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MM: Fachverband Metall- und Materialphysik

MM 26: Poster Session

Dienstag, 23. März 2010, 14:45–16:30, Poster C

14:45 MM 26.1 Ultra-fast diffusion paths in nickel after ECAP — •Gerrit Reglitz, Sergiy Divinski, and Gerhard Wilde
14:45 MM 26.2 Individual precipitates in Al alloys probed by the Bonn Positron MicroprobeOsman Balarisi, Patrick Eich, Matz Haaks, Sven-Martin Hühne, •Benedikt Klobes, Björn Korff, Werner Mader, Karl Maier, Reinhard Sottong, and Torsten Staab
14:45 MM 26.3 Comperative study of point defects in n-type TCO materials — •Péter Ágoston, Paul Erhart, Andreas Klein, Risto M. Nieminen, Martti J. Puska, and Karsten Albe
14:45 MM 26.4 Atomic-Scale Modeling of Diffusion-Driven Microstructure Evolution in Irradiated Metals — •Erik Bitzek, Sanket Sarkar, William T. Cox, Thomas Lenosky, Yunzhi Wang, and Ju Li
14:45 MM 26.5 Introducing variable barrier heights in Kinetic Monte-Carlo simulations: A study of order-order transitions in L12 ordered Ni3Al based on first-principles calculations — •Martin Leitner, Doris Vogtenhuber, Wolfgang Pfeiler, and Wolfgang Püschl
14:45 MM 26.6 Investigation of Li dynamics in gas-phase synthesized amorphous oxides by NMR and impedance spectroscopy — •Viktor Epp, Christian Brünig, Martin Wilkening, Michael Binnewies, and Paul Heitjans
14:45 MM 26.7 Interplay between structural disorder and magnetic susceptibility in FeSi — •Tommy Reimann, Dirk Menzel, Dirk Schulze Grachtrup, and Joachim Schoenes
14:45 MM 26.8 First-principles study of the structural and electronic properties of CuO as grown on SrTiO3Cesare Franchini, Xing-Qiu Chen, and •Raimund Podloucky
14:45 MM 26.9 Stable and unique solutions for the OEP equation in the LCAO formalism — •julio juan fernandez, Christian Kollmar, and Michael Filatov
14:45 MM 26.10 Thermomechanical properties of mullite up to 1673 K: single crystal vs. ceramics — •Thomas Friedrich Krenzel, Jürgen Schreuer, and Hartmut Schneider
14:45 MM 26.11 Bestimmung von Fermi-Flächen in dünnen Schichten mittels 2D-ACAR — •Hubert Ceeh, Christoph Hugenschmidt und Peter Böni
14:45 MM 26.12 Relaxation of Volume and Enthalpy of Bulk Metallic Glasses — •Jonas Bünz, Joachim Bokeloh, and Gerhard Wilde
14:45 MM 26.13 The influence of d- and f-states on structure formation - amorphous alloys containing Rare Earths as model systems — •Martin Stiehler, Michael Pleul, and Peter Häussler
14:45 MM 26.14 Molecular dynamics simulation of Ni/NiAl interfaces — •Stephen Hocker, Siegfried Schmauder, and Priyank Kumar
14:45 MM 26.15 First-principles study of superhard SiNx/TiN nanocomposites — •Pawel Rodziewicz and Bernd Meyer
14:45 MM 26.16 Tailoring Model Surfaces and Wettability Measurement for a Fundamental Understanding of Hot-dip Galvanizing — •Takashi Kawano and Frank U Renner
14:45 MM 26.17 Theoretical investigation of the adsorption of SPS and MPS at the Cl-covered Cu(100) surface — •W. Reckien, N.T.M. Hai, A. Fluegel, W. M. Hahn, A. Wagner, D. Mayer, P. Broekmann, and T. Bredow
14:45 MM 26.18 Ab-initio investigation of the interface structure of TiO2 grown on Al2O3 — •Maxim Popov, Jürgen Spitaler, Claudia Walter, and Claudia Ambrosch-Draxl
14:45 MM 26.19 Ordering and site occupancy of ternary elements in Fe3Al — •Thomas Rademacher, Thomas Kresse, Johannes Deges, Talaat Al-Kassab, Georg Frommeyer, and Reiner Kirchheim
14:45 MM 26.20 X-ray diffraction studies on diamond cobalt composites — •Andre Steffen, Christian Kronholz, Michael Paulus, Christoph J. Sahle, Manuel Ferreira, Wolfgang Tillmann, and Metin Tolan
14:45 MM 26.21 Anisotropic mechanical behavior of the ultrafine grained TiFe eutectic systemAntje Schlieter, •Uta Kühn, and Jürgen Eckert
14:45 MM 26.22 Deformation of Au Nanoparticles — •Andreas Kelling, Burkhard Roos, and Cynthia A. Volkert
14:45 MM 26.23 SPM Studies of Dislocations in Deformed Au Thin Films — •Sönke Schmidt, Alissa Wiengarten, and Cynthia A. Volkert
14:45 MM 26.24 In-situ SEM tensile testing of single crystal Au nanowires — •Bahne Kapelle, Gunther Richter, and Cynthia A. Volkert
14:45 MM 26.25 Automated dislocation detection in atomistic simulations — •Alexander Stukowski, Jonathan Schäfer, and Karsten Albe
14:45 MM 26.26 Thickness Effects in Very High Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Cu Films — •Clemens Trinks, Felix Hebenstreit, and Cynthia A. Volkert
14:45 MM 26.27 Strukturelle Umwandlungen von Niederdruckpolyäthylen bei mechanischer Beanspruchung — •Heinz Hans Walter Preuß
14:45 MM 26.28 Elastic: A program for calculating elastic constants for arbitrary lattice types based on ab-initio total energies — •Rostam Golesorkhtabar, Jürgen Spitaler, Peter Puschnig, and Claudia Ambrosch-Draxl
14:45 MM 26.29 Nanoantennae from high melting point transition metal nanowires — •Litty Varghese Thekkekara, Andreas Erbe, Diedrich A Schmidt, Martina Havenith, and Achim W Hassel
14:45 MM 26.30 Electronic Properties of Graphene Nanoribbons — •Ezgi Erdogan and Gotthard Seifert
14:45 MM 26.31 Aggregation of carbon in a H2 atmosphere investigated by ReaxFF-molecular dynamics simulations — •Norbert Lümmen
14:45 MM 26.32 Mechanical Characterization of Layered Nanocomposites — •Inga Knorr, Susanne Seyffarth, Tobias Liese, Hans-Ulrich Krebs, and Cynthia A. Volkert
14:45 MM 26.33 Structural and electrochemical properties of mixed transition metal phospho-olivine systems — •Michaela Memm, Peter Axmann, and Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens
14:45 MM 26.34 Resistance measurements on a single nanoparticle and nanoparticle ensembles — •Ivan S. Titov, Marina Spasova, and Michael Farle
14:45 MM 26.35 Near Surface Lattice Relaxation in Transition Metal Nanoparticles — •Björn Bieniek, Darius Pohl, Ludwig Schultz, and Bernd Rellinghaus
14:45 MM 26.36 Adjusting the Size of Nanochannels in Silicon and Silicon Oxide Samples — •René Berwanger and Rolf Pelster
14:45 MM 26.37 Nanocrystalline LiFePO4 Prepared by Mechanochemical Route — •Vladimir Šepelák, Sylvio Indris, Klaus Dieter Becker, Wolfgang Bensch, and Paul Heitjans
14:45 MM 26.38 Finite-Size effects in GaN nanoparticles studied by a novel dynamic-charge transfer potential — •Manuel Diehm, Peter Agoston, and Karsten Albe
14:45 MM 26.39 Low Energy Excitations in Semiconductor Nanoparticles — •Andreas Hartmann, Darius Pohl, Ludwig Schultz, Stephen Hickey, Alexander Eychmüller, and Bernd Rellinghaus
14:45 MM 26.40 Phase-field simulation using the Calphad method — •Sebastian Schulz, Abhik Choudhury, and Britta Nestler
14:45 MM 26.41 Crystallization and Phase Separation of Si1−xCx (x = 0.33) Films — •Kai Volgmann, Wolfgang Gruber, Harald Schmidt, Wolfgang Maus-Friedrichs, Udo Geckle, and Michael Bruns
14:45 MM 26.42 Crystallization kinetics of phase change materials — •Andreas Kaldenbach, Sebastian Gabel, Carl Schlockermann, Martin Salinga, and Matthias Wuttig
14:45 MM 26.43 Simulations of the martensitic phase transition in NiTi — •Daniel Mutter and Peter Nielaba
14:45 MM 26.44 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Laser Ablation in orthorhombic Al13Co4 — •Steffen Sonntag, Johannes Roth, and Hans-Rainer Trebin
14:45 MM 26.45 Seed induced nucleation in colloidal model systems under microgravity — •Patrick Wette and Hans Joachim Schöpe
14:45 MM 26.46 Phase transitions of colloidal monolayers on decagonal light induced substratesGünther Gera, •Thomas Bohlein, Jules Mikhael, and Clemens Bechinger
14:45 MM 26.47 Studies on phason flips by kinetic Monte Carlo simulations — •Hansjörg Lipp and Hans-Rainer Trebin
14:45 MM 26.48 Vapour galvanizing (Sherardizing) of Copper with Zinc — •Dietbert Wortelen, Hartmut Bracht, Frank Natrup, and Wolfram Graf
14:45 MM 26.49 Hydrogen absorption in Gd thin films and islands — •Sara Wanjelik, Georg Oeltzschner, and Mathias Getzlaff
14:45 MM 26.50 Properties and stability of hydrogen sensors based on magnesium-iron thin films — •Gunther Haas, Jennifer Stiebich, Andreas Laufer, Marc Dietrich, Angelika Polity, and Bruno K. Meyer
14:45 MM 26.51 Chemical trends of the solution enthalpy of hydrogen in 3d transition metals in dilute limit, derived from first principles — •Ugur Aydin, Lars Ismer, Tilmann Hickel, and Jörg Neugebauer
14:45 MM 26.52 Hydrogen absorption behavior of nano-crystalline Mg thin films — •Helmut Takahiro Uchida, Astrid Pundt, and Reiner Kirchheim
14:45 MM 26.53 Oxygen and silicon diffusion in mixed cation silicate glasses — •Kirsten Sunder and Hartmut Bracht
14:45 MM 26.54 Alternative contacting concept for ZnO nanostructures with regard to sensing applications — •Martin Gnauck, Ulrich Schröder, Raphael Niepelt, Carsten Ronning, and Rainer Adelung
14:45 MM 26.55 Polymer-Based Magnetoelectric Composites — •Kerstin Meurisch, Vladimir Zaporojtchenko, Thomas Strunskus, and Franz Faupel
14:45 MM 26.56 Vapour phase deposition of ceramic-based granular nanocomposites for magnetoelectric applications — •Björn Gojdka, Vladimir Zaporojtchenko, Thomas Strunskus, and Franz Faupel
14:45 MM 26.57 Ag-TiO2 nanocomposites for antibacterial and photocatalytic applicationsTomislav Hrkac, Venkata Sai Kiran Chakravadhanula, Nathalie Wohner, Vladimir Zaporojtchenko, •Thomas Strunskus, Dieter Garbe-Schönberg, and Franz Faupel
14:45 MM 26.58 Experimental Thermodynamics and Phase Relations of New Anode Materials for Li-Ion-Batteries — •Hans Flandorfer, Klaus Richter, and Herbert Ipser
14:45 MM 26.59 Electrochemical investigation of nanoscaled LiCoO2 from different synthesis processes — •Carsten Jaehne, Christine Täschner, Andreia Ioana Popa, Rüdiger Klingeler, and Bernd Büchner
14:45 MM 26.60 Magnesium secondary batteries based on V2O5 cathodes — •Wiebke Lohstroh, Philipp Leufke, and Horst Hahn
14:45 MM 26.61 Blends of LiMn2O4 Spinel and LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 for Advanced Lithium-Ion Batteries — •Hai-Yen Tran, Corina Täubert, Peter Axmann, and Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens
14:45 MM 26.62 Structure and negative thermal expansion in Cu(In1-xGax)(S, Se)2 — •Christiane Stephan, Susan Schorr, Denis Sheptyakov, and Hans-Werner Schock
14:45 MM 26.63 Electrical properties of grain boundaries in Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 thin films for solar cells — •Jaison Kavalakkatt, Daniel Abou-Ras, Melanie Nichterwitz, Raquel Caballero, Björn Marsen, Thorsten Rissom, Thomas Unold, and Hans-Werner Schock
14:45 MM 26.64 Efficient simulation of plasmonic structures for thin film silicon solar cells — •Daniel Lockau, Sven Burger, Lin Zschiedrich, Frank Schmidt, and Bernd Rech
14:45 MM 26.65 Structural characterization of AgGaSe2 thin films grown by Chemical Close Spaced Vapor Transport (CCSVT) — •Christoph Merschjann, Barys Korzun, Susan Schorr, Thomas Schedel-Niedrig, and Martha Christina Lux-Steiner
14:45 MM 26.66 The Influence of wet-chemical smoothing on electronic properties of Si/SiO2 interfaces prepared by UHV plasma oxidation — •Orman Gref, Bert Stegemann, Enno Malguth, Maurizio Roczen, Heike Angermann, and Manfred Schmidt
14:45 MM 26.67 Minority carrier lifetime of InGaAsP and InGaAs absorbers for low bandgap tandem solar cells — •Nadine Szabó, B. Erol Sagol, Ulf Seidel, Klaus Schwarzburg, and Thomas Hannappel
14:45 MM 26.68 Electrical characterisation of oxide-pn-junctions under illumination — •Gesine Saucke, Benedikt Ifland, Constanze Thees, Jonas Norpoth, Jörg Hoffmann, Yimei Zhu, and Christian Jooss
14:45 MM 26.69 Comparative analysis of models for solute trapping in rapid solidification — •Ekaterina Abramova, Denis Danilov, Peter Galenko, Dieter Herlach, and Vladimir Lebedev
14:45 MM 26.70 A phase-field model for polycrystalline grain growth on thin films — •Christian Mennerich, Frank Wendler, and Britta Nestler
14:45 MM 26.71 Anti-coarsening and complex dynamics of step bunches on vicinal surfaces during sublimation — •Marian Ivanov, Vladislav Popkov, and Joachim Krug
14:45 MM 26.72 Growth kinetics and morphology of silicon crystallites synthesized from metallic solution — •Thomas Teubner, Robert Heimburger, Nils Deßmann, Torsten Boeck, and Roberto Fornari
14:45 MM 26.73 Growth of para-hexaphenyl (6P) on silicon oxide by hot wall epitaxy — •Markus Kratzer, Quan Shen, and Christian Teichert
14:45 MM 26.74 Bucky ball island morphologies on CaF2: Theory and Experiment — •Martin Körner, Felix Loske, Mario Einax, Angelika Kühnle, and Philipp Maass
14:45 MM 26.75 Computer tomographic investigation of Ostwald ripening — •Thomas Werz and Carl E. Krill III
14:45 MM 26.76 Is abnormal growth actually the norm in nanocrystalline materials? — •Jules M. Dake, Heiko Paul, and Carl E. Krill III
14:45 MM 26.77 Segregation stabilization of nanocrystalline binary alloys at low solute concentrations — •Lionel Kroner and Carl E. Krill III
14:45 MM 26.78 Layer growth of perovskites: computing surface structure and energy barriers as a prerequisite for KMC calculations — •Petar Petrov, Hannes Guhl, and Wolfram Miller
14:45 MM 26.79 Self-organized growth of helicenes on calcite (104) surfaces: Monte Carlo Simulations and Experiments — •Tobias Richter, Philipp Rahe, Markus Nimmrich, Mario Einax, Martin Körner, Angelika Kühnle, and Philipp Maass
14:45 MM 26.80 Molecular dynamics simulations of ion transport at the crystal-melt interface during the crystallization of superionic calcium fluoride — •Detlef Stock and Peter Görnert
14:45 MM 26.81 Numerical studies on grain growth of Si: Influence of surface energy anisotropy — •Giordano Cantù and Wolfram Miller
14:45 MM 26.82 Morphology of Graphene Layers on Ir(111) Studied by SPA-LEED — •Dennis Meyer, Hichem Hattab, Giriraj Jnawali, Dirk Wall, Frank-Joachim Meyer zu Heringdorf, and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
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