Hannover 2013 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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MO: Fachverband Molekülphysik

MO 19: Poster 2: Biomolecules, Cold Molecules, Experimental Techniques, Various Topics

Mittwoch, 20. März 2013, 16:00–18:30, Empore Lichthof

16:00 MO 19.1 Fluorescence spectroscopy of isolated PTCDA molecules on the KCl surface: Site selection and vibrational spectra — •Alexander Paulheim, Mathias Müller, Christian Marquardt, and Moritz Sokolowski
16:00 MO 19.2 Molecular state selection and species separation by deflection — •Jens S. Kienitz, Sebastian Trippel, Terence G. Mullins, Yuan-Pin Chang, Nele L. M. Müller, Stephan Stern, Karol Długołecki, and Jochen Küpper
16:00 MO 19.3 On the conformers of Glycine — •Thomas Kierspel, Yuan-Pin Chang, and Jochen Küpper
16:00 MO 19.4 Controlled Molecules for Atomic Resolution X-ray Imaging — •Stephan Stern, Jochen Küpper, Henry N. Chapman, and Daniel Rolles
16:00 MO 19.5 Producing deeply bound ultracold LiRb molecules using laser pulses near a Feshbach resonance — •Marko Gacesa, Subhas Ghosal, and Robin Côté
16:00 MO 19.6 Controlled molecules for rotational dynamics studiesSebastian Trippel, Terence G. Mullins, •Nele L. M. Müller, Jens S. Kienitz, Karol Długołecki, and Jochen Küpper
16:00 MO 19.7 Sisyphus Cooling of Electrically Trapped Polyatomic Molecules — •Rosa Glöckner, Barbara G.U. Englert, Alexander Prehn, Martin Ibrügger, Martin Zeppenfeld, and Gerhard Rempe
16:00 MO 19.8 Fokussierung abgebremster polarer Moleküle im Rotationsgrundzustand mit einem Mikrowellen-Resonator — •Steffen Spieler, Wei Zhong, Pavle Djuricanin, Frank Stienkemeier und Takamasa Momose
16:00 MO 19.9 Finding pathways for creation of cold molecules by laser spectroscopy — •Ivo Temelkov, Horst Knöckel, and Eberhard Tiemann
16:00 MO 19.10 Centrifuge deceleration of electrically guided beams of polar molecules from a cryogenic source — •Sotir Chervenkov, Xing Wu, Andreas Rohlfes, Martin Zeppenfeld, and Gerhard Rempe
16:00 MO 19.11 Towards the creation of ground-state RbSr molecules — •Slava Tzanova, Alex Bayerle, Benjamin Pasquiou, Simon Stellmer, Florian Vogl, Rudolf Grimm, and Florian Schreck
16:00 MO 19.12 High-intracavity-power lasers for molecule alignment — •Bastian Deppe, Kolja Beil, Christian Kränkel, Günter Huber, and Jochen Küpper
16:00 MO 19.13 A travelling-wave Zeeman decelerator — •Dongdong Zhang, Jean-Paul Cromières, Henrik Haak, Gerard Meijer, and Nicolas Vanhaecke
16:00 MO 19.14 Conformer-specific reactions with Coulomb-crystallized ions — •Yuan-Pin Chang, Karol Długołecki, Jochen Küpper, Daniel Rösch, and Stefan Willitsch
16:00 MO 19.15 Development of a large-area detector for position and energy resolving detection of molecular fragments — •L. Gamer, A. Kampkötter, S. Kempf, C. Krantz, O. Novotny, C. Pies, P. Ranitzsch, S. Schäfer, A. Wolf, T. Wolf, L. Gastaldo, A. Fleischmann, and C. Enss
16:00 MO 19.16 Sequential transport through molecules with rapidly fluctuating bridges — •Bogdan Popescu, Benjamin Woiczikowski, Marcus Elstner, and Ulrich Kleinekathoefer
16:00 MO 19.17 Time-Resolved Spectroscopy on Isolated RC-LH1 Complexes of Rhodopseudomonas palustris — •Sebastian R. Beyer, Lars Müller, Richard Hildner, June Southall, Richard J. Cogdell, G. Matthias Ullmann, and Jürgen Köhler
16:00 MO 19.18 Atomistic modeling of FMO light-harvesting complex in different envirnments — •Mortaza Aghtar, Carsten Olbrich, Johan Strümpfer, Klaus Schulten, and Ulrich Kleinekathöfer
16:00 MO 19.19 Nanosecond T-Jump experiments in small proteins - a circular dichroism study — •Andreas Steinbacher, Lucille Mendonça, and François Hache
16:00 MO 19.20 A comprehensive study of excited state dynamics of retinal derivatives - Influence of excitation wavelengths and chemical environments — •Jan Philip Kraack, Tiago Buckup, and Marcus Motzkus
16:00 MO 19.21 Fluorescence spectroscopy on a potential new drug: Interaction of anle138b with α-synuclein aggregates — •Anne Reiner, Andreas Deeg, Felix Schmidt, Florian Schüder, Andrei Leonov, Sergey Ryazanov, Wolfgang Zinth, Christian Griesinger, and Armin Giese
16:00 MO 19.22 Role of hydration on the functionality of a proteolytic enzyme α-chymotrypsin under crowded environment — •Pramod Verma, Rajib Mitra, and Samir Pal
16:00 MO 19.23 Simulating excitonic processes in light-harvesting complexes — •Chandrasekaran Suryanarayanan, Mortaza Aghtar, and Ulrich Kleinekathöfer
16:00 MO 19.24 A 6 K Ion Trap Triple Mass Spectrometer for Isomer-Selective IR/IR Photodissociation Experiments — •Nadja Heine and Knut R. Asmis
16:00 MO 19.25 Single-particle orbit tracking: A new method for tracking fluorescent particles with high temporal and spatial resolution.Dominic Raithel, Daniel Zalami, Dominique Ernst, Markus Retsch, •Gerken Uwe, and Jürgen Köhler
16:00 MO 19.26 Use of a Kretschmann Configuration for the Detection of Raman Spectra from Low-Concentration Aqueous Samples — •Alireza Mazaheri Tehrani, Faezeh Mohaghegh, and Arnulf Materny
16:00 MO 19.27 Multilayer Detection of Polymer Films Using Raman Spectroscopy — •Rasha Hassanein, Burcu Şengül, Bernd von der Kammer, and Arnulf Materny
16:00 MO 19.28 Numerical optimization of excitation spectra for fast Singlebeam- CARS imaging — •Alexander Wipfler, Jean Rehbinder, Tiago Buckup, and Marcus Motzkus
16:00 MO 19.29 Mapping Purity of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes in Bulk Samples with Multiplex Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman MicroscopyAlex S. Duarte, Jean Rehbinder, Ricardo R.B. Correia, •Tiago Buckup, and Marcus Motzkus
16:00 MO 19.30 High Resolution Rotational Spectroscopy of Zeeman and Hyperfine Effects in PbF and YbF — •Richard Mawhorter, Alex Baum, Zachary Glassman, Benjamin Girodias, Trevor Sears, Neil Shafer-Ray, Lukas Alphei, and Jens-Uwe Grabow
16:00 MO 19.31 Evidence of emitter site oscillations in dissociating core-excited oxygen molecules — •Toralf Lischke, Burkhard Langer, Rainer Hentges, Markus Braune, Sanja Korica, Daniel Rolles, Andre Meissner, Gregor Hartmann, Ralph Püttner, Markus Ilchen, Oliver Kugeler, Andre Knie, Jens Viefhaus, Arno Ehresmann, Omar Al-Dossary, and Uwe Becker
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