Regensburg 2010 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 6: Posters: DNA and DNA Enzymes

Montag, 22. März 2010, 17:15–20:00, Poster B1

17:15 BP 6.1 Electrostatic effects in DNA cyclization and DNA looping by proteins — •Andrey Cherstvy
17:15 BP 6.2 Information transfer and DNA microarrays — •Christian Trapp and Albrecht Ott
17:15 BP 6.3 High resolution optical tweezers for study of eukaryotic transcription — •Noemi Maria Porcellato, Adam Muschielok, and Jens Michaelis
17:15 BP 6.4 single-molecule force spectroscopy on phoB-DNA complexes — •Michael Birlo, Katrin Wollschläger, Rainer Eckel, Norbert Sewald, and Dario Anselmetti
17:15 BP 6.5 Binding Kinetics of Bisintercalator Triostin A Measurements with Optical Tweezers — •Andy Sischka, Christoph Kleimann, André Spiering, Katja Tönsing, Norbert Sewald, Ulf Diedrichsen, and Dario Anselmetti
17:15 BP 6.6 Optical Tweezers Measurements of Threading Individual DNA and DNA-Ligand-Complexes through Solid-State Nanopores — •Andre Spiering, Andy Sischka, Tanja Plötz, Christoph Kleimann, Katja Tönsing, Ina Seuffert, and Dario Anselmetti
17:15 BP 6.7 Visualisation of PCNA monoubiquitination in vivo by single pass spectral imaging FRET microscopy — •Christopher Batters, Hannah Zhu, and Julian Sale
17:15 BP 6.8 Stretching of DNA/TmHU-protein complexes in SMD simulations — •Carsten Olbrich and Ulrich Kleinekathöfer
17:15 BP 6.9 Unfolding mechanisms and the free energy landscape of the DNA i-motif — •Jens Smiatek and Andreas Heuer
17:15 BP 6.10 Towards sub second imaging of DNA compaction by AFM — •Jan Knappe, Sebastian Hanke, Szabolcs Sörös, Christoph F. Schmidt, Wolfgang Fischle, and Iwan A. T. Schaap
17:15 BP 6.11 Bayesian inference based evaluation of DNA hairpin dynamics — •Wolfgang Kügel, Adam Muschielok, and Jens Michaelis
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