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SYLS: Life Sciences on the Nanometer Scale - Physics Meets Biology

SYLS 3: Symposium "Life Sciences on the Nanometer Scale - Physics Meets Biology"

Mittwoch, 10. März 2004, 16:00–18:30, B

16:00 SYLS 3.1 Accumulation and Replication of DNA driven by temperature gradients — •Dieter Braun
16:00 SYLS 3.2 Modulation of the Nanoscale-Structure of Fibronectin Fibrils — •Tilo Pompe
16:00 SYLS 3.3 Interactions of Thionin with DNA-Strands: Intercalation vs External Stacking — •Christoph Hecht, Josef Friedrich, and Ta-Chau Chang
16:00 SYLS 3.5 Interactions of biopolymers of fixed topology with thermal fluctuations — •Ralf Metzler and Andreas Hanke
16:00 SYLS 3.6 Tuning of microcapsule adhesion by varying capsule stiffness — •Nils Elsner and Andreas Fery
16:00 SYLS 3.7 Persistent Spectral Labeling of Proteins via UV-Photochemistry of their Aromatic Amino Acids — •Christoph Schnell, Christoph Hecht, Markus Stübner, and Josef Friedrich
16:00 SYLS 3.8 Spectal diffusion experiment with a denatured protein — •Vladimir Ponkratov and Josef Friedrich
16:00 SYLS 3.9 Direct Observation of Tiers in the Energy Landscape of a Chromoprotein: A Single-Molecule Study — •Martin Richter, C. Hofmann, T.J. Aartsma, H. Michel, and J. Köhler
16:00 SYLS 3.10 High-Resolution Near-Field Fluorescence Microscopy of Single Nuclear Pore Complexes in an Intact Nuclear Envelope — •C. Höppener, J.-P. Siebrasse, U. Kubitscheck, R. Peters, H. Fuchs, and A. Naber
16:00 SYLS 3.11 Time-resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer on DNA duplexes — •Petra Müller, Jürgen Köhler, and Dagmar Klostermeier
16:00 SYLS 3.12 A fluorescence anisotropy-based activity assay for the RNA-Helicase DbpA — •Niklas Nachtmann and Dagmar Klostermeier
16:00 SYLS 3.13 Multivariate Statistical Analysis applied to Single-Molecule Spectra — •Jürgen Baier, C. Hofmann, M. Richter, M. Schatz, H. Michel, M. van Heel, and J. Köhler
16:00 SYLS 3.14 Optimizing Water-Soluble Quantum Dots for Biological Application — •Vladimir V. Breus, Colin D. Heyes, Andrei Yu. Kobitski, Kirill V. Anikin , and G. Ulrich Nienhaus
16:00 SYLS 3.15 Acid-attack on Dental Enamel Investigated by Scanning Force Microscopy — •N. Schwender, F. Al Marrawi, K. Huber, M. Hannig, and C. Ziegler
16:00 SYLS 3.16 Towards a near-field optical observation of single particle transport through an unsupported cell membrane — •Simone Johnas, Christiane Höppener, and Andreas Naber
16:00 SYLS 3.17 Biological photonic crystals — •Thomas Fuhrmann, Melanie El Rharbi-Kucki, and Stefan Landwehr
16:00 SYLS 3.18 Density functional theory study of alpha-helical polypeptides under tensile strain — •Joel Ireta, Jörg Neugebauer, and Matthias Scheffler
16:00 SYLS 3.19 Carbon nanotube-assisted microwave absorption of gold nanoparticles across bacterial membranes — •Jose Rojas-Chapana, Miguel Correa-Duarte, Neli Sobal, Krzysztof Kempa, and Michael Giersig
16:00 SYLS 3.20 Quantum Monte Carlo study of small molecules and hydrogen bonded model systems - benchmarking density functionals — •M. Fuchs, A. Badinski, J. Ireta, P. Kratzer, C. Filippi und M. Scheffler
16:00 SYLS 3.21 Conformational flexibility of pigment-protein complexes studied by optical single-molecule spectroscopy — •Silke Oellerich, Martijn Ketelaars, Jean-Manuel Segura, Ward P.F. de Ruijter, Richard J. Cogdell, and Thijs J. Aartsma
16:00 SYLS 3.22 Ab-initio vibrational analysis of the secondary structure of proteins — •Lars Ismer, Joel Ireta und Jörg Neugebauer
16:00 SYLS 3.23 Optical characterisation of artifical confinements for protein folding — •Johannes Hohlbein, Ulrike Rehn, and Ralf B. Wehrspohn
16:00 SYLS 3.24 Neuronale Synchronität in biologisch plausiblen exzitatorischen Netzwerken: Entstehung und Modulation — •K. Kube, V. Spravedlyvyy, A. Herzog, B. Michaelis, A. de Lima, T. Opitz, T. Voigt, A. Reiher, A. Krtschil, S. Günther, H. Witte und A. Krost
16:00 SYLS 3.25 Protein adsorption on tailored substrates — •Hubert Mantz, Anthony W. Quinn, and Karin Jacobs
16:00 SYLS 3.26 Picosecond dynamics of bacterial porins investigated by quasi-elastic neutron scattering — •Marie Plazanet, Cecile Bon, Franck Gabel, Sylviane Julien, Peter Timmins, and Guiseppe Zaccai
16:00 SYLS 3.27 Controlled proliferation of living cells on UV-light modified polymers — •Thomas Gumpenberger, Johannes Heitz, Dieter Baeuerle und Christoph Romanin
16:00 SYLS 3.28 Electrolytic fabrication of SNOM aperture-sensors — •Carola Haumann, Christoph Pelargus, Robert Ros, and Dario Anselmetti
16:00 SYLS 3.29 Density-Functional Study of Left handed Helices — •Franziska Grzegorzewski, Joel Ireta, and Matthias Scheffler
16:00 SYLS 3.30 SILICON-ON-INSULATOR NANOWIRE TRANSISTORS FOR BIOSENSOR APPLICATIONS — •Pagra Truman, Karin Buchholz, Andreas Kress, Dominik Scheible, Marc Tornow, and Gerhard Abstreiter
16:00 SYLS 3.31 Specific Binding of a Single Peptide to DNA investigated by AFM Force Spectroscopy — •Rainer Eckel, Sven David Wilking, Alexandra Ros, Norbert Sewald, Robert Ros, and Dario Anselmetti
16:00 SYLS 3.32 SILICON-ON-INSULATOR BASED THIN FILM RESISTOR FOR CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL SENSOR APPLICATIONS — •Michael G. Nikolaides, Simon Q. Lud, Petra Neff, Stephan Rauschenbach, and Andreas R. Bausch
16:00 SYLS 3.33 Intrinsic Conductivity of DNA and Polythiophenes — •Hermann Kleine, Ralf Wilke, Karsten Rott, Jörg Schotter, Katja Tönsing, Günter Reiss, Rober Ross, and Dario Anselmetti
16:00 SYLS 3.34 Gel-Free Electrophoresis of λ and T2-DNA in structured PDMS Microfluidic Devices — •Thanh Tu Duong, Martin Streek, Alexandra Ros, Friederike Schmid, and Dario Anselmetti
16:00 SYLS 3.35 Translocation of structured RNA molecules through nanopores — •Ulrich Gerland, Ralf Bundschuh, and Terence Hwa
16:00 SYLS 3.36 UV-Laser Induced Fluorescence Detection of Proteins in PDMS Microfluidic Devices — •Wibke Hellmich, Alexandra Ros, and Dario Anselmetti
16:00 SYLS 3.37 Attraction of similarly-charged macroions — •Ali Naji and Roland Netz
16:00 SYLS 3.38 DNA-histone complexes: interaction and conformation — •Hoda Boroudjerdi and Roland Netz
16:00 SYLS 3.39 Dynamics of Driven Polymers — •Xaver Schlagberger and Roland Netz
16:00 SYLS 3.40 Single cell manipulation in microfluidic networks by optical tweezers — •Kai Leffhalm, Andy Sischka, Wibke Hellmich, Thanh Tu Duong, Annika Grabbe, Jürgen Wienands, Katja Tönsing, Robert Ros, Alexandra Ros, and Dario Anselmetti
16:00 SYLS 3.41 Untersuchungen der DNS des Bakteriums Streptomyces violaceoruber mit dem Rasterkraftmikroskop — •A. Kronenberger, A. Ehlers, D. Engel, H. Schmoranzer, A. Ehresmann, K. Kropp, K. Spatz und M. Redenbach
16:00 SYLS 3.42 Diffusion in live cells: A combined optical sectioning and single particle tracking approach — •Ralf Bausinger, Christoph Bräuchle, Sabine Boeckle, Katharina von Gersdorff, Ernst Wagner, and Andreas Zumbusch
16:00 SYLS 3.43 Investigating structure and function of single citrate transport proteins — •Michael Prummer, Horst Vogel, Beate Sick, Alois Renn, Urs P. Wild, Christopher N. Kästner, and Peter Dimroth
16:00 SYLS 3.44 Single-molecule microscopy of the rotary motor F0F1 ATP synthase at work — •Michael Prummer, Horst Vogel, Beate Sick, Alois Renn, Gert Zumofen, Urs P. Wild, Georg Kaim, and Peter Dimroth
16:00 SYLS 3.45 Optical Tweezers: A Single Molecule Biosensor for molecular DNA manipulation and detection of individual receptors on cells — •A. Sischka, K. Toensing, A. Grabbe, K. Leffhalm, R. Eckel, S.D. Wilking, N. Sewald, J. Wienands, R. Ros, and D. Anselmetti
16:00 SYLS 3.46 Modulation of protein exchange by the physicochemical characteristics of copolymer substrates — •Tilo Pompe, Lars Renner, Katrin Salchert, and Carsten Werner
16:00 SYLS 3.47 Influence of water on the mechanical properties of wood — •Ingo Grotkopp, Klaas Kölln, Sergio S. Funari, Martin Dommach, and Martin Müller
16:00 SYLS 3.48 Exact Enumeration of 3D Lattice Proteins — •Reinhard Schiemann, Michael Bachmann, and Wolfhard Janke
16:00 SYLS 3.49 Infrared ellipsometry for studying membrane protein films — •M. Gensch, K. Hinrichs, J. Heberle, N. Esser, E.H. Korte, and A. Röseler
16:00 SYLS 3.50 Composition and Decomposition of DNA-Containing Polyelectrolyte Multilayers — •Rolf Dootz, Jingjing Nie, Binyang Du, Alexander Otten, Wolfgang Schnitzler, Stephan Herminghaus und Thomas Pfohl
16:00 SYLS 3.51 Fluoreszenzspektroskopie an Einzelmolekuelen — •Johannes Zaepfel und Torsten Gaebel
16:00 SYLS 3.52 Charge Transfer Kinetics of Individual Photosystem I Reaction Centers — •Alexandra Elli, Fedor Jelezko, and Joerg Wrachtrup
16:00 SYLS 3.53 Mechanical properties of cellulose fibres — •Klaas Kölln, Claas Behrend, Ingo Grotkopp, Sergio S. Funari, Martin Dommach, Stephan V. Roth, Manfred Burghammer, and Martin Müller
16:00 SYLS 3.54 Zeitabhängige Schwingungsspektroskopie von Polypeptiden — •Jens Antony, Burkhard Schmidt, and Christof Schütte
16:00 SYLS 3.55 Polarised proton spin domains in catalase from bovine liver — •Heinrich Stuhrmann, B. van den Brandt, J. Gaillard, H. Glättli, I. Grillo, H. Jouve, R. Kahn, J. Kohlbrecher, J.A. Konter, E. Leymarie, S. Mango, R.P. May, O. Zimmer, and P. Hautle
16:00 SYLS 3.56 Plasmon-enhanced Ramanspectroscopy in the Near-field of Dynamically Tuneable Nanostructured Gratings — •Dominic Zerulla, Gereon Isfort, Frank Katzenberg, Micha Kölbach, and Klaus Schierbaum
16:00 SYLS 3.57 Investigation of the range of electromagnetic Raman-Enhancement in biological Films by means of SAMs — •Gereon Isfort, Micha Kölbach, Dominic Zerulla, and Klaus Schierbaum
16:00 SYLS 3.58 Evaluation of Laser Scanning Microscopic Methods on Biological Molecules in Membranes — •Micha Kölbach, Dominic Zerulla, Kerstin Elfrink, Gereon Isfort, and Klaus Schierbaum
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