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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 20: Poster Session I

Montag, 12. März 2018, 17:30–19:30, Poster A

Topics: Bioinspired Functional Materials (20.1-20.4), Biomaterials and Biopolymers (20.5-20.12), Polymers in Multi-Compartment and Aqueous Solutions (20.13-20.21), Modeling and Simulation of Soft Matter (20.22-20.24), Data-driven Methods in Molecular Simulations of Soft-Matter Systems (20.25-20.26), Polymer Networks and Elastomers (20.27-20.29), Polymer and Molecular Dynamics (20.30-20.33), Molecularly Functionalized Low-Dimensional Systems (20.34-20.35), Charged Soft Matter, Polyelectrolytes and Ionic Liquids (20.36-20.47), Crystallization, Nucleation and Self-Assembly (20.48), Interfaces and Thin Films (20.49-20.62).

17:30 CPP 20.1 Dry adhesives of structured polydimethylsiloxane — •Andreas Zheng, Volker Körstgens, Hsin-Yin Chiang, and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
17:30 CPP 20.2 Imitation of scattering networks by foam models — •Dominic Meiers, Marie-Christin Angermann, and Georg von Freymann
17:30 CPP 20.3 Entangled Nets from Surface Drawings — •Benedikt Kolbe
17:30 CPP 20.4 Rearrangement of nanopatterns: Wetting of n-alkane Molecular FilmsDiego Diaz, Tomas P. Corrales, Maria J. Retamal, Marcelo Cisternas, Nicolas Moraga, Rodrigo Catalan, Mark Busch, Patrick Huber, Marco Soto-Arriaza, and •Ulrich G. Volkmann
17:30 CPP 20.5 Microrheology of hydrogel-like biological materials — •Elke Bradt, Sabine Hild, Erwin K. Reichel, Thomas Voglhuber-Brunnmaier, and Milan Kracalik
17:30 CPP 20.6 Protein exchange on Gold Nanoparticles -- Tailored Polymers as model systems — •Carmen Radeke, Jonas Schubert, Munish Chanana, and Andreas Fery
17:30 CPP 20.7 Adsorption of finite semiflexible polymers and their loop and tail distributions — •Tobias A. Kampmann and Jan Kierfeld
17:30 CPP 20.8 Non-Classical Interactions of Phosphatidylcholine with Mucin for Protection of Intestinal Surfaces: A Microinterferometry Study — •Federico Amadei and Motomu Tanaka
17:30 CPP 20.9 In situ GISAXS analysis of spray deposited metal-biopolymer thin films — •Wiebke Ohm, Michał Kamiński, Pallavi Pandit, Calvin Brett, Shun Yu, Nitesh Mittal, Daniel Söderberg, and Stephan V. Roth
17:30 CPP 20.10 Raman spectroscopy on bioinorganic model complexes — •Dieter Rukser, Florian Biebl, Melissa Teubner, Benjamin Grimm-Lebsanft, Patricia Liebhäuser, Sarah Neville, Alexander Hoffmann, Linda Doerrer, Sonja Herres-Pawlis, and Michael Rübhausen
17:30 CPP 20.11 Simulations of linear and cyclic RGD peptides at a free surface of the polymer brushes — •Olga Guskova, Ulla König, Petra Uhlmann, and Jens-Uwe Sommer
17:30 CPP 20.12 A Theoretical Study of the Interaction of Calcite with Amino Acids — •Robert Stepić, Zlatko Brkljača, Ana-Sunčana Smith, and David M. Smith
17:30 CPP 20.13 SANS Study on the Pressure-Dependence of the Cononsolvency Effect in Aqueous PNIPAM Solutions — •Bart-Jan Niebuur, Kora-Lee Claude, Ralf Schweins, Vitaliy Pipich, Marie-Sousai Appavou, Alfons Schulte, and Christine M. Papadakis
17:30 CPP 20.14 The structural, thermal and dynamic behavior of the thermoresponsive polymer Poly(N-isopropylmethyacrylamide) — •Chia-Hsin Ko, Kora-Lee Claude, Dirk Schanzenbach, Bart-Jan Niebuur, Xiaohan Zhang, Dionysia Aravopoulou, Apostolos Kyritsis, Henrich Frielinghaus, Peter Müller-Buschbaum, André Laschewsky, and Christine M. Papadakis
17:30 CPP 20.15 Thermodynamics of polyNIPAM -- simulation study — •Vladimir Palivec, Denis Zadrazil, and Jan Heyda
17:30 CPP 20.16 NiPAM-salt interactions in aqueous solutions — •Jakub Polák, Vladimír Palivec, Adam Kovalčík, Pavel Vrbka, Daniel Ondo, and Jan Heyda
17:30 CPP 20.17 Morphology of Amphiphilic Bottlebrush Copolymers in Dilute Aqueous Solution — •Jia-Jhen Kang, Kaltrina Shehu, Junpeng Zhao, Stergios Pispas, and Christine M. Papadakis
