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TT: Fachverband Tiefe Temperaturen

TT 43: Poster: Correlated Electrons II

Mittwoch, 29. März 2023, 15:00–18:00, P2/OG3

15:00 TT 43.1 Interplay between order-by-disorder and long-range interactions — •Jan Alexander Koziol and Kai Phillip Schmidt
15:00 TT 43.2 Magnetic dilution of a frustrated triangular-lattice spin system — •Florian Bärtl, Ellen Häußler, Thomas Doert, Jörg Sichelschmidt, Sven Luther, Tommy Kotte, Jochen Wosnitza, Michael Baenitz, and Hannes Kühne
15:00 TT 43.3 Dynamic flash method for probing heat transport of quantum magnets — •Maximilian Schiffer, Xiaochen Hong, Martin Valldor, Christian Hess, and Bernd Büchner
15:00 TT 43.4 Modified nanoparticles of Prussian Blue metal organic frameworks — •Sascha A. Bräuninger and Hermann Seifert
  15:00 TT 43.5 The contribution has been moved to TT 59.20.
15:00 TT 43.6 Electrical and thermal transport properties of delafossite oxide CuCr1−xFexO2 — •Mithun Kumar Majee, Ratnamala Chatterjee, and Preeti Bhobe
15:00 TT 43.7 Influence of lattice strain on the electronic and magnetic properties of SrRuO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures — •Robin Heumann, Robert Gruhl, and Philipp Gegenwart
15:00 TT 43.8 Manipulating the metal-insulator transition in ultrathin oxide films by strain engineering — •Sizhao Huang, Philipp Scheiderer, Judith Gabel, Michael Sing, and Ralph Claessen
15:00 TT 43.9 Towards noise spectroscopy at the Mott critical endpoint — •Tim Thyzel, Harald Schubert, Michael Lang, Takahiko Sasaki, and Jens Müller
15:00 TT 43.10 Thermal-history-dependent electronic properties of κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Br close to the Mott metal-insulator transition — •Florian Kollmannsberger, Shamil Erkenov, Natalia Kushch, Toni Helm, Werner Biberacher, and Mark Kartsovnik
15:00 TT 43.11 Tetragonal CuO : Suppression of nearest-neighbour correlations in a strongly correlated material — •Benjamin Bacq-Labreuil, Max Bramberger, Martin Grundner, Silke Biermann, Ulrich Schollwöck, Sebastian Paeckel, and Benjamin Lenz
15:00 TT 43.12 Thermal expansion measurements at low temperatures of a valence fluctuating system close to a critical endpoint. — •Arif Ata, Bernd Wolf, Jan Zimmermann, Marius Peters, Kristin Kliemt, Cornelius Krellner, and Michael Lang
15:00 TT 43.13 Probing the electron-lattice coupling near the valence transition in YbLn1−xAgxCu4 — •Jan Zimmermann, Bernd Wolf, Michelle Ocker, Kristin Kliemt, Cornelius Krellner, and Michael Lang
15:00 TT 43.14 Order from disorder phenomena in BaCoS2 — •Benjamin Lenz, Michele Fabrizio, and Michele Casula
15:00 TT 43.15 Basis dependence of the Mott transition in Ba2IrO4 within Dynamical Mean Field Theory — •Francesco Cassol, Léo Gaspard, Cyril Martins, Michele Casula, and Benjamin Lenz
15:00 TT 43.16 Calculating moments for many-electrons systems — •Elaheh Adibi and Erik Koch
15:00 TT 43.17 Exact diagonalization with twisted boundary conditions — •Benjamin Heinrich
15:00 TT 43.18 Symmetries and independent parameters of Coulomb matrix elements — •Coraline Letouzé, Guillaume Radtke, Benjamin Lenz, and Christian Brouder
15:00 TT 43.19 Phase diagram of the SU(3) Fermi-Hubbard model with next-neighbor interactions — •Arturo Pérez Romero, Jereson Silva Valencia, and Roberto Franco Peñaloza
15:00 TT 43.20 Spatiotemporal dynamics of classical and quantum density profiles in low-dimensional spin systemsTjark Heitmann, Jonas Richter, Fengping Jin, Kristel Michielsen, Hans De Raedt, and •Robin Steinigeweg
15:00 TT 43.21 Probing real-time broadening of nonequilibrium density profiles via a local coupling to a Lindblad bath — •Tjark Heitmann, Jonas Richter, Jacek Herbrych, Jochen Gemmer, and Robin Steinigeweg
15:00 TT 43.22 Configuration interaction based nonequilibrium steady state impurity solver for the Anderson-Holstein model — •Daniel Werner and Enrico Arrigoni
15:00 TT 43.23 Hilbert space fragmentation in open quantum systems — •Yahui Li, Pablo Sala, and Frank Pollmann
15:00 TT 43.24 Floquet engineering in tilted lattices — •Melissa Will, Pablo Sala, and Frank Pollmann
15:00 TT 43.25 Impact of decoherence on the route to equilibrium — •Jiaozi Wang and Jochen Gemmer
15:00 TT 43.26 Nonequilibrium steady-states in photodoped Mott insulators — •Fabian Künzel
15:00 TT 43.27 Quantum oscillations beyond the Onsager relation in a doped Mott insulator — •Valentin Leeb and Johannes Knolle
15:00 TT 43.28 Magnetism of graphene beyond half filling using a mean-field approach — •Maxime Lucas, Andreas Honecker, and Guy Trambly de Laissardière
15:00 TT 43.29 Spectral densities of quantum magnets with quenched disorder using the coherent potential approximation and perturbative continuous unitary transformations — •Max Hörmann and Kai Phillip Schmidt
  15:00 TT 43.30 The contribution has been withdrawn.
15:00 TT 43.31 Electrically and acoustically biased resonators for investigations of dielectric low temperature properties of amorphous solids — •Christian Ständer, Jan Blickberndt, Joyce Glass, Benedikt Frey, Andreas Reifenberger, Andreas Fleischmann, Andreas Reiser, and Christian Enss
15:00 TT 43.32 Investigating the Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Two-Level Systems at Low Temperatures — •Marcel Haas, Mareike Dinger, Lukas Münch, Jan Blickberndt, Andreas Reiser, Andreas Fleischmann, and Christian Enss
15:00 TT 43.33 Machine learning stochastic dynamics of order parameters — •Francesco Carnazza, Federico Carollo, Igor Lesanovsky, Georg Martius, Sabine Andergassen, and Miriam Klopotek
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