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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 22: Posters I

Mittwoch, 28. März 2012, 17:00–19:00, Poster A

17:00 DY 22.1 Associated Liquids from Electronic Structure Methods — •Eva Perlt, Marc Brüssel, Sebastian B. C. Lehmann, Michael v. Domaros, and Barbara Kirchner
17:00 DY 22.2 Free-Energy Fluctuations and Chaos in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Model — •Christoph Norrenbrock, Timo Aspelmeier, and Alexander K. Hartmann
17:00 DY 22.3 An entropy based model-free definition of causal coupling strength for multivariate time series — •Jakob Runge, Jobst Heitzig, and Jürgen Kurths
17:00 DY 22.4 Simulating flexible polymers in a potential of randomly distributed hard disksSebastian Schöbl, •Johannes Zierenberg, and Wolfhard Janke
17:00 DY 22.5 Influence of rounding errors on the quality of heuristic optimization algorithms — •Martin Ransberger, Ingo Morgenstern, and Johannes Josef Schneider
17:00 DY 22.6 Understanding water and water mixtures by phenomenological considerations — •Lotta Heckmann and Barbara Drossel
17:00 DY 22.7 Effects of hydrodynamic interactions in heterogeneous nucleation of colloids — •Dominic Röhm and Axel Arnold
17:00 DY 22.8 Modelling Electrokinetic Phenomena with Lattice-Boltzmann and explicit Ions — •Georg Rempfer, Stefan Kesselheim, Dominic Röhm, and Christian Holm
17:00 DY 22.9 (contribution withdrawn) Scale-free enumeration of self-avoiding walks on critical percolation clusters — •Niklas Fricke and Wolfhard Janke
17:00 DY 22.10 Nonlinear analysis of Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) data of human brain neuron tracts — •Johanne Hizanidis, Panayiotis Katsaloulis, Dimitris Verganelakis, and Astero Provata
17:00 DY 22.11 Desynchronizing effect of high-frequency stimulation in a generic cortical network modelMarkus Schütt and •Jens Christian Claussen
17:00 DY 22.12 Auditory Stimulation to induce sleep slow oscillations — •Hong-Viet Ngo, Jan Born, Jens Christian Claussen, and Matthias Mölle
17:00 DY 22.13 Introducing Ca-dependent plasticity into cortical up/down-state models — •Michael Schellenberger and Jens Christian Claussen
17:00 DY 22.14 Multiscale entropy of heart rate fluctuations in patients with acromegaly — •Mirjana M Platiša, Svetozar Damjanović, and Vera Gal
17:00 DY 22.15 Effects of mechanical motion on electrical excitation of the heart — •Stefan Fruhner, Harald Engel, and Markus Bär
17:00 DY 22.16 Up- down state switching in a conductance- based cortical model — •Arne Weigenand, Thomas Martinetz, and Jens Christian Claussen
17:00 DY 22.17 Rigorous selection theory of free dendritic growth in a flow — •Martin von Kurnatowski and Klaus Kassner
17:00 DY 22.18 Biofilm growth in shear flows — •Jörn Hartung and Björn Hof
17:00 DY 22.19 The Three-Body Model of a Micro-swimmer — •Jayant Pande, Kristina Pickl, Jan Götz, Klaus Iglberger, Klaus Mecke, Ulrich Rüde, and Ana-Sunčana Smith
17:00 DY 22.20 Motions of aligned object with adjustable chiralities in the stirring-driven flow under the low Reynolds number condition. — •Sung-chih Su and Peilong Chen
17:00 DY 22.21 Molecular dynamics simulations of capillary rise in nano-channels — •Christian Thome and Heiko Rieger
17:00 DY 22.22 Strömungsfeld und Widerstand bei der Bewegung von Luftblasen in einer Flüssigkeit. — •Heinz Preuß
17:00 DY 22.23 DDES Simulation of the turbulent wake of a fractal square gridHannes Hochstein, Stefan Weytemeier, Bernhard Stoevesandt, and •Joachim Peinke
17:00 DY 22.24 Gaussian vortex approximation to the instanton equations of two-dimensional turbulence — •Kolja Kleineberg and Rudolf Friedrich
17:00 DY 22.25 Fraktale Beschreibung turbulenter Windfelder — •Martin Menke
17:00 DY 22.26 New anemometers for turbulent flow measurements on different scales — •Hendrik Heißelmann, Jaroslaw Puczylowski, Michael Hölling, and Joachim Peinke
17:00 DY 22.27 Directed percolation model for turbulence transition in shear flows — •Korinna Allhoff and Bruno Eckhardt
17:00 DY 22.28 (contribution withdrawn) Detached-Eddy Simulation of the MEXICO wind turbine with OpenFOAM — •Henry Plischka, Ivan Herraez, Bernhard Stoevesandt, and Joachim Peinke
17:00 DY 22.29 Identifying Heat Transport Processes in Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard Convection via a PDF Equation Approach — •Johannes Lülff, Richard J.A.M. Stevens, Michael Wilczek, Rudolf Friedrich, and Detlef Lohse
17:00 DY 22.30 Functional renormalisation flow equation for Burgers' equation — •Steven Mathey, Jan Martin Pawlowski, and Thomas Gasenzer
17:00 DY 22.31 Time-delayed and spatially nonlocal feedback control of front or pulse propagation — •Anna Kuznetsova, Markus A. Dahlem, and Eckehard Schöll
17:00 DY 22.32 Applications of variable delay dynamics: Stability of regenerative chatter in machining with spindle speed variation — •Andreas Otto and Günter Radons
17:00 DY 22.33 Complex behavior in diffusively coupled systems with variable delay — •Jian Wang and Günter Radons
17:00 DY 22.34 Stability of frequency-locked solutions on a ring of coupled phase oscillators with distributed delays — •Lucas Wetzel, Saul Ares, Luis G. Morelli, Andrew C. Oates, and Frank Jülicher
17:00 DY 22.35 Wave nucleation and stabilization in curved media — •Frederike Kneer, Sebastian Boie, Eckehard Schöll, and Markus A. Dahlem
17:00 DY 22.36 Surfactant-induced gradients in the 3D Belousov-Zhabotunsky reaction — •Dennis Kupitz, Sergio Alonso, Markus Bär, and Marcus Hauser
17:00 DY 22.37 Interaction between a scroll wave and a perpendicular gradient — •Patricia Dähmlow and Marcus Hauser
17:00 DY 22.38 (contribution withdrawn) Local coupling of non-linear oscillators studied in the Bhelousov-Zhabotinsky reaction — •Claudia Lenk, Mario Einax, Philipp Maass, and Michael Koehler
17:00 DY 22.39 Dynamics of scroll rings in confined geometry — •Arash Azhand, Teresa Reinhard, Rico Buchholz, and Harald Engel
17:00 DY 22.40 Fluctuations, linear response and heat flux of an aging systemJuan Ruben Gomez-Solano, •Artyom Petrosyan, and Sergio Ciliberto
17:00 DY 22.41 Limited validity of the transient fluctuation theorem for instantaneous entropy differences in Langevin dynamics — •Hendrik Niemeyer and Jochen Gemmer
17:00 DY 22.42 Driven transport in lattice gases with nearest-neighbor interactions and general couplings to particle reservoirs — •Marcel Dierl, Philipp Maass, and Mario Einax
17:00 DY 22.43 Fluctuation of work and heat of the isothermal expansion of an ideal gas — •Johannes Hoppenau and Andreas Engel
17:00 DY 22.44 Nonlinear Dynamics of Coupled Oscillators with Localized Energy Dissipation — •Rita Leite and Lutz Schimansky-Geier
17:00 DY 22.45 Stochastic description of a bistable frustrated unit — •Hannes Nagel, Wolfhard Janke, and Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns
17:00 DY 22.46 Glassy dynamics of kinks in stripe phases — •Christian Riesch, Günter Radons, and Robert Magerle
17:00 DY 22.47 Mean-field approach to coherence resonance in a coupled oscillator systems — •Paul Geffert, Valentin Flunkert, and Eckehard Schöll
17:00 DY 22.48 Complex Dynamics of Quantum Dot Lasers Under Optical Injection — •Christian Otto, Johannes Pausch, Kathy Lüdge, and Eckehard Schöll
17:00 DY 22.49 Attractor dimension at the transition to chaos synchronization for networks with time-delayed couplings — •Steffen Zeeb and Wolfgang Kinzel
17:00 DY 22.50 Geometry of inertial manifolds probed via a Lyapunov projection method — •Hong-liu Yang and Günter Radons
17:00 DY 22.51 Singularities in the delay-time distribution of 2D scattering systems — •Stefan Majewsky and Holger Schanz
17:00 DY 22.52 Active self-organization of disordered arrangements of orientation preference in cortical networks — •Juan Daniel Florez Weidinger, Wolfgang Keil, and Fred Wolf
17:00 DY 22.53 Lattice Boltzmann simulation of thermal convection in a thin filmMarkus Abel, Luca Biferale, Mauro Sbragaglia, and •Henning Krüsemann
17:00 DY 22.54 Distinguishing determinism from stochasticity: ordinal analysis of the structure of the spiking activity of semiconductor lasers with optical feedback — •Andrés Aragoneses, Taciano Sorrentino, Nicolas Rubido, Maria Carme Torrent, and Cristina Masoller
17:00 DY 22.55 Detecting long-range teleconnections in the climate network via ordinal pattern time-series analysis — •Juan Ignacio Deza, Marcelo Barreiro, and Cristina Masoller
17:00 DY 22.56 Still wanted: a ubiquitous source of entropy. — •Jürgen Schlitter
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