17:30 CPP 20.18 Morphological study of drug delivery systems based on poly(2-oxazoline) bottle brushes — •Kaltrina Shehu, Jia-Jhen Kang, Clemens Sachse, Rainer Jordan, and Christine M. Papadakis
17:30 CPP 20.19 A wide range of surface forces of PSS terminated polyelectrolyte multilayers — •Heba Soker Mohamad, Sven Neuber, Annkatrin Sill, and Chistiane A. Helm
17:30 CPP 20.20 Scattering Behavior of Distorted Semi-Flexible Polymers and Semi-Flexible Random Copolymers — •Reinhard Sigel
17:30 CPP 20.21 One-Pot Synthesis of Copper Oxide Nanowires and PVDF/CuO Composite Films for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting ApplicationSamiran Garain, •Karsten Henkel, Dipankar Mandal, and Dieter Schmeißer
17:30 CPP 20.22 Molecular dynamics simulation of hyperbranched polymers as a twofold distributed polymer system — •Peter Friedel, Shamila Firdaus, Albena Lederer, and Susanne Boye
17:30 CPP 20.23 Event-chain simulations of many semiflexible polymers — •Tobias A. Kampmann and Jan Kierfeld
17:30 CPP 20.24 Assignment of polymer geometries in STM images via statistical analysis of fitted patterns — •Florian Günther, Dmitry Skidin, Francesca Moresco, Gianaurelio Cuniberti, Sibylle Gemming, and Gotthard Seifert
17:30 CPP 20.25 Machine learning of correlated dihedral potentials for atomistic molecular force fields — •Pascal Friederich, Manuel Konrad, Timo Strunk, and Wolfgang Wenzel
17:30 CPP 20.26 Quantifying how coarse-graining reduces the size of chemical compound space — •Kiran Kanekal, Kurt Kremer, and Tristan Bereau
17:30 CPP 20.27 The elasticity of real polymer networks without entanglements — •Michael Lang, Toni Müller, and Jens-Uwe Sommer
17:30 CPP 20.28 Development of a self-healing silicone rubber for high-voltage cable accessories — •Lena Barnefske, Andreas Petersen, Gerd Heidmann, and Heinz Sturm
17:30 CPP 20.29 Intercalation of p-aminobenzoic acid into layered cobalt hydroxide salt using a hydrothermal methodology: synthesis, characterization, and evaluation as potential modifier of polyethylene of absorption ultraviolet ray properties — •neffer gomez, swami maruyama, fernando wypych, and andreas leuteritz
17:30 CPP 20.30 Molecular Modeling of Polycarbonate Materials: Glass Transition and Mechanical Properties — •Karol Palczynski, Andreas Wilke, Manfred Paeschke, and Joachim Dzubiella
17:30 CPP 20.31 Structure-Property Relationships of Hyperbranched Polyamine ester/Ka-DCA nanocomposites. — •Shereen Omara, Mona H Abdel Rehim, Gamal Turky, Sherif Madkour, and Andreas Schönhals
17:30 CPP 20.32 Dynamic Properties of Multiblock Copolymers — •Fabian Berressem, Friederike Schmid, and Arash Nikoubashman
17:30 CPP 20.33 Evaluating thermal diffusion forced rayleigh scattering experiments with polydisperse polymers — •Bastian Pur and Werner Köhler
17:30 CPP 20.34 Quantum currents and pair correlation of electrons in a chain of localized dots — •Klaus Morawetz
17:30 CPP 20.35 Covalent dye functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes — •Gririraj Manoharan, Henrik Flötotto, Petra Bösel, René Wieczorek, Jan Kurzhals, Paul Kögerler, Wolfgang Harneit, Claire Besson, and Carola Meyer
17:30 CPP 20.36 Simulation of lithium-ion model batteries: A lattice Monte Carlo approach — •Alina Wettstein, Oliver Rubner, and Andreas Heuer
17:30 CPP 20.37 Incorporating chemical reactivity into classical molecular dynamics simulations — •Myra Biedermann, Diddo Diddens, and Andreas Heuer
17:30 CPP 20.38 Finite-Size Effects in Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Ionic Liquids — •Diddo Diddens, Volker Lesch, Andreas Heuer, and Jens Smiatek
17:30 CPP 20.39 Tuning and Suppressing the Conduction of Ionic Liquids by Confinement in Nanoporous Metal-Organic FrameworksAnemar Bruno Kanj, Rupal Verma, •Modan Liu, Wolfgang Wenzel, and Lars Heinke
17:30 CPP 20.40 Multi-Phase Transition Behavior of Highly Conductive Polybromide Ionic Liquids — •Falk Frenzel, Karsten Sonnenberg, Sebastian Hasenstab-Riedel, and Friedrich Kremer
