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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 75: Poster IIIB

Donnerstag, 19. März 2020, 15:00–17:30, P2/3OG

This poster session includes contributions from the following topics:

- Functional semiconductors for renewable energy solutions - Materials and devices for quantum technology - Optical properties - Thermal properties - Focus Session: Tailored Nonlinear Photonics

Please put up your poster at the beginning of the session and remove the poster immediately after the session. The person peresenting the poster should attend it for at least half of the session duration and indicate the time when to find him/her at the poster.

15:00 HL 75.1 Classification of Silicon Carbide for Maser Application by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance — •S. Scherbel, A. Gottscholl, C. Kasper, V. Soltamov, V. Dyakonov, and A. Sperlich
15:00 HL 75.2 Temperature dependent optical properties of CuI thin film — •Jan Kremkow, Vitaly Zviagin, Evgeny Krüger, Chang Yang, Chris Sturm, and Marius Grundmann
15:00 HL 75.3 Raman spectroscopy on anisotropic media — •Ron Hildebrandt, Chris Sturm, Matthias Wieneke, Armin Dadgar, and Marius Grundmann
15:00 HL 75.4 On the calculation of the band gap of periodic solids with MGGA functionals using the total energy — •Fabien Tran
15:00 HL 75.5 In-situ Fabrication of Magnetic Topological Insulator Devices — •Max Vaßen-Carl, Michael Schleenvoigt, Tobias W. Schmitt, Abdur R. Jalil, Stefan Trellenkamp, Florian Lentz, Gregor Mussler, Peter Schüffelgen, and Detlev Grützmacher
15:00 HL 75.6 Raman spectra under hydrostatic pressure: a first principles investigation — •Jan M. Waack, Marcel Giar, and Christian Heiliger
15:00 HL 75.7 Open-gate junction field effect transistors as cryogenic charge detectors with attoampere leakage — •Tom Risse, Hüseyin Azazoglu, Kornelia Huba, Hermann Nienhaus, and Rolf Möller
15:00 HL 75.8 Simulating the influence of spectral jitter and phonons on four-wave mixing signals of single quantum dots — •Thilo Hahn, Daniel Wigger, and Tilmann Kuhn
15:00 HL 75.9 Four-Wave-Mixing Spectroscopy of a Quantum Dot Microcavity System at Large Pulse Areas — •Daniel Groll, Daniel Wigger, Jacek Kasprzak, and Tilmann Kuhn
15:00 HL 75.10 Open optical microcavities for tunable light–matter coupling with 2D semiconductors — •Chirag Palekar, Franziska Wall, Oliver Mey, Lorenz Maximilian Schneider, and Arash Rahimi-Iman
15:00 HL 75.11 Transient four-wave-mixing in semiconductors with half-gap pulses — •Alexander Trautmann, Wolf-Rüdiger Hannes, Markus Stein, Felix Schäfer, Martin Koch, and Torsten Meier
15:00 HL 75.12 Cesium-Vapor-Based Delay of Single Photons Emitted by Deterministically Fabricated Quantum Dot Microlenses — •Lucas Bremer, Sarah Fischbach, Suk-In Park, Sven Rodt, Jin-Dong Song, Tobias Heindel, and Stephan Reitzenstein
15:00 HL 75.13 Optical properties of TiN based superlattices: applicability of the effective medium approximation — •Felix-Florian Delatowski, Chris Sturm, Oliver Herrfurth, Florian Jung, and Marius Grundmann
15:00 HL 75.14 Applying infrared thermography for thermal interface analysis — •Steven Becker and Manfred Bayer
15:00 HL 75.15 Novel Concepts for Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy and Transport Characterization of 1-Dimensional Topological Insulator/Superconductor Heterostructures — •Kevin Janßen, Abdur Rehman Jalil, Tristan Heider, Michael Schleenvoigt, Tobias Schmitt, Gregor Mussler, Peter Schüffelgen, Claus-Michael Schneider, Detlef Grützmacher, Lukasz Plucinski, and Thomas Schäpers
15:00 HL 75.16 Multi-probe electrical characterization of pn-GaAs-based nanowires under illumination — •Juliane Koch, Andreas Nägelein, Matthias Steidl, Peter Kleinschmidt, and Thomas Hannappel
15:00 HL 75.17 Ab initio study on structural and electronic properties of carbon defects in SiC(0001)/SiO2 systems — •Takuma Kobayashi and Yu-ichiro Matsushita
15:00 HL 75.18 Development of ab initio equations describing optical properties in solids — •Nicolas Schüler, Tobias Zier, and Martin Garcia
15:00 HL 75.19 Towards a fully electrically tunable entangled photon source — •Zheng Zeng, Arne Ludwig, Marcel Schmidt, Beata Kardynał, and Feng Liu
15:00 HL 75.20 Exceptional Points in optical anisotropic semiconductors — •Sebastian Henn, Evgeny Krüger, Chris Sturm, Armin Dadgar, Matthias Wieneke, Rüdiger Schmidt-Grund, and Marius Grundmann
15:00 HL 75.21 Confocal microscopy of irradiation induced defects in silicon carbide — •Yuan Gao, Michael Hollenbach, Yonder Berencen, Gregor Hlawacek, Manfred Helm, and Georgy Astakhov
15:00 HL 75.22 Identification of defect properties by positron annihilation in heavily doped n-type GaAs — •juanmei duan, maciej oskar liedke, manfred helm, shengqiang zhou, and slawomir prucnal
15:00 HL 75.23 Auger Electron Detected Magnetic Resonance — •David Vogl, Paul Steinacker, and Martin S. Brandt
15:00 HL 75.24 Time-resolved micro-photoluminescence of CuI microwires — •A. Müller, E. Krüger, G. Benndorf, S. Blaurock, V. Gottschalch, H. Krautscheid, C. Sturm, and M. Grundmann
15:00 HL 75.25 Surface modification and charge carrier dynamics of materials and structures for semiconductor-based solar water splitting applications under operation conditions — •Elena Vedel, Dani Olfa, Mario Kurniawan, Theo Pflug, Sascha Kürth, Noah Hill, Shirly Espinoza, Mateusz Rebarz, Markus Olbrich, Oliver Herrfurth, Stefan Krischok, Alexander Horn, Jakob Andreasson, Rüdiger Schmidt-Grund, Andreas Bund, and Thomas Hannappel
15:00 HL 75.26 Dielectric function tensor of ZnO microwires determined by spatially resolved spectroscopic ellipsometry — •Noha Hill, Matthias Duwe, Sebastian Funke, Chris Sturm, Lukas Trefflich, Marius Grundmann, Stefan Krischok, and Rüdiger Schmidt-Grund
15:00 HL 75.27 Electrical readout of NV- centers — •Lina Todenhagen and Martin S. Brandt
15:00 HL 75.28 Investigation of charge carrier dynamics in Z-scheme water splitting systems — •Nathalie Schmid, Yiou Wang, Jochen Feldmann, and Jacek Stolarczyk
15:00 HL 75.29 Energieabhängigkeit der Schwellen von Polaritonen-Bistabilität — •Fabian Herbst, Daniel Schmidt, Manfred Bayer und Marc Aßmann
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