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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 24: Poster B: Active Biological Matter, Cell Mechanics, Systems Biology, Computational Biophysics, etc.

Dienstag, 23. März 2021, 16:00–18:30, BPp

16:00 BP 24.1 Chirality-induced rheotaxis of bacteria in bulk shear flows — •Guangyin Jing, Andreas Zöttl, Eric Clement, and Anke Lindner
16:00 BP 24.2 Resistive force theory and wave dynamics in swimming flagellar apparatus isolated from C. reinhardtiiSamira Goli Pozveh, Albert Bae, and •Azam Gholami
16:00 BP 24.3 Magnetic stirbars as a tunable stirrer for cell-like systems — •Mithun Thampi, Pierre-Yves Gires, and Matthias Weiss
16:00 BP 24.4 RNA polymerase II forms clusters in line with liquid-phase wetting of chromatinAgnieszka Pancholi, Tim Klingberg, Weichun Zhang, Roshan Prizak, Irina Mamontova, Amra Noa, Gerd Ulrich Nienhaus, Vasily Zaburdaev, and •Lennart Hilbert
16:00 BP 24.5 Hydrodynamic interactions between microswimmers and particles in viscosity gradients — •Sebastian Ziegler, Maxime Hubert, Thomas Scheel, Jens Harting, and Ana-Sunčana Smith
16:00 BP 24.6 Motion of Magnetic Microswimmers in Complex Environments — •Konrad Marx, Vitali Telezki, Omar Muñoz, Agnese Codutti, Damien Faivre, and Stefan Klumpp
16:00 BP 24.7 Capillary Action In Active Brownian Particles — •Shauri Chakraborty, Adam Wysocki, and Heiko Rieger
16:00 BP 24.8 Light-powered reactivation of flagella and contraction of microtubules network: towards building an artificial cellRaheel Ahmad, Vahid Nasirimarekhani, Albert Bae, Samira Goli, Yu-Jung Su, Eberhard Bodenschatz, Isabella Guido, and •Azam Gholami
16:00 BP 24.9 Mechanochemical dynamics of spherical active surfaces subject to load-dependent cross-linkers — •Mirco Bonati, Lucas Wittwer, Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich, and Sebastian Aland
16:00 BP 24.10 Simulations of Structure Formation by Dipolar Active Particles — •Vitali Telezki and Stefan Klumpp
16:00 BP 24.11 Minimum Dissipation Theorem for Microswimmers — •Babak Nasouri, Andrej Vilfan, and Ramin Golestanian
16:00 BP 24.12 Vimentin Intermediate Filaments Stabilize Dynamic Microtubules by Direct Interactions — •Charlotta Lorenz, Laura Schaedel, Anna V. Schepers, Stefan Klumpp, and Sarah Köster
16:00 BP 24.13 Post-Translational Modifications Soften Vimentin Filaments — •Julia Kraxner, Charlotta Lorenz, and Sarah Köster
16:00 BP 24.14 Growing with vacancies: Eden growth models suggest that flat clathrin lattices assemble with spatial heterogeneity — •Felix Frey, Delia Bucher, Kem A. Sochacki, Justin W. Taraska, Steeve Boulant, and Ulrich S. Schwarz
16:00 BP 24.15 Dynamic RT-DC: red blood cell viscoelasticity as a label-free biomarker — •Bob Fregin, Fabian Czerwinski, Konstanze Aurich, Doreen Biedenweg, Stefan Groß, Gerald Kerth, and Oliver Otto
16:00 BP 24.16 3D direct and inverse traction force microscopy — •Johannes Wolfram Blumberg and Ulrich Sebastian Schwarz
16:00 BP 24.17 Time-resolved MIET measurements of blood platelet spreading and adhesion — •Anna Zelená and Sarah Köster
16:00 BP 24.18 EMT-induced cell-mechanical changes enhance mitotic rounding strength — •Kamran Hosseini, Anna Taubenberger, Carsten Werner, and Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich
16:00 BP 24.19 Measurement of the mechanosensitive binding of actin crosslinkers in the cytoskeleton of live cells — •Valentin Ruffine, Kamran Hosseini, and Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich
16:00 BP 24.20 Simulating Cells Going Through Constrictions - A Cellular Potts Model Approach — •Miriam Schnitzerlein, Felix Reichel, Martin Kräter, Hui-Shun Kuan, Jochen Guck, and Vasily Zaburdaev
16:00 BP 24.21 Optimal hematocrit for ATP release by red blood cell in microcirculation — •Zhe Gou and Chaouqi Misbah
16:00 BP 24.22 Influence of NaCl on Neuronal Membranes — •Sebastian Jaksch, Alexandros Koutsioubas, Piotr Zolnierczuk, Olaf Holderer, Henrich Frielinghaus, Stephan Förster, and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
16:00 BP 24.23 Viscoelastic properties of Pancreatic cancer cells on Soft supports — •Shruti G Kulkarni, Malgorzata Lekka, and Manfred Radmacher
16:00 BP 24.24 Calcium Dynamics Model in Endothelial Cells — •Ananta Kumar Nayak, Zhe Gou, Sovan Lal Das, and Chaouqi Misbah
16:00 BP 24.25 Computational Modeling of Nuclear Blebs — •Silvia Bonfanti, Maria Chiara Lionetti, Maria Rita Fumagalli, Francesc Font-Clos, Stefano Zapperi, and Caterina A.M. La Porta
16:00 BP 24.26 Contractile activity inhibition of Dupuytren fibroblasts: AFM mechanical approach — •Sandra Pérez-Domínguez and Manfred Radmacher
16:00 BP 24.27 A matter of size: Understanding size-dependent organelle transport in cells — •Simon Wieland, David Gitschier, Marius M. Kaiser, Christina Steininger, Wolfgang Groß, Adam G. Hendricks, and Holger Kress
16:00 BP 24.28 Extracellular matrix mechanical prestress during morphogenesis of Drosophila wing discs — •Yanín Guerra, Elisabeth Fischer-Friederich, and Christian Dahmann
16:00 BP 24.29 Profilin Regulating the Polymerisation Velocity of Actin — •Lina Heydenreich and Jan Kierfeld
16:00 BP 24.30 Tailored ensembles of neural networks optimize sensitivity to stimulus statistics — •Johannes Zierenberg, Jens Wilting, Viola Priesemann, and Anna Levina
16:00 BP 24.31 Timing cellular decisions using transient cues — •Felix Meigel, Lina Hellwig, Jörg Contzen, Philipp Mergenthaler, and Steffen Rulands
16:00 BP 24.32 Dynamic analysis of the SinR/SlrR/SinI genetic circuit for biofilm formation in Bacillus subtilis — •Simon Dannenberg, Jonas Penning, and Stefan Klumpp
16:00 BP 24.33 Intermediate scattering function in multi-channel dynamics: from model systems to particle-tracking data in live cells — •Cai Dieball, Adal Sabri, Xinran Xu, Diego Krapf, Matthias Weiss, and Aljaz Godec
16:00 BP 24.34 Nonlinear Allosteric Effect in Elastic Network Models of Proteins — •Maximilian Vossel and Aljaž Godec
16:00 BP 24.35 Comparative analysis of metabolic and transcriptomic features of Nothobranchius furzeri — •Maria Rita Fumagalli, Francesc Font-Clos, Simone Milan, Stefano Zapperi, and Caterina A.M. La Porta
16:00 BP 24.36 Dynamics of tethered polymers in a circular confinement — •Meng Wang, Tim Klingberg, Mauro Battipede, Vasily Zaburdaev, and Hui-Shun Kuan
16:00 BP 24.37 Dimensionality of neural circuit manifolds associated with a salt-and-pepper organization of cortical stimulus preferences — •Michael Sternbach and Fred Wolf
16:00 BP 24.38 Trading bits in the readout from a genetic network — •Marianne Bauer, Mariela Petkova, Thomas Gregor, Eric Wieschaus, and William Bialek
16:00 BP 24.39 Coupling of growth, replication and division in E. coli — •Mareike Berger
16:00 BP 24.40 DNA accumulates and concentrates in artificial hydrothermal chimneys mimicking prebiotic geophysical conditions — •Maximilian Weingart, Lea Gigou, Ömer Coskun, William Orsi, and Dieter Braun
16:00 BP 24.41 Phase separation in membranes due to matter exchange — •Nirvana Caballero, Karsten Kruse, and Thierry Giamarchi
16:00 BP 24.42 DNA Replication:Accuracy and Speed of elongation — •Mamata Sahoo, Arsha Nousad, Priyaranjan Baral, and Stefan Klumpp
16:00 BP 24.43 Protein-ligand dynamics on multisecond timescales from sub-µs atomistic simulations — •Steffen Wolf, Benjamin Lickert, Simon Bray, and Gerhard Stock
16:00 BP 24.44 Structuring of the epithelial tissue — •Jakov Lovrić, Michael A. Klatt, Sara Kaliman, Gerd E. Schröder-Turk, and Ana-Sunčana Smith
16:00 BP 24.45 Processive motors as active agents of microtubule lattice regulationWilliam Lecompte and •Karin John
16:00 BP 24.46 Analysis of cell contact inhibition during growth of epithelial tissue — •Sebastian Rühle, Anja Voß-Böhme, and Steffen Lange
16:00 BP 24.47 Analyzing the replication dynamics of malaria parasites — •Patrick Binder, Severina Klaus, Thomas Höfer, Nils Becker, Ulrich Schwarz, and Markus Ganter
16:00 BP 24.48 Topology Control and Pruning in Intertwined Biological Flow Networks. — •Felix Kramer and Carl Modes
16:00 BP 24.49 Exploratory analysis and comparison of biomolecular structural ensembles with PENSA — •Martin Vögele and Ron O. Dror
16:00 BP 24.50 Morpheus: A user-friendly modeling and simulation framework for multicellular systemsJörn Starruß, Diego Jahn, Robert Müller, Andreas Deutsch, and •Lutz Brusch
16:00 BP 24.51 Exploring theoretical limits for the lifespan of C.elegans dauer larvae under periodic feeding — •Xingyu Zhang, Sider Penkov, Damla Kaptan, Teymuras V. Kurzchalia, and Vasily Zaburdeav
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