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MM: Fachverband Metall- und Materialphysik

MM 28: Poster Session II

Dienstag, 17. März 2015, 18:30–20:30, Poster E

  18:30 MM 28.1 The contribution has been moved to MM 17.35.
18:30 MM 28.2 Fitting an Interatomic Potential for Accurate Description of the Iron-Chromium System — •Sebastian Eich, Daniel Beinke, and Guido Schmitz
18:30 MM 28.3 Calculation of Electronic Thermophysical Parameters for Steel Alloys based on Density Functional Theory — •Juergen Sotrop, Jan Winter, Heinz P. Huber, Stephan Borek, and Jan Minar
18:30 MM 28.4 Exact models and numerics for the relativistic single-site scattering problem — •Matthias Geilhufe, Steven Achilles, Markus Arthur Koebis, Martin Arnold, Ingrid Mertig, Wolfram Hergert, and Arthur Ernst
18:30 MM 28.5 Correlation energy evaluation in extended systems beyond the RPA — •Emanuele Maggio and Georg Kresse
18:30 MM 28.6 Gutzwiller Density Functional Theory — •Tobias Schickling, Jörg Bünemann, and Florian Gebhard
18:30 MM 28.7 Automatically generated MEAM potentials from DFT for simulation of LixSiy battery materials — •Sebastian Schwalbe and Jens Kortus
18:30 MM 28.8 Efficient numerical treatment of irregular coupled radial scattering solutions — •Rudolf Zeller
  18:30 MM 28.9 The contribution has been withdrawn.
18:30 MM 28.10 Calculated Mechanical and Thermal Properties of CePt3Si and CePt3B above their Magnetic-Ordering Temperatures by an LDA-Based Ab-Initio Theory — •Rudolf Sykora, Dominik Legut, Gerda Rogl, Peter Müller, Herbert Müller, Ernst Bauer, Stephan Puchegger, and Peter Rogl
18:30 MM 28.11 Simulation of the elastic properties of nanomechanical beam and membrane resonators — •Kristian Scholz, Ananta Kälberer, Tobias Kemmer, Thomas Möller, Daniel Mutter, Markus Ring, Ralf Schmid, Martin Vögele, and Peter Nielaba
18:30 MM 28.12 Nanoporous Germanium-Silicon alloys by ion irradiation at low energies — •Fritz Lehnert and Stefan G. Mayr
18:30 MM 28.13 Absolute Photoluminescence Quantum Yields and Lifetimes of in Toluene Dispersed Hexagonal β-NaYF4: x % Tm3+, 20 % Yb3+ Upconversion Nanoparticles — •Marco Kraft, Martin Kaiser, Christian Würth, Tero Soukka, and Ute Resch-Genger
  18:30 MM 28.14 The contribution has been withdrawn.
18:30 MM 28.15 Plasticity at the low end of the nanoscale - a crossover to glass-like behavior? — •Christian Braun, Manuel Grewer, and Rainer Birringer
18:30 MM 28.16 Investigation of the magnetic phase transition in iron-rhodium thin films by ferromagnetic resonance — •Alirerza Heidarian, Jürgen Lindner, Rantej Bali, Kay Potzger, Jörg Grenzer, Sven Hoffmann, Michael Farle, and Florian Römer
18:30 MM 28.17 Laser assisted fabrication of chalcogenide nanostructures with tailored morphology — •Thomas Vasileiadis and Spyros N. Yannopoulos
18:30 MM 28.18 metallic nanoparticles and nanoalloys fabricated via solid state deweting — •Dong Wang, Andreas Herz, and Peter Schaaf
18:30 MM 28.19 In-situ and ex-situ HRTEM characterization of heated, supersaturated metal-carbide nanoparticles — •Michael Hering, Darius Pohl, Ludwig Schultz, and Bernd Rellinghaus
18:30 MM 28.20 Highly ordered one-dimensional metal nanowire arrays for SERS — •yong-tae kim, stefan l. schweizer, jörg schilling, and ralf b. wehrspohn
18:30 MM 28.21 Simulation of Nanocolumn Formation in a Plasma Environment — •Jan Willem Abraham, Thomas Strunskus, Franz Faupel, and Michael Bonitz
18:30 MM 28.22 Electronic states at SnO/SnO2 heterointerfaces — •Arwa Abdullah Albar, H. A. Tahini, and U. Schwingenschlögl
18:30 MM 28.23 Atomistic simulations of interfaces and dislocations in Mg-Al alloys — •Tobias Klöffel, Bernd Meyer, and Erik Bitzek
18:30 MM 28.24 Measuring the Stress Distribution of Bio-Inspired Adhesives in Contact — •Jens W. Neubauer, Longjian Xue, Johann Erath, Dirk-Michael Drotlef, Aránzazu del Campo, and Andreas Fery
18:30 MM 28.25 Characterization of bioinspired hybrid materials by multi-scale analysis — •Britta Seidt, André Gjardy, Keith Gregorzyk, Mato Knez, Valeria Samsoninkova, Felix Hanßke, Hans Börner, Peter Fratzl, and Wolfgang Wagermaier
18:30 MM 28.26 Characteristics of the artificial nanocrystalline calcium carbonate microlens arrays subjected to the amorphous/crystalline phase transformation — •Ingo Schmidt, Kyubock Lee, Emil Zolotoyabko, Peter Werner, Peter Fratzl, and Wolfgang Wagermaier
18:30 MM 28.27 Hydrophobic interaction governs unspecific adhesion of staphylococci: a single cell force spectroscopy study — •Nicolas Thewes, Peter Loskill, Philipp Jung, Henrik Peisker, Markus Bischoff, Mathias Herrmann, and Karin Jacobs
18:30 MM 28.28 The influence of the stacking fault energy on the microstructure evolution of severely deformed Cu-Ni alloys — •Friederike Emeis, Gerhard Wilde, Harald Rösner, and Matthias Wegner
18:30 MM 28.29 Hot Isostatic Pressed Tungsten Fiber-Reinforced Tungsten — •Bruno Jasper, Jan W. Coenen, Johann Riesch, Till Höschen, and Christian Linsmeier
18:30 MM 28.30 Effect of Mg addition on the mechanical properties of a Zn-Al-Cu alloy — •Zhicheng Wu, Liang Wu, Weiping Hu, Günter Gottstein, and Sandra Korte-Kerzel
18:30 MM 28.31 Flow curve simulations of aluminum binary alloys — •Volker Pankoke, Volker Mohles, Philipp Schumacher, and Benjamin Milkereit
18:30 MM 28.32 Strong correlation between acoustic and electromagnetic emissions during plastic deformation and destruction in solidsDimitris Mastrogiannis, Tatiana Antsygina, •Konstantin Chishko, Claire Mavromatou, and Vassilios Hadjicontis
18:30 MM 28.33 (Nano-)Mechanical properties of intermetallic phases in the Fe-Mo system at elevated temperatures — •Sebastian Schröders and Sandra Korte-Kerzel
18:30 MM 28.34 Influence of heterogeneities on the fracture behavior of NiAl — •Polina N. Baranova, Johannes J. Möller, and Erik Bitzek
18:30 MM 28.35 Applying the concept of gradient elastic tensors in the determination of dislocation densities in MAX phasesChristoph Brüsewitz, Ulrich Vetter, •Hans Hofsäss, and Michel W. Barsoum
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