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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 35: 2D Materials I: Growth and Properties of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides, Phase Transitions

Dienstag, 2. April 2019, 14:00–16:45, H14

14:00 O 35.1 The unoccupied electronic structure of 2H tungsten disulfide — •Lukas Musiol, Philipp Eickholt, and Markus Donath
14:15 O 35.2 Charge-transfer across the MoSe2/WSe2 interface studied with second-harmonic imaging microscopy — •Jonas E. Zimmermann, Ulrich Höfer, and Gerson Mette
14:30 O 35.3 Phonon dispersion of bulk MoS2 determined by high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy — •Holger Schwarz, Christian Heidrich, Florian Speck, and Thomas Seyller
14:45 O 35.4 Composition dependence of charge driven phase transition in Group-VI transition metal dichalcogenides from first-principlesUrvesh Patil and •Nuala Mai Caffrey
15:00 O 35.5 Observing different levels of airborne contaminations on TMDC materials — •Korbinian Pürckhauer, Dominik Kirpal, Alfred J. Weymouth, and Franz J. Giessibl
15:15 O 35.6 Unraveling the growth mechanism of single-domain molybdenum disulfide on Au(111) — •Moritz Ewert, Lars Buß, Paolo Moras, Jens Falta, and Jan Ingo Flege
15:30 O 35.7 Controlled growth of transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers using Knudsen-type effusion cells for the precursors — •Antony George, Christof Neumann, David Kaiser, Rajeshkumar Mupparapu, Tibor Lehnert, Uwe Hübner, Zian Tang, Andreas Winter, Ute Kaiser, Isabelle Staude, and Andrey Turchanin
15:45 O 35.8 Reversible crystalline-to-amorphous phase transition in MoS2 on Gr/Ir(111) by ion irradiation — •Philipp Valerius, Joshua Hall, Silvan Kretschmer, Mahdi Ghorbani-Asl, Alexander Grüneis, Arkady V. Krasheninnikov, and Thomas Michely
16:00 O 35.9 Damage mechanisms in two-dimensional MoS2 under electron irradiation — •Silvan Kretschmer and Arkady Krasheninnikov
16:15 O 35.10 Nano-patterning of MoS2 monolayers with focused ion beam — •Rajeshkumar Mupparapu, Michael Steinert, Antony George, Franz Löchner, Zian Tang, Tobias Bucher, Frank Setzpfandt, Andrey Turchanin, Thomas Pertsch, and Isabelle Staude
16:30 O 35.11 Towards Molecular-level Understanding of Ice Nucleation Inhibition at Surfaces — •Naureen Akhtar
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