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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 47: Focus: Phase Separation in Biological Systems II (joint session BP/CPP)

Dienstag, 17. März 2020, 09:30–12:45, ZEU 250

Stem cells have the remarkable capacity to differentiate into multiple cell types and therefore play pivotal roles in our understanding of tissue maintenance and disease. Theoretical and experimental approaches from physics have advanced our understanding of stem cell dynamics, while at the same time stem cell biology has led to questions at the frontier of non-equilibrium physics. In this session, we will show how mechanical signalling influences cell fate and how concepts from physics can yield understanding of the collective phenomena underlying stem cell behaviour on the molecular and cellular scales.

09:30 CPP 47.1 Salt-dependent rheology and surface tension of protein condensates using optical trapsLouise Jawerth, Mahdiye Ijavi, Martine Ruer, Shambaditya Saha, Marcus Jahnel, Anthony Hyman, Frank Jülicher, and •Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich
09:45 CPP 47.2 Protein condenstates as aging Maxwell fluids — •Louise Jawerth, Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich, Anthony Hyman, and Frank Julicher
10:00 CPP 47.3 Phase separation provides a mechanism to reduce noise in cells — •Florian Oltsch, Adam Klosin, Tyler Harmon, Alf Honigmann, Frank Jülicher, Anthony Hyman, and Christoph Zechner
10:15 CPP 47.4 Phase Separation of Active Polymers — •Antoine Deblais, Daniel Bonn, and Sander Woutersen
10:30 CPP 47.5 Hauptvortrag: Could the cytoskeleton influence liquid-liquid phase separation? — •Eric Dufresne
  11:00 30 min. coffee break
11:30 CPP 47.6 Theory of dissolution front dynamics predicts droplet distribution in stiffness gradients — •Estefania Vidal-Henriquez and David Zwicker
11:45 CPP 47.7 Structure and development of patterned silica in the diatom frustule. — •Maria Feofilova and Eric Dufresne
12:00 CPP 47.8 Formation of pilus induced cellular aggregates and their rheological properties — •Hui-Shun Kuan, Frank Jülicher, and Vasily Zaburdaev
12:15 CPP 47.9 Active growth and degradation of coacervate droplets controlled by enzymatic reactions — •Karina Nakashima, Alain André, Merlijn van Haren, and Evan Spruijt
12:30 CPP 47.10 Protein storage vacuoles and autophagosomes form by similar physical mechanisms — •Roland L. Knorr
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