, and •M. Alexander Schneider
15:15 O 56.2 Electronic, chemical and structural properties of ultrathin Ta2NiSe5 flakes — •Kathrin Küster, Yuanshan Zhang, Dennis Huang, Ulrich Starke, and Hidenori Takagi
15:30 O 56.3 Transition from fractal-dendritic to compact islands for the 2D-ferroelectric SnSe on graphene/Ir(111)Paulus Aleksa, Sammer Iqbal, Muhammad Ali Martuza, Jiaqi Cai, Thais Chagas, Robin Ohmann, and •Carsten Busse
15:45 O 56.4 Reaction of submonolayer amounts of Ti and Te on Au(111) — •Andreas Raabgrund, Tilman Kisslinger, Lutz Hammer, and M. Alexander Schneider
16:00 O 56.5 Monolayers of CoCl2 and CoBr2 on Au(111) - Chemical, magnetic and structural investigation — •Samuel Kerschbaumer, Sebastien Hadjadj, Andrea Aguirre Baños, Danilo Longo, Wolfgang Kuch, José Ignacio Pascual, Celia Rogero, and Maxim Ilyn
16:15 O 56.6 Structure determination of mono- and few-layers of the 2D-ferroelectric SnSe on graphene on Ir(111) — •Dina Wilks, Paulus Aleksa, Simon Chung, Peter Modregger, Dmitri V. Novikov, Vedran Vonk, Andreas Stierle, and Carsten Busse
16:30 O 56.7 Electronic properties of epitaxially grown monolayer and bilayer VS2 on Au(111) — •Mikhail Fonin, Sabina Simon, Felix Förschner, Jannik Dornseiff, Julia Tesch, Elena Voloshina, and Yuriy S. Dedkov
16:45 O 56.8 Vanadium sulphides on graphene on Ir(111): polymorphs, charge density waves, layer dependency — •Camiel van Efferen, Joshua Hall, Virgínia Boix, Tobias Wekking, Nikolay Vinogradov, Alexei Preobrajenski, Jan Knudsen, Jeison Fischer, Wouter Jolie, and Thomas Michely
17:00 O 56.9 Nucleation stage for the oriented growth of tantalum sulfide monolayers on Au(111) — •Thais Chagas, Kai Mehlich, Abdus Samad, Catherine Grover, Daniela Dombrowski, Jiaqi Cai, Udo Schwingenschlögl, and Carsten Busse
17:15 O 56.10 Growth and structure of two-dimensional single-layer HfS2 on Au(111) — •Monika Schied, Paolo Lacovig, and Silvano Lizzit
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