17:30 CPP 20.41 Inter- and Intramolecular Interactions in an Extraordinary Conductive Polymeric Ionic Liquid — •Arthur Markus Anton, Falk Frenzel, and Friedrich Kremer
17:30 CPP 20.42 1H and 19F PFG NMR of choline-based ionic liquids in bulk and in carbon fibers — •Emmanouil Veroutis, Steffen Merz, Markus Gehring, Rüdiger Eichel, and Josef Granwehr
17:30 CPP 20.43 Static and Dynamic Properties of [C2Mim][NTf2] Ionic Liquid on Neutral Sapphire Surface — •Nataša Vučemilović -Alagić, Daniel Berger, Jens Harting, Christian Wick, David M. Smith, and Ana-Sunčana Smith
17:30 CPP 20.44 Strong Polyelectrolytes and Specific Counterion Condensation Effects: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study — •anand narayanan krishnamoorthy, christian holm, and jens smiatek
17:30 CPP 20.45 Roughness and Salt Annealing in a Polyelectrolyte Multilayer — •Amir Azinfar, Sven Neuber, Jiri Vanecek, Maria Vancova, Viteslav Stranak, and Christiane A. Helm
17:30 CPP 20.46 Electrostatic bending response of a helical chain of charges — •Alexandra Zampetaki, Jan Stockhofe, and Peter Schmelcher
17:30 CPP 20.47 Interactions among Spherical Polyelectrolyte Brushes in Concentrated Aqueous Solutions — •Yunwei Wang, Regine von Klitzing, and Xuhong Guo
17:30 CPP 20.48 Silica Coating for Stabilization of Tubular J-aggregates — •Katherine Herman, Stefan Kirstein, and Jürgen P. Rabe
17:30 CPP 20.49 Growth Kinetics and Molecular Mobility of Irreversibly Adsorbed Layers in Thin Polymer Films — •Marcel Gawek and Andreas Schönhals
17:30 CPP 20.50 Phase Separation in Phthalocyanine-Fullerene Co-Deposited Thin Films — •Berthold Reisz, Giuliano Duva, Valentina Belova, Clemens Zeiser, Santanu Maiti, Alexander Hinderhofer, Alexander Gerlach, and Frank Schreiber
17:30 CPP 20.51 Thin films of ultrahigh molecular weight diblock copolymers — •Wei Cao, Senlin Xia, Michael Appold, Markus Gallei, and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
17:30 CPP 20.52 Printed low bandgap polymer films — •Xinyu Jiang and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
17:30 CPP 20.53 Investigation of the impact of antifoam agents on lipid membranes by XRR and BAM — •Mike Moron, Susanne Dogan, Julia Nase, Michael Paulus, and Metin Tolan
17:30 CPP 20.54 Morphologies in liquid-liquid dewetting — •Roghayeh Shiri, Ralf Seemann, Dirk Peschka, and Barbara Wagner
17:30 CPP 20.55 Structure formation of organic molecules on dielectric surfaces — •William Janke and Thomas Speck
17:30 CPP 20.56 Model-Free Thickness Determination of Nanoscale Foam Films using FTIR spectroscopy — •Eric Weißenborn and Björn Braunschweig
17:30 CPP 20.57 Real-time XRR study of protein adsorption at the solid-liquid interface guided by multivalent ions — •Simon Schönberg, Madeleine Fries, Alexander Hinderhofer, Fajun Zhang, Robert M. J. Jacobs, Maximilian W. A. Skoda, and Frank Schreiber
17:30 CPP 20.58 Dynamics of nanoscopically confined PVME in thin films of an asymmetric PVME/PS blend — •Paulina Szymoniak, Sherif Madkour, and Andreas Schönhals
17:30 CPP 20.59 Competition of mobilization and immobilization effects of segmental dynamics in epoxy/Boehmite nanocomposites — •Paulina Szymoniak, Dorothee Silbernagl, Media Ghasem Zadeh Khorasani, Heinz Sturm, and Andreas Schönhals
17:30 CPP 20.60 Temperature Dependent Photoluminescence Studies on Zinc Phthalocyanine Thin Films — •Gabriel Freiherr von Eyb, Maximilian Frank, Simon Wiegand, Sebastian Hammer, and Jens Pflaum
17:30 CPP 20.61 Quantifying surface potentials at liquid-gas interfaces from vibrational SFG spectroscopyEric Weißenborn, Felix Schulze-Zachau, Georgi Gochev, •Natalia García Rey, and Björn Braunschweig
17:30 CPP 20.62 Structure of ice/clay nanocomposites — •Hailong Li, Rika Unkelbach, Julian Mars, Ann-Christin Dippel, Olof Gutowski, Veijo Honkimäki, and Markus Mezger
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