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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 36: Poster Ib

Dienstag, 8. März 2016, 15:00–19:00, Poster A

15:00 HL 36.1 H2S-sensing in the ppb regime with ZnO nanowires — •Florian Huber, Sören Riegert, Manfred Madel, and Klaus Thonke
15:00 HL 36.2 Growth of tilted ZnO nanowires by PLD on pre-structured sapphire substrates — •Alexander Shkurmanov, Chris Sturm, Guy Feuillet, Florian Tendille, Philippe De Mierry, Holger Hochmuth, and Marius Grundmann
15:00 HL 36.3 On the E3 deep-level in ZnO crystalsRainer Pickenhain, Matthias Schmidt, •Holger von Wenckstern, and Marius Grundmann
15:00 HL 36.4 Electrical properties of ZnO single nanowires — •Markus Stiller, José Barzola-Quiquia, Mahsa Zoraghi, and Pablo Esquinazi
15:00 HL 36.5 B-induced inhomogeneous Broadening of the Electronic Spin Flip Resonance in Zn.94Mn.06Se near the Metal-Insulator Transition — •Alexander Gerhard Knapp, Michael Hetterich, and Jean Geurts
15:00 HL 36.6 Analyzing the crystal structure of CdSe nanowires — •Philip Harder, Tobias Redder, Tobias Kipp, and Alf Mews
15:00 HL 36.7 Systematic investigation of charge transfer in organic single crystal interfaces — •Yulia Krupskaya and Alberto Morpurgo
15:00 HL 36.8 Optical properties of aromatic hydrocarbons in vapor phase — •Jonathan Prexl, Andre Rinn, Robin Döring, Nils Rosemann, and Sangam Chatterjee
15:00 HL 36.9 Optical Spectroscopy on Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Structures - Charge Transfer in Type-II Level Systems — •Ingo Meyenburg, Benjamin Heidelmeier, Nils Rosemann, Christian Prinzisky, Jane Falgenhauer, Jörg Sundermeyer, Derck Schlettwein, and Wolfram Heimbrodt
15:00 HL 36.10 Polarization-resolved reflectance spectroscopy of crystalline perfluoropentacene on various substrates — •Robin Carl Döring, David Leimbach, Tobias Breuer, Gregor Witte, and Sangam Chatterjee
15:00 HL 36.11 The effect of electric field on polaron dynamics in quasi-one-dimensional conjugated polymers — •M.R. Mahani, A. Mirsakiyeva, and Anna Delin
15:00 HL 36.12 Determination of trap distributions in organic semiconductors by fractional TSC measurements — •Michael Bretschneider, Alexander Wagenpfahl, and Carsten Deibel
15:00 HL 36.13 Application of metal nanoparticle monolayers as highly tunable room temperature field-effect transistors — •Hauke Lehmann, Svenja Willing, Mirjam Volkmann, and Christian Klinke
15:00 HL 36.14 Synthesis and characterization of free standing Silicene modified with organic groups — •Ravi Kumar Divakar, Wladmir Thiessen, Ihsan Amin, Raul David Rodriguez, Manuel Monecke, Mahfujur Rahaman, and Lukas M. Eng
15:00 HL 36.15 Investigation of Prussian blue type redox catalysts for artificial photosynthesis — •Franziska Simone Hegner, Núria López, and José-Ramon Galán-Mascarós
15:00 HL 36.16 Impact of the nuclear spin bath on the carrier spin noise in InGaAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots — •Philipp Glasenapp, Dmitri Smirnov, Mikhail Glazov, Alex Greilich, Johannes Hackmann, Frithjof Anders, and Manfred Bayer
  15:00 HL 36.17 The contribution has been withdrawn.
15:00 HL 36.18 Terahertz spectroscopy and ultrafast electron dynamics of a broad single GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well — •Johannes Schmidt, Stephan Winnerl, Martin Teich, Aaron M. Andrews, Gottfired Strasser, Harald Schneider, and Manfred Helm
15:00 HL 36.19 Atomic Layer Deposition of high-k dielectrics on III-V substrates — •Soraya Karimzadah, Torsten Rieger, Ullrich Pietsch, Detlev Grützmacher, and Mihail Ion Lepsa
15:00 HL 36.20 Electrical and topological analysis of silicon after laser pulse irradiation in a sulfur-containing atmosphereJulian Sickel and •Michael Seibt
15:00 HL 36.21 Microscopic Theory of the Refractive Index — •Ronald Starke and Giulio Schober
15:00 HL 36.22 Very slow decay of a defect related PL emission band in AlN: signatures of the Si related DX state — •Matthias Lamprecht, Christiane Grund, Benjamin Neuschl, Zachary Bryan, Ramón Collazo, Zlatko Sitar, and Klaus Thonke
15:00 HL 36.23 Density functional study of structural, electronic and optical properties of point defects in 2D transition metal dichalcogenides — •Soumyajyoti Haldar, Hakkim Vovusha, Manoj Yadav, Olle Eriksson, and Biplab Sanyal
15:00 HL 36.24 Power-dependent resonant Rayleigh scattering of exciton-polaritons — •Bernd Berger, Johannes Schmutzler, Daniel Schmidt, Marc Aßmann, Martin Kamp, Christian Schneider, Sven Höfling, and Manfred Bayer
15:00 HL 36.25 Overview of band-edge and defect related luminescence in aluminium nitrideTristan Koppe, Hans Hofsäss, and •Ulrich Vetter
15:00 HL 36.26 Influence of growth temperature on the optical and structural properties of Ga(N,As,P) quantum wells on silicon for laser application — •Sarah Karrenberg, Sebastian Gies, Martin Zimprich, Tatjana Wegele, Andreas Beyer, Wolfgang Stolz, Kerstin Volz, and Wolfram Heimbrodt
15:00 HL 36.27 Optical properties of InGaN/GaN core-shell nanowires — •Florian Krause, Johannes Dühn, Jürgen Gutowski, Christian Tessarek, Martin Heilmann, Silke Christiansen, and Kathrin Sebald
15:00 HL 36.28 Investigation of the impact of gold nanodots deposited in porous GaP template by Raman Spectroscopy — •Andrei Tiron, Cameliu Himcinschi, Jens Kortus, Eduard Monaico, and Ion Tiginyanu
15:00 HL 36.29 Nonlinear optical excitation of a two-level system with a superoscillating field — •Daniel Berghoff, Matthias Reichelt und Torsten Meier
15:00 HL 36.30 Temporal coherence properties of a polariton condensate in a disordered environmentMartin Thunert, •Stefan Lange, Helena Franke, Chris Sturm, Tom Michalsky, Marius Grundmann, and Rüdiger Schmidt-Grund
15:00 HL 36.31 Photoconductivity of a new material: K2Hg2Se3 — •Sina Lippert, Günther Thiele, Felix Fahrnbauer, Philipp Bron, Oliver Oeckler, Arash Rahimi-Iman, Bernhard Roling, Stefanie Dehnen, and Martin Koch
15:00 HL 36.32 Nonlinear Optical Response of Functionalized Chalcogenide Cluster Molecules — •Nils W. Rosemann, Jens Eußner, Ulrich Huttner, Andreas Beyer, Kerstin Volz, Stephan W. Koch, Mackillo Kira, Stefanie Dehnen, and Sangam Chatterjee
15:00 HL 36.33 Exciton polaritons in CdMgTe / CdZnTe waveguides — •Felix Spitzer, Ilya Akimov, Manfred Bayer, Nils Weber, Cedrik Meier, Torsten Meier, Régis Andre, and Henri Mariette
15:00 HL 36.34 Phonon dispersion by fitting effective potentials to ab initio data — •Philipp Risius, Marcel Giar, Andreas Rühl, and Christian Heiliger
15:00 HL 36.35 Anisotropy measurement using ultrafast photocurrents — •Christian Schmidt, Shekhar Priyadarshi, and Mark Bieler
15:00 HL 36.36 Exciton-Polariton Propagation in CdZnTeJan Lohrenz, Stephan Melzer, Claudia Ruppert, Ilya Akimov, Matthias Reichelt, •Alexander Trautmann, Torsten Meier, and Markus Betz
15:00 HL 36.37 Nonlinear Phononics and the interaction of Light and Phonons — •André Bojahr, Matthias Rössle, Wolfram Leitenberger, Peter Gaal, Mathias Sander, Matthias Reinhardt, Alexander von Reppert, Jan-Etienne Pudell, and Matias Bargheer
15:00 HL 36.38 Influence of the growth temperature on LT- GaAs photoconductive antennas for THz generation — •Oday Mazin Abdulmunem, Norman Born, Martin Mikulics, Jan C. Balzer, and Martin Koch
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