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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 42: Data analytics for dynamical systems I (joint session SOE/BP/CPP/DY)

Dienstag, 17. März 2020, 09:30–13:15, GÖR 226

Data analytics is often focussed on (generalized) regression to create models of the structure of complex systems. Here we focus on data-driven approaches of data analytics for complex systems that take into account their intrinsic nonlinear dynamics. Applications to natural and human-made systems, from cardiac dynamics to human mobility, illustrate recent progress and current methodological challenges. (Session organized by Marc Timme)

09:30 CPP 42.1 Topical Talk: One model to rule them all — •Jens Timmer
10:00 CPP 42.2 Volatility and Fractionality in Power-Grid Frequency — •Leonardo Rydin Gorjão, Anton Yurchenko-Tytarenko, and Dirk Witthaut
10:15 CPP 42.3 Topical Talk: Gaming the system - Analyzing Uber price data reveals anomalous supply shortages — •Malte Schröder, David Storch, Philip Marszal, and Marc Timme
10:45 CPP 42.4 Estimation of Langevin equations with correlated noise for signals of complex systems — •Clemens Willers and Oliver Kamps
11:00 CPP 42.5 Hyper-Parameter Optimization for Identification of Dynamical Systems — •Tobias Wand, Alina Steinberg, Tim Kroll, and Oliver Kamps
11:15 CPP 42.6 Topical Talk: Data driven modelling of spatio-temporal chaos in extended dynamical systems — •Ulrich Parlitz, Sebastian Herzog, Florentin Wörgötter, Roland S. Zimmermann, Jonas Isensee, and George Datseris
11:45 CPP 42.7 Predicting Spatio-Temporal Time Series Using Dimension Reduced Local States — •Jonas Isensee, George Datseris, and Ulrich Parlitz
12:00 CPP 42.8 Topical Talk: Limits to predictability of complex systems dynamicsJonathan Brisch and •Holger Kantz
12:30 CPP 42.9 Network inference from event sequences: Disentangling synchrony from serial dependency — •Reik Donner, Forough Hassanibesheli, Frederik Wolf, and Adrian Odenweller
12:45 CPP 42.10 Reconstruction of nonlinear correlations and dynamical lawsMirko Rossini, Konstantin Schmitz, and •Jürgen Stockburger
13:00 CPP 42.11 Collective Response of Reservoir Networks — •Arash Akrami, Fabio Schittler Neves, Xiaozhu Zhang, Malte Schröder, and Marc Timme